Residual Income does not come overnight, if you think it does you are highly mistaken.

March 26, 2010

Building residual income takes much effort.

Effort is based upon commitment. Commitment is all about self-determination.

My question to you is are you motivated and determined to be successful in anything that you set your mind to accomplish? If yes, then I want to talk with you. This great opportunity will go away eventually but it might be in the distant future; but rest assured that taking advantage of the greatest opportunity to create residual income is now and it simply means that – take advantage of it now as the potential to create a legacy position is still available. The question you need to be asking yourself is do you want to be in a position to have financial freedom sooner than later? If so, we will speak about your residual income desires and your potential to earn extra income beyond your wildest dreams. Let us take you and your team to a new level starting now. We are all about benefits both wealth and health saturated. I await your call.

Anyone you know or yourself potentially have a Calcium deficiency

October 31, 2009

Looking at the statistics, many of us throughout the world are lacking in Calcium among other bone and teeth related issues

What does this imply? It simply means that our bones and teeth are providing the calcium which is left to facilitate our nervous system and other relatively vital functions of our well-being including bone strength and health. The issue is what happens when such calcium is being depleted from our bodies.


Plain and simple, weak bones and soft teeth. What will this lead to – well, the potential for early stage osteoporosis with an immediate need for an osteoporosis supplement, one which will enable osteoporosis prevention. The calcium our body needs to effectively function is not something to ponder about, a calcium supplement is a must. You might get enough of your calcium supplement drinking 12 to 16 glasses of 8 ounces of milk every day – but after a few days you may not want to ever drink milk again. Think of the alternative to milk, with many more health benefits with a magnesium supplement, a vitamin D supplement, a vitamin K2 supplement and of course the calcium supplement – all found in a new delivery method called suspended matrixed gel technology where the benefits are realized much quicker than any other form of oral delivery. Think CAL.

How about losing weight and gaining energy in the process

October 30, 2009

Most think that losing weight means eating less and losing energy – not the case with the proper health supplements

Let me introduce you to the solution to lose weight naturally and a form of natural suppressant or simply put a natural appetite suppressant. Losing a few pounds (12-22, or 5 to 10 kilos) in a month’s time might seem like a good idea. Yes, of course your cardiovascular system will be grateful for not having to work overtime with the coenzyme Q1o which your heart produces (CoQ10) to keep you moving and getting to where you want to be. The question is really what type of weight loss supplement you want to be taking?

I have the best answer if you have an open mind and are willing to to something in addition to taking the best form of health supplement for weight control – it’s simply called walking. If you can walk 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time then this product will work for you. Don’t get confused with the lose weight fast regiments which will only do damage to your organs. This product is 100% natural and the way it works is if you take it 30 or so minutes before you eat a large meal it will tell or indicate to your brain that you’re full – when you are full, and hence you stop eating. You know how you can overeat and the signal to you is that you ate too much…well, that will be something of the past. So, you eat less in the process and when you take your walks or other forms of exercise, what you eat is transformed into energy and not stored as fat. Get it, that’s how you lose weight, and quickly. The HCA supplement is a wonderful and natural way to lose weight effectively without ever having side effects.

agel fitYou could introduce this product to people who want weight control results and you could build a home based business in the process.

Knee pain and other forms of Joint Pain including Arthritis

October 29, 2009

The more I speak with people about joint pain, the more I realize that I was not the only one

Are you suffering from joint pain, in your tennis elbow, knee, wrist, carpal tunnel, or perhaps back pain or arthritis. So many people are and they should come forward to find a product which can give them such quick results. Perhaps I mentioned that my sister in law had severe arthritis pain and she took our joint health product and almost instantly (within 3 days) found relief and the swelling had subsided – she had this arthritis for years and a few FLX gel-packs did wonders for her knee. I experienced the same joint pain relief in a matter of 5 days.

