Health technology suspended gel versus pills or tablets.

December 1, 2010

Why would health technology change?

Why do new versions of windows and computer processors change? As we all know it is about technology. Health technology is really not different but it has been quite some time since the technology for supplementation has taken on drastic improvements.

The future is here for health supplementation. Health technology has emerged and Agel Enterprises has pioneered the path. The question which lingers is when will you change to better forms of health supplementation with the best form of bioavailability in suspended matrix gel health technology? Will you wait like some did until Vista was superseded with a new version of windows and in this case let your health suffer or not be optimized? For the record, Vista was not all that bad if you think about having a PC (Mac) back in 1984 which is what I had when attending Drexel University during my freshman year in college – 128k…woohoo! Think of health technology as the change agent for the health and wellness industry as Windows 2013 (or whatever name) will be whenever it may come out. This is the future in health technology and with products to boost the immune system with fucoidan and without flu shots, lower cholesterol levels, supplement CoQ10 with one’s diet for cellular energy, lose weight supplement which requires minimal exercise, antioxidants for younger feeling and looking skin (and will naturally make acne disappear) and for the cells to get rid of the free radicals, knee pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis solutions with MSM, glucosamine and more and not simply relief for joint pain, nourishing the good bacteria in our digestive system, collagen supplements with turmeric, melatonin for sleeping and the end of insomnia, libido enhancement for intimacy with yohimbine, vitamins and minerals, ginseng and rhodiola for natural energy, and other health technology supplementation in suspended gel; this is the health technology revolution and Agel Enterprises is leading the change. It’s time you move on to better forms of bioavailability for your health and stop taking pills and tablets. Health technology has changed, move with the change for better health!

Placebos for MSM Fucoidan Policosanol or drugs.

November 30, 2010

The issue is simple, whether you like it or not – pharmaceutical companies pay for the experiments by an overwhelming percentage of the time (up to 90%)  – so what is a placebo?

A placebo is whatever a manufacturer of the product wants it to be. Think of it this way – if you take statin drugs, the placebo may simply be a substance high in saturated fat.

Why would anyone possibly want to generate an experiment where the test of a placebo vs. a drug is more favorable for the drug – this is not health technology but simply lobbyists taking care of the need to create a demand. Sit back and think about this just for a minute, if at that. The pharmaceutical companies have invested a lot of money, in the millions or perhaps in the hundreds of millions of US dollars in creating a product (which looks nice, in a pill) and can or can’t resolve health issues. Now let me as you this question…and this one, keep to yourself; if you were paid money (not mentioning the amount of course) and your mind was set on the money, would you be inclined to think that the drug worked? If so, you may be a doctor! If not, you did not even participate in the trial or missed out on the sugar pill given to diabetics as a placebo (ensuring that their sugar levels would be inferior to the drug the pharmaceutical companies sell – and pay for the testing). If you are looking for solutions to health related concerns, be it with your immune system, cholesterol levels, CoQ10, MSM deficiency or anything else which matters to you or your loved ones, then stop listening about twisted testsor experiments or the fact that placebos were involved. The real solution is with natural health technology supplementation and it comes from Agel Enterprises. No placebos but only the best form of bioavailability with MSM and other natural ingredients, no experiments with fucoidan compared to swine flu vaccines or policosanol compared to any statin drugs but simply proven results with consumers. Sorry, we don’t have the multi-million budget to conduct results we already know will materialize into facts. It’s time you think about health technology in a different light with Agel Enterprises with MSM, fucoidan, policosanol, turmeric, and many, many other natural ingredients in the best form of delivery – suspended gel technology is health technology, this is your health technology leader…Agel Enterprises, around the global daily and at your finger tip!

An election in the USA and your home based business.

October 30, 2010

This is key!

Not about a safe deposit box of course but about your success with a home based business, a global home based business with health technology. Take the United States of America – yes, the U.S.A. and you quickly realize that this country was founded by pioneers and evolved into a nation of promises for home based business opportunities.

