A simple yes or no.

August 15, 2010

Is network marketing for you?

Yes, for most of us. Because most of us do not know about residual income.

Why? Because we are stuck chasing the promotion, the salary increase and simply trying to stay above the inflation rate. I am assuming that you all know about inflation and how your salary is in essence a benchmark for your income stream. Let us say that you earned $50,000 (US) to keep it simple – you would need to earn more and more every year because the chance is that the merit or salary increase will not surpass the inflation rate…and this is assuming an inflation rate of 3%. What if it becomes 7-10% and you see your hard earned hours exchanged for hours and you soon realize that you are working for less money. Now picture this…the people who you were working with are now no longer there and you have add to your workload. Is this a manner in which to create any form of income stream – with or without any inflation? Of course not! This is a means to an end, and hopefully not your end. Now what about having the ability to earn extra income; we shall call it an additional source of income for now.

Earn extra income as Agel again enhances the best compensation plan for your home based business.

June 15, 2010

Genius! And great timing!

Agel Enterprises cares about its team members and their home based business. Instead of making the team members work harder to earn extra income and residual income, this great organization made it easier for the team members in over 50 countries to increase their commission checks!

And the timing could not be any better! Better because it implies more money going to the team members who want to offer the Agel breakthrough suspended gel packs to their preferred customers. For any of Agel’s suspended gel pack box of 30 gel-packs, every team member used to get US$5 but effective June 1, 2010 the team members will now be getting US$20 per box (boxes range in price from $65 to $80 for the preferred customer). Yes, Agel did slightly modify the commission volume (CV) down from US$5 to US$3 for the US$65 boxes [for example] but increased the overall commission by US$13 per box (that’s an increase in commission of 260%) – that can lead to a lot of team members to earn extra income during these difficult economic times! The retail component of the compensation plan is only one of the nine components (yes, 9 components!) and is now a more attractive part of the compensation plan for someone’s home based business – especially for the team members who are newer to network marketing. The products are in demand throughout the world and this is yet another reason why you should enroll with Agel and earn extra income now!

Learn how to earn extra income and residual income with a breakthrough in health supplements – Suspended Gel Technology

June 3, 2010

This is going to change the way you look at health supplements and health supplements are changing from pills, tablets, capsules, powders and juices to suspended gel technology. I will be discussing health supplements for prevention of cardiovascular disease, ailing knee pain (anterior cruciate ligament and more), back pain, an hca supplement as an appetite suppressant, fucoidan to build up the immune system, turmeric for your collagens (skin care), natural energy (physical and mental focus), your digestive system, antioxidants and more.

This breakthrough comes with an unmatched opportunity to earn a significant residual income, starting with your ability to earn extra income from day one to your successful home based business!

Find Out Every Saturday and Sunday at the following times:

Pacific U.S. 6pm (18:00) Saturdays and 7:30am (07:30) Sundays.

Mountain U.S. 7pm (19:00) Saturdays and 8:30am (08:30) Sundays.

Central U.S. at 8pm (20:00) Saturdays and 9:30am (09:30) Sundays.

Eastern U.S. at 9pm (21:00) Saturdays and 10:30am (10:30) Sundays.

England 2am (02:00) Sundays and 3:30pm (15:30) Sundays.

Western Europe 3am (03:00) Sundays and 4:30pm (16:30) Sundays.

Eastern Europe (incl. the Ukraine) 4am (04:00) Sundays and 5:30pm (17:30) Sundays.

The Sudan and Moscow 5am (05:00) Sundays and 6:30pm (18:30) Sundays.

Thailand and Indonesia 9am (09:00) Sundays and 10:30pm (22:30) Sundays.

Japan 11am (11:00) Sundays and 12:30am (00:30) Mondays.

Melbourne/Sydney 1pm (13:00) DST Sundays and 2:30am (02:30) DST Mondays.

New Zealand 3pm (15:00) DST Sundays and 4:30am (04:30) DST Mondays.

Make sure that you have Java 6 loaded onto your machine (PC/laptop/cell phone) by going here to download it: http://www.java.com/en/download/. Make sure that you do this 15 minutes before the presentation.

Next, go to www.onlineabb.com and enter your name (first name is fine and the country you are from) in the box labeled “Name (Moderators Only)” and then click on “Enter Room”. That’s it. You will be able to send Instant Messages to the entire group or to specific participants.