People who suffer from severe arthritis can get relief within 2 weeks, even if they are in their 90s – and I am referring to age and not the 1990s. Joint pain relief changes peoples lives almost instantly and imagine what FLX could do for your loved ones, you parents. Mine have quickly adored such a product with glucosamine, chondroitin, celadrin, and MSM – imagine having your cartilage growing naturally. How much would a surgeon charge for that? The truth is that surgeons don’t want you to know about the FLX product because with proper consumption you simply won’t need the surgery on you knees or elsewhere. This product is knee pain relief and overall joint pain relief. Agel has brought joint health to a new level when it comes to joint pain relief with incredible results.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

What’s a great home based business opportunity?

October 25, 2009

These home based business opportunities are out there, now more than ever – choose the correct one

The question which should come to your mind is which one to get on board with? I am referring to network marketing which is the future whether you believe it or not and it started to gain traction (real traction) just a few years ago. Now choosing which type of home based business opportunity you want – this requires some due diligence and of course thinking about the growth potential…let me elaborate on this as this is so crucial for your home based business opportunity.

When you think about growth potential, you might be thinking to earn extra income, supplemental income, or better yet residual income with your home based business ideas. The one to keep in mind is residual income opportunity- after all, this is the one which will enable you to have the time freedom to do what you want, where and with whom you want to and when you want to. About growth potential, you don’t want to get involved with a business concept which has been around for decades as this will rarely if ever result in any possibility of residual income and a successful home based business. What you do want to focus on is joining an organization which has something unique! Something unique which is in the early stage of growth which will enable you to enjoy the residual income for decades. Your options are services and products. Services benefit everyone because it becomes a competitive price war and the only winner in the long run are all the individual consumers so this is not the place where you want to start your home based business – but if you do, millions will thank you as you help to bring down their cost of the services your organization offers because the competition will bring down their cost…your organization will then bring down it’s cost, and so on until their is no more compensation to be distributed among the home based business owners.

Think of business growth opportunities with your home based business ideas and I will continue on this subject tomorrow.

Protein Does So Much For Your Body

October 24, 2009

To stay fit and having well developed muscles is backed by protein

So, pack up your daily intake of proteins. Everyone would like to have well defined muscles, it’s only natural. Many of course think that it will never happen to them because they don’t go to the gym 7 days a weeks and work-out for two hours each time. Honestly, nobody does this except perhaps the extreme body builders but this is not what the intent here. The concept is developing muscle tone, a ‘six-pack’, well defined abdomen, toned legs, and nicely toned arms, as examples of what the proper protein snack can do for anyone.

Protein supplements however are not all the same. The idea is to get the best form of bioavailability with the protein supplement your taking. What is bioavailability? In pharmacology, bioavailability is used to describe the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation, one of the principal pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. By definition, when a medication is administered intravenously, its bioavailability is 100%. However, when a medication is administered via other routes (such as orally), its bioavailability decreases (due to incomplete absorption and first-pass metabolism). Bioavailability is one of the essential tools in pharmacokinetics, as bioavailability must be considered when calculating dosages for non-intravenous routes of administration.


The best form of taking protein is obvious because we know that pills, tablets, drinks, and powders offer a less effective method of delivery and bioavailability; pills and tablets take time to be absorbed and have a very low bioavailability success. Powders are simply an inconvenience and drinks never are able to get the correct nutrients per ingestion. None of these are even close to bioavailability, but Agel Enterprises has the breakthrough in matrixed gel suspended technology which is the closest form of absorption to intravenous. The greatness of these protein supplements is that they are delivered the way they should be – within minutes and the taste of these products with two new flavors coming soon are also great. A protein supplement never tastes as good and were never so deliverable and consumable.

More about protein supplements soon. Who wants a protein snack in the mean time?

What’s a Great Home Based Business Opportunity

October 23, 2009

I’ll ask again – what’s a great home based business opportunity?