Think about Apple and Dell computers, being in technology with new technology and new delivery methods. These companies did not start with bureaucracy and did not evolve to be leaders in the computer technology industry. Why is that? Because for instance Apple came into a new form of technology with the Mac and the windows concept (which Bill Gates took advantage of, if you did not realize) and Michael Dell changed the delivery method for personal computers – order and have your PC built to your specifications and then get the PC delivered to your home. This might have brought a new concept to or invented home shopping…not sure on this one. Now what you have available is health technology for a home based business in the health technology industry! That’s very powerful and better yet, there is a company which has pioneered the suspended gel health technology industry but most of you are not aware of it. Yet! It is Agel Enterprises and let me inform you about what health technology can bring to you for your health and your home based business – it includes cardiovascular disease prevention (statins do not stand a chance against policosanol with CoQ10 in a single best in class form of bioavailability without side effects except for great cardiovascular disease prevention), an appetite suppressant, natural energy, collagen supplements, cleansing and detoxifying of the gastrointestinal tract/digestive system, antioxidants with the highest ORAC score, an immune system booster with fucoidan to promote cell apoptosis, joint pain solutions which are not simply taking care of the symptom but going after the disease (for knee pain, knee joint pain and all other forms of joint pain) and health technology delivers solutions with vitamins and mineral supplements to prevent the inflammation of organs. New additions include gel strips for libido and a sleeping aid – both again leading the health technology industry with natural ingredients in an exceptionally effective delivery form.  Health technology is going far and simply do not let your election choices forget that you can change your home based business and get the best form of health technology and it all starts with you. I’m already feeling better now about the outcome of the election coming up in the U.S.A. Visit your home based business and health technology opportunity. We will make more leaders, be one of them. Join my team at Agel Enterprises with your health technology global home based business with residual income – already in 60 countries in only 5 years!

Health technology does not include pills and tablets but Agel.

October 26, 2010

That’s a fact and you had better get used to it and it also does not include antioxidant juices or any other liquids such as antioxidant juices in a plastic or glass container.

Health technology is the future of the health and wellness industry and it’s about suspended gel matrix technology. Pills and tablets are archaic delivery forms and antioxidant juices lack convenience and measurability and obviously portability.

Being able to accurately measure each and every serving is part of health technology and having the best form of bioavailability is another. Convenience and portability also play important roles in health technology and such roles entail being able to ingest health technology products at any time and anywhere. Pills and tablets are compressed at pounds per square inch (or centimeter) named psi and this has been a long-term measure for tires on vehicles used for transportation. The human body is not a machine and needs to have nutrients, vitamins, and minerals delivered in a manner consistent with the human body being able to quickly breakdown what is ingested and therefore quickly and effectively be absorbed by the body via the bloodstream (such nutrients, vitamins and minerals are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract); what’s a pill or tablet other than unmeasurable nutrients, vitamins and minerals packed at very high levels of pounds per square inch which lay in the gastrointestinal tract (at times for weeks) because of the human body not being able to break down such ‘rocks’. The future of the health and wellness is with health technology and Agel Enterprises is leading this industry and has been for 5 years. Read about the suspended gel health technology products and be sure to get the ones you need most, if not all of them. And if you are business minded and have been considering a home based business this is a home based business opportunity you need to seriously consider. Remember the future of health technology is not with pills and tablets and not with antioxidant juices but with suspended matrix gel health technology – with Agel Enterprises! Agel has once again expanded on the best compensation plan in the industry enabling home based business owners and builders to not only have a global home based business from anywhere in the world but to have their own home based business distributing in 60 countries. Open up the next country or two, or three. Agel Enterprises will help you to open up new countries and you could almost instantly become Agel’s leader in such a country. This is a home based business opportunity in the health technology industry which Agel Enterprises is the leader from product innovation for health and wellness coupled with wealth creation with residual income. Your home based business should be with Agel Enterprises where all you have to do is think globally with work of course and let Agel Enterprises do the rest!

Health technology changing delivery system for a home based business.

October 22, 2010

Technology has been changing things we took for granted and health technology is no different.

Technology like health technology brings about home based business opportunities for the entrepreneurial minded individuals, and not about sales. Introducing better delivery systems is what has created residual income for many people and you don’t have to be on the sidelines anymore.