As health supplements are changing to the best form of bioavailability, not only do you want these incredible products but you want to perhaps build your own business part-time or full-time. This type of opportunity comes around every 10-15 years, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Kind regards,

Paul Durocher


Now you got your education or did not get it. Either way, it really does not matter if you want to earn extra income from your current job.

June 3, 2010

Education is simply to show a form of commitment – and a piece of paper…I have two of them and frankly I don’t know where they are!

Somewhat gives you an idea of how useful they have been. And if you got your college/university degree from a couple to a few different schools employers may see that as not being committed if you did not complete one degree from one institution or changed majors. If you are committed to earn extra income now, then we need to talk!

In your mind, ask yourself what does entail the ability to earn extra income? Better yet, what is extra income? Is is $300 per month or $2000 per month – we all have different definitions about what is entailed with how to earn extra income. To earn $300 a month is what is defined as simplicity and can come to fruition with little effort and actually within an hour. If you want to learn how to do this, my team and I would like to help you and it won’t take much of your time either. Remember, there is no college education required! If you want to learn how to earn extra income to $2000 a month a little more work is involved and a bit more training is required but not more than you think – and I will share this with you very soon…probably later today.

Who wants to build a home based business, or if you are new to this concept simply to earn extra income…then residual income.

May 31, 2010

Don’t be shy!

We all started from somewhere. Most of us were told to simply go out and get an education and get a job.

There was never any mention about how to earn extra income or residual income. It was more like go out and get a job! Yes, of course “save your money” was also thrown in there. So, here some of us are or not some of us – I don’t know my entire audience…sorry. Nonetheless, here we are following through on what we were told to do and get a job after getting educated. Hmm! I know many people who are highly educated but have never used any of what they learned in school (bachelors or masters degrees) in their jobs and some have actually lost their jobs – not for competence reasons but simply that someone else could do the same job at a lesser salary…and now you know that the skill set was not an issue. This brings me to a few messages which I would like to convey to you all. Get to work if you are simply reading this for pleasure, or else come back tomorrow for more on how you can change your financial situation and start to earn extra income and then residual income. I hope I got your attention because you will not want to miss out on what is coming next…

Imagine replacing your current job income within a couple of years while you earn extra income.

May 3, 2010

Nice! Correct!

So do it! Sorry about being too forward but I am not looking for procrastinators but people who know an opportunity of a lifetime to quickly earn extra income and very soon residual income. I know that you cannot earn residual income with a job, that’s linear income.

Take a look at the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry which will earn you residual income within a couple of years or less. This incredible compensation plan is based on a company which has breakthrough suspended matrix gel technology, which is used in health supplements for the first time. This company has an expanding product line with health supplements which are delivered in a way no other company has on the market. This incredible opportunity to join this company can get you to start to earn extra income the same day you start with the organization and you don’t need a large investment, only one as small as US$300 and up to US$1,100 after shipping and taxes and yes you the team member get the products; you can personally consume the products or you can give them out to people you know who could benefit from taking these breakthrough suspended matrix gel technology health supplement gel packs. This is not a get rich quick proposition because the only get rich quick propositions are backed-up by companies which last only a few months and you never get rich anyway. Join a leader who has the proven track record of successfully being in business now for over 4 years and is earning more money than companies which have been in existence for 10 years! This opportunity is the one opportunity which anyone looking for residual income and financial freedom has been looking for and I am literally offering it to you right now. For the first 10 people who respond to Contact Us (to the right, in green), we will send you a free audio CD which will describe the products and the future of health supplementation which is in existence right now! Grab it, Grab yours! And get on board toward your financial dreams!

Succeeding in network marketing also requires the best training and this will facilitate the ability to earn extra income and then residual income.

April 23, 2010

Anyone who claims that they don’t need training to be successful in network marketing most likely has not had success in many things which they set out to do.

The best professional athletes gain trained daily. This is why they are probably the best at what they do!

