Ever told someone about a movie you just saw.

August 16, 2010

That is network marketing.

You see, you informed someone about something you think they should, in this case, go see – the movie. The producer of the movie did not have to pay you to tell anyone about the movie, you simply did it yourself because you liked the movie.

We are all network marketers, whether you realized it before or may only realizing it now. If you like something or had a positive experience from something you will tell people about it; this is human nature. A book you read, a place you visited, a certain restaurant, a new drink, etc. Why not start a home based business with the same concept; something which you like and which you use which does something for you. Agel Enterprises is such a company which will not advertise but wants the team members (distributors) to tell others about their life changing experiences with their products, which you will because they work so well. Such products include a joint pain relief product (for knee pain, inner knee pain, anterior knee pain and all of your other joints including osteoarthritis), a heart health product to prevent cardiovascular diseases and which naturally lowers your bad (LDL) and increases your good (HDL) cholesterol levels with a non-statin natural ingredient named policosanol and provides cellular energy with coenzyme q10, an appetite suppressant or weight loss supplement which is an hca supplement which will enable you to lose weight naturally and giving your body the ability to eat less and have what you eat be transferred into energy instead of being stored as fat, a natural immune system booster which generates apoptosis with fucoidan, a natural cognitive enhancer to reduce stress and increase mental acuteness and increase stamina with natural ingredients including rhodiola, schizandra fruit, ginseng root, d-ribose and other natural ingredients, a collagen fiber supplement which will naturally reduce the creases, wrinkles and fine lines over your entire skin with turmeric and other natural ingredients and oils, a natural detoxification supplement for cleansing your digestive tract and nourishing the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, an antioxidant supplement with the highest ORAC value (oxidation radical absorbance capacity) to get rid of the free radicals and pollutants we inhale every day which age our body’s cells, a mineral and vitamin supplement to prevent the inflammation of your organs, and a complete line of natural skin care products which are based on 17 different antioxidant fruits and the only skin care line based on suspended gel technology in the world. Agel Enterprises is continuously introducing new products to the market and does so with a technological breakthrough called suspended matrix gel technology – using technology where every ingredient is measurable. Simply imagine telling others about how these breakthrough products (any one of them) has changed your life or someone else’s life which has consumed such products. That is network marketing, that is smart network marketing because you get to improve your health and that of others and you get paid to do it – and no, you do not need to carry around the inventory of the products; simply have enough for yourself to consume and give out one or two of these suspended gel products to someone you know or don’t know. You will get to know them soon enough! Build your home based business with a leader in network marketing and as Agel Enterprises is already in 60 countries in as little as 60 months, you can tell people all over the world about how these products have changed your life – and they will!

A maybe becomes an okay.

August 15, 2010

Now that you realize that there are other opportunities to get ahead of inflation and your job which might be going away…

What are your options for creating that ability to earn extra income? There are many indeed. Which ones work is the risk which you do not need to take.

Take a look at your options. What are they? A second job is really not the answer as it still leaves you in the ‘might be let go’ window of missed opportunities. The solution is with doing something part time on your own free time…no commitments to showing up anywhere at a specific time to ensure that you are ‘on time’ but something you can do on your own free time. After hours or on weekends, depending on your job schedule. So, what is it that you could do during these extra hours you have during your week. Sure, many will simply conclude that they don’t have any time for financial freedom and time freedom; I sense irony in what some or most of you have just expressed. Make the time! Time freedom will enable you to have the ability to do what you want and when you want to do it. And this is when your ability to earn extra income can quickly lead to residual income. Now that is a manner in which to supplement that job which may be going away soon. Hopefully not, but be prepared for your financial freedom today and start that home based business during your free time!

Get Off The Couch

August 12, 2010

Obesity is a problem in this country-especially among children. Kids today are fatter than they’ve ever been, and unhealthy school lunches, shortened recess time allotments, and reduced PE classes in schools aren’t helping. If your child isn’t involved in team sports and doesn’t get much exercise at school, you should consider buying them some sports equipment they can use at home.

Studies have shown that kids who are active at home with their parents have a decreased likelihood of becoming obese. Most parents understand that children who are obese are more likely to become obese adults than children of a healthy weight. Thirty minutes of exercise at least four times per week is recommended by experts to healthy weight loss and maintenance. A good time for this may be right before, or after, dinner. This can also be an opportunity for one-on-one bonding with your child. Parents can’t always monitor the entire day for their children, but they can take a little time a few days a week to exercise with them.k

Who’s ready to build a home based business.

June 6, 2010


This is no joke, as I did it and a few of the people who I thought would not even think about it – did it!

Now it’s your turn! This is when it starts to get interesting and for some very interesting. In actuality it should be for all of you but some of you simply do not know about it yet! Time is your friend or your enemy when the best home based business opportunity comes your way. And this one will be around for decades so do not get disappointed if you missed the timing when it started almost 5 years ago – not everyone hears about the best business opportunity in time…it is indeed a gradual acquaintance experience. For those who thought many home based business opportunities were going to be available forever, I am sorry; so come take a look at this one! This one is expanding in product line, with compensation plan rewards and is already in over 50 countries; this opportunity is not simply about paid trips to exotic places in the world but cash as in your potential to earn extra income. Think of the best possible worlds…have you heard of such an expression or expansion? This is it! Find out!

Highly consumable products for your home based business and your home based business ideas. Think repeat customer with residual income.