Take a look at the music industry, specifically the delivery method for music – vinyl records were the delivery method for decades, then came the cassettes and both of these brought a change to the music industry where one could listen to music repeatedly albeit not indefinitely. Then came newer delivery methods such as the CD which in reality one could listen to the same music or song indefinitely and with greater ease and the CD quickly gained popularity and people replaced their vinyl record collection with CDs – the same music but with better sound and clarity and ease of use and portability. Then came the advent of MP3s and highly portable and much larger storage capabilities in a small form of portability. I bet if you ask a 20 year-old if they have ever seen a vinyl record they may say that they have seen one in a museum – some of us might feel a bit embarrassed by such a comment and especially if some of us still have vinyl records laying around in the attic. The delivery method for music brought about new sales by companies which simply reinvented the delivery method and my guess is that CDs within 5 years will become something of the past like vinyl records were 10 years ago. The health technology is really not all that different in that pills and tablets have been around for a long time and more bioavailable delivery methods have emerged. Pills and tablets lack convenience because of the need to drink water to swallow or choke down the pills and tablets. Then came chewable tablets which became more convenient and with a bit more bioavailable. The colloidal solutions emerged which had better bioavailability but lacked the portability with the need to carry such liquids and some needed to be refrigerated; there are other limitations with colloidal solutions in that they tend to not be evenly distributed (sinking nutrients after shaking) with what is consumed (pills and tablets have always lacked the measurability in that the contents of each pill and tablet is not easily measured). Drugs have almost always been delivered in pills and tablets with technology leading to soft-gels but still lacking the convenience of having to swallow or choke down such pills and tablets although they do provide better bioavailability because soft-gels are not manufactured at hundreds to thousands pounds of pressure which the human body cannot quickly break down and absorb in a timely manner; soft-gels still take time to be absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract. Pills and tablets have created home based business opportunities and colloidal solutions even more home based business opportunities (with antioxidant juices) but such home based business opportunities have been short lived because of the lack of convenience with the products and such products being widely sold in retail outlets. A newer delivery method was introduced years ago for athletes in liquid packs which contained sugar and carbohydrates for short-term energy. Lately suspended gel has emerged as a new delivery method for health supplements resulting in a major delivery change in health technology and Agel Enterprises has pioneered this change with health technology supplementation for natural health supplements ranging from cardiovascular disease prevention with lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol levels with policosanol and coenzyme q10 for cellular energy to immune system boosters with fucoidan to joint pain relief to an appetite suppressant in weigh loss supplements with an hca supplement, to organ inflammation prevention with essential vitamins and minerals, to collagen supplements with turmeric and licithin to cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system with spirulina to antioxidants with the highest ORAC score to cleanse the body of free radicals and all of this and more health technology supplements – with suspension gel matrix technology. These are products which can launch and sustain a home based business, and do so globally with the very realistic residual income potential in month to a few years. Perfectly measurable with the best delivery method for bioavailability and portability. Technology changes and Agel Enterprises has changed the health technology industry into something you could have your home based business based upon to create personal health benefits and wealth benefits with residual income. Take advantage of health technology with Agel Enterprises and launch your home based business with a very small investment in your own health and start it today, part-time or full-time and let the entrepreneur in you take advantage of the best delivery method for health supplements with Agel Enterprises.

Health technology and what it means to everyone.

October 21, 2010

To the consumers and to some home based business owners.

Better health comes with health technology because of the delivery system and the bioavailability. For the business minded people, health technology signifies a home based business which can bring about residual income from all over the globe.

As a consumer of products which health technology brings to market and as a home based business owner and entrepreneur, you must know how to differentiate health technology from simply something which is copied or replicated to appear to be new health technology. Only Agel Enterprises has the unique delivery method for health supplementation and these include health technology products which can prevent cardiovascular disease, come to your assistance as an appetite suppressant, build up the immune system with fucoidan, enable one to be knee pain or knee joint pain free (and joint pain free in all the joints), look young and feel young again with natural collagen supplements with turmeric, applying antioxidants and not chemicals and parabens to your face, and much much more. So, what type of health technology products are you using? If it’s not suspended gel technology, chances are that you are not taking the correct form of health technology supplements and if your home based business is not with health technology – it should be. Join my global team and open up your own country with your home based business if you are so inclined to and add to the list of over 60 countries Agel Enterprises distributes in, in only 5 years since inception. Your home based business with serious and very realistic residual income has never been so real and effective as it can be with Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology.

Choices and we all have them but will they create residual income with a home based business.

October 18, 2010

What is your choice?

There is no correct or incorrect answer. The question is simply about if you want to create your financial dreams.

If not, do read on or listen to the video – perhaps if you do, a home based business is in your future. Assuming a home based business is not something you would like to take advantage of, which being in late 2010 I don’t see a reason why you or anyone else would not want to start a home based business. Think of this as your freedom, yes – being your own boss! You will need to be disciplined of course, and disciplined home based business owners are the ones who never give up. Relentless! If you choose a home based business with Agel Enterprises and do not give up, you will succeed with your home based business. The question is do you want a home based business, and my inclination since you read this is, is that you do. Your home based business opportunity is in the health technology field with no boundaries across the globe.

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