What is involved with network marketing training? Actually there is not much to it. Can you ask someone to come and listen to a presentation, or better yet ask a few people to come to one of several presentations (they even get to choose which presentation to attend); they can attend a presentation in their own city or town or simply in the privacy of their own residence (house or apartment) via the internet. And doing this will take about an hour. How many people don’t have an hour to listen to one or a few people talk about what could turn out to be a means to earn extra income while putting in a few hours a week doing the exact same thing…inviting people to a presentation. If you invite enough people and you yourself listen to the presentations, eventually you will also be able to perform the presentation. It is really that simple. Take a look at www.onlineabb.com this Saturday or any Saturday at 6pm US New York time or any Sunday morning at 1am US New York time. This will at least give you an appreciation of how the presentation is conducted and it is not rocket science. You see, the fastest growing company in the world is Agel Enterprises with a significant presence in over 50 countries in four years. Why is that, well it is because the expanding product line and the highly lucrative compensation plan enable this growth. Sure, network marketing like any profession may not be for everyone and it is not, but take a look at how easy it is to simply listen to a product and compensation plan and the worse case is that you will learn about how to improve your health and a better case scenario is that you will join Agel Enterprises and start to earn extra income and hopefully residual income in a matter of months to a year or perhaps slightly longer; you could also be running with this and create a home business residual income which could grow to the 50+ countries we are in and every new market we enter. What do you really have to lose, only about one hour of your time; what do you have to gain…well that part is easy, financial freedom with unlimited residual income.

Just getting off from work and wondering how you could earn extra income.

April 19, 2010

Perhaps to pay off some bills or simply to go on vacation, since you might not have gotten the raise or bonus you were used to getting?

Many of us can relate! So many of us are now in the ‘where do I find that extra income’ mode which was a guarantee.

Chances are, unfortunately, that the new precedence about bonuses and merit/raise increases has been laid out and that so called entitlement is now something of the past; do not be expecting it next year either. Instead, raise your awareness that there are other avenues which do not include you quitting your job but simply working from your own residence to slowly and surely build your own business. This, if I must say is the beauty about network marketing in that you can earn extra income without changing anything you do in your current job. And that is priceless! Wait until you find out more about cash flow and residual income…and in time you will want to quit your job, when you are financially prepared.

Looking for a different job or a way to earn extra income.

April 11, 2010

So many people have seen their job’s income decrease over the last year or so.

Some may have lost their job entirely. If you are still employed by a company and have lost some of your earnings you may be looking for a way to earn extra income.

Network marketing is not what it used to be. It is growing by the day, but learning which company to join to earn extra income will enable you to earn extra income without paying too much to get such income replenishment from your lost bonus or lack of a merit (inflation adjusted wage) increase. Take a look at a very simple business model and new health supplement technology company – which, after all we all need health supplements because we are not getting what our body needs any longer in the foods we consume; take a look at an emerging company named Agel Enterprises and join me with NanoHealthTechnology to start earning that extra income and grow it into a steady cash flow machine, from the privacy of your own home or apartment. By the way, you can earn extra income in any currency Agel operates in and that is in over 50 countries. Keep a look for more information as to how you can easily replace the lost wages even if you are not currently working. My team and I will show you how this can be quickly accomplished.

Not every home based business will lead to a home business residual income and some will not even lead to you to earn extra income.

April 9, 2010

Do not get discouraged!

The way to avoid having a home based business which will not prosper and grow is to choose a good home based business opportunity. This does not necessarily signify choosing a home based business idea that you personally like because you are a user of such a product or service.

You need to think of a home based business which will capture peoples attention and something they can use daily and benefit from such use. Remember, the idea is to start small and earn extra income with your home based business and as your grow with your home based business opportunity it can quickly generate residual income – again if you choose the correct business. Electronics technology is changing at record pace and has done so for the last few decades and it is not about to slow down any time soon and most likely never will slow down. Getting into such a home based business with electronics requires that you as an individual are always on the cutting edge of technology and this requires much knowledge. Now back to the right opportunity – a business with a highly consumable products is a good business model and a business with an expanding product line is even better as the products can be consumed by more people. Now think of the demographics of the world’s population, the population’s desires, and so on. Think about an example such as mouthwash – many people use it at least in North America and that market was flat with no growth until breath strips revolutionized the industry simply by introducing a new delivery method which was exceptionally portable! Granted this was introduced by a large publicly traded company and not something you could start a home business with of course. On the same lines think of health supplements – so many people take health supplements. More to come tomorrow, now that you can start to envision your home based business with health supplements with using network marketing – you will indeed be able to have a home business residual income opportunity which can enable you to earn extra income and even significant wealth and financial freedom if you so desire.

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