April 5, 2010

If your consumers will not be consuming the products daily or several times a week then you will simply be creating another full-time job getting new customers.

Is that what you want or is residual income in your vision of where you want to be, enabling the people you introduce the highly consumable products to others and then they can build there own business where you create residual income. You need to choose between an ongoing 40 hour a week (or more) home based business or seeking residual income.

Think deeply if this is what you want, but in the meantime I will elaborate to those who want residual income – and of course feel free to keep on reading and you might quickly realize that a home based business does not have to be a full time job. First of all, what will people of any walk of life want – to remain healthy and live as long as they can with good health. I would never recommend a home based business with products which would be around for a year or two but so many people get on board with such companies and never find any type of success. You need to find a company which can launch your business forward with both breakthrough technology and new products. Agel Enterprises is one elite company which will be introducing new products every single year and at times numerous new products to help (yes, help!) your home based business to grow and grow into residual income. Just yesterday, Agel Enterprises introduced their latest product name GRN. With such an expanding product line is how you need to envision your home based business and get on-board now with a company which is growing globally which is already in over 50 markets worldwide. More about consumable products very soon and how they capture repeat and a consistent consumer base.

An appetite suppressant, what is that you ask.

April 4, 2010

It means taking care of your body.

Not necessarily when you think you are finished eating. Or are you?

Taking any form of a pill to lose weight is simply not a healthy alternative. A natural health supplement alternative will create the desired results and assist you in keeping the weight off. This will enable you to keep in control of your dietary desires without having to go from diet to diet. This approach to losing weight will become your last method for losing the desired weight and keeping it off – not gaining it back in a few months. This is a simple question of being determined to loose the weight you wanted to in the first place. Now with a natural appetitte suppressant you will only have to enjoy losing the desired weight and keeping it off. The idea is based on simple exercise and taking ingested FIT every day.

What are home based business ideas which make sense.

March 31, 2010

And which ones do not make sense and why.

A home based business has to entail a consumable product. Not a service.

Services are not tangible. You cannot touch a service. Yes, a home based business can entail a service but services are very easy for customers to stop using them. Think of any service you have on your mind; perhaps it is a monthly legal service. Yes, I am sure that this could be very convenient if you are about to have a need to draw up a contract and you want to make sure that it is correctly written. What happens after that contract is looked over by a professional person with legal contractual expertise – when you get your contract finalized say perhaps for renting out your home, do you really need the service any more? Another example may be some cell phone plans and I am sure that certain cell phone plans are very attractive – but how long will such a plan be the best on the market before an even more cost effective plan comes to the marketplace. What happens is that the least expensive cell phone plan will attract the largest number of users. Sure, perhaps you can match that new lower rate but this simply takes away from your revenue and profitability. When does the less expensive cell phone plan end – well, it ends when you are not making any profit and that is the end of your home based business idea. More about consumable products tomorrow…

Building a business or simply wanting home based business ideas.

March 31, 2010

Building a business, a conventional business is quite an undertaking…

A home business idea can be much more rewarding than a conventional business without the numerous costs and headaches. Home based business residual income ideas are what more and more people are looking for because of the way of the global economy.

Having a home based business does not cost you hundreds of thousands of US Dollars and you do not have the headaches associated with hiring people and other employee related expenses and problems. You also don’t need to have a physical location and pay for rent, electricity, deal with moving inventory and the like. A home based business idea can quickly lead to cash flow and the ability for you to earn extra income in a matter of only a few hours. And in time a home based business can lead to significant residual income. Are you ready to find out which type of home based business ideas or more interestingly a home business residual income is correct for you and which ones to avoid? I will explain in further detail later today or tomorrow.

Going After the Direct Response

March 15, 2010

Have you ever finished your shopping in a large department store and begun walking toward the checkout only to be lured back to a display? Retailers use “limited-time” sales to create an impulse in shoppers. If consumers believe they could miss a chance to get a great deal, they are more likely to buy immediately. Infomercials operate and flourish on the same principle, encouraging people at home to pick up the phone and call now.

As an internet entrepreneur, you can learn much from this influential sales and marketing technique. If you’re running an e-commerce site, it’s important to keep your store’s content fresh and attractive to customers. Spotlight some items with sale prices or offer free shipping on orders over a given amount of money. A tactic like this is just one of many ways to become a millionaire. It won’t happen overnight, but persist long enough and your hard work and strategy will pay off.

Linear Income compared to Residual Income.

February 16, 2010

There is no comparison and I will quickly show you.

Linear income or basically exchanging hours for work performed has been the standard for centuries. Let me show you how you can get away from the linear income model to residual income, without quitting your current job. Would that be of interest to you?

The fundamentals of linear income are basic, you show up to work and you get paid for the hours you are there. What happens if you don’t show up for a month? Chances are you will both not be getting paid and someone else has filled that job you had working from 8-5 or other hours; that’s linear income. Now take residual income as part of you income stream and eventually you will see that residual income far outweighs linear income in that you can take 1, 2, 3, or more months off while enjoying time freedom and getting paid! This is powerful and Agel Enterprises and specifically me and my team can show you how to do it, building your business from anywhere in the world throughout the world. Think of building your residual income while only spending a few hours a week and then when your business has started to generate as much cash flow as your job was you will soon if not immediately continue full time on building your residual income business which will quickly lead to your home business residual income and that is when you have made it to financial freedom.

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