A person who creates residual income. Plainly put – that is the reason for why most sound minded people go into business for themselves. It’s not because they want to work 80+ hours week-in and week-out. They are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in their life, the life of their customers, and having your own business is the most logical manner in which to do this. Take the top CEOs of any company anywhere in the world – they don’t have job security; the board members of any publicly traded company can remove any CEO from office – granted, their may be some parachute associated with the removal of such people. What if your not high up in the corporate ladder (or as some call it the rat race), your very expendable. But with having your own home based business you can’t be ‘pushed-out’ and you have the opportunity to create residual income and the time for home based business opportunities have never been better than right now.

Home Based business pic 1

Now think of the options for a home based business which can generate cash flow and potentially an incredible residual income opportunity and financial freedom. What should you be looking for in creating your residual income? What industry? What type of product or services to offer? How to deliver to your customer? What about tax implications with having your own business? These questions need to be answered before you even start to really think about creating residual income with a home based business.

To be continued tomorrow.

Getting Back into the Markets

October 21, 2009

FinancialFreedomIn the last year nearly every investor in the US and around the world has experienced significant financial losses. Most people would have been better off storing their money in a shoe box than investing it into the markets. As the economic turmoil continues, worry and uncertainty about the future is widespread through all demographics.

Although the times are tough, there has never been a better time to think about achieving financial freedom. Stock and real estate prices are at historic lows, and the market is primed for savvy investors to make their mark. If you have the means, invest in discounted real estate and green technology that will pay huge dividends as the market recovers in the coming years.

Reduce Wrinkles and More from the Outside

October 19, 2009

If you want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from the Outside

It’s really about our collagen cells and about the necessary care we need to take for our skin. You know that department stores carry a vast array of anti aging skin care lines which help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. And this is all true in the short run. These skin care products available with nicely scented and smiling women just as you walk into the store – the jewelry section is not far – and yes the woman are always looking well. The displays are fabulous but the products they are telling you about contain elements which in the long run damage your skin – and we are looking for anti aging skin care products.

skin1Misting Gelskin3

Yes, I am a man but ladies laughs at those prices being from $150-$200 for a simple serum for skin care when they get an entire box of 7 products with suspended gel technology covering all facets of their facial skin and more for less than $250, which lasts up to six months. The solutions with proper skin care is not to have any chemicals and the products which support that in both the skin moisturizer and other anti aging products is the best option for all to use. Take a closer look at anti aging skin care from Agel.

skin4Daily Moisturizing GelNourishing Night Gel Age-defying Eye Gel

Coming soon about Reducing Wrinkles and fine lines from the Inside Out. The combination of both anti aging supplements works best.

Home Business Residual Income

October 18, 2009

Home Business Residual Income opportunities

Yes, the come quite often, but how many are legitimate. I personally have looked into many and have never been ‘burned’ by doing my search on Google. But other have lost some to significant amounts of money starting their own businesses. I am here to let you know that the most important part about making such a decision is having the desire to do it. Not just setting up shop and getting business cards but actually having a passion for the business in which your getting involved in and this is critical! The business I am in is with Suspended Gel Matrixed Technology Supplements and this business will grow exponentially in the coming years to decades.

Of course, I am not aware of how your current employer is treating you pertaining to longevity of employment, but doing this part time is what I am doing. I am currently making a descent income with this business and have been doing it only since March of this year – yes, if I had been focusing on it on a full time basis, the home based business opportunity would have been greater for the beginning. What I have to state is that this business with the organization in Agel Enterprises, is great is an understatement. This company, four years in existence is in over 50 countries and growing into more in the next few months. I have entrepreneur ideas and after 19 years making a good salary and being let go because of downsizing, I thought it would only be sensible to do something on my own – to control my own destiny into creating wealth. This organization can do this for you, I assure you and I am looking forward to your responses and if you take a look at the site in its entirety, you will see that Agel Enterprises offer the best compensation plan in the industry and enable you to create significant residual income.

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