Statins and trans fats heart disease combo

June 25, 2015

You would almost think that statins and trans fat would be opposites, but in reality when it comes to heart disease they are on the same evil side of the fence in most instances.

We all should know by now that statins have significant side-effects related to heart disease and now in the USA there is essentially a mandate to eliminate trans fats in foods. This ban on trans fat is set for three years from now, but we wonder when they’ll be a ban for statins, for most cases when more harm is done than any health benefit for heart disease prevention. - Agel HRT, heart disease prevention made tastyBut do we (collectively) know about either the dangers of statins or trans fats and how they can increase the chances of heart disease? Unfortunately, from a statins perspective that is unlikely because people believe everything that their doctors tell them when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels; however, these same doctors are the people who have a license to write prescriptions (where some presumably get kickbacks from writing prescriptions). We state presumably because we don’t have proof, but then again statins have proven to wreak havoc to the liver, lower unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) and inhibit the natural production of CoQ10 (which this latter is critical for the heart and heart energy). So what’s an alternative to trans fats; this is simple where one can wait three years to go to restaurants and read labels on products. The alternative for cholesterol lowering (LDL) is not statins but policosanol with other hearth healthy ingredients like carnitine, oyster mushroom, taurine and of course CoQ10; Agel HRT is the heart disease prevention natural alternative and comes with 30 single serving gel packets per box and Agel heart increases good (HDL) cholesterol levels which decreasing unhealthy (LDL) levels and with CoQ10 your heart get extra energy whereas with statins the body’s ability to produce CoQ10 naturally is inhibited. Agel HRT, the health and intelligent alternative for heart disease prevention! As for the trans fat, read and ask before consuming.

Policosanol over statins to lower overall cholesterol levels.

January 3, 2011

If pharmaceutical companies are so concerned about elevated cholesterol levels, why don’t the pharamaceutical giants promote diet, nutrition and physical exercise?

There is no money in promoting free health which does not benefit the income and cash flow which the pharmaceutical giants are wanting. Lowering cholesterol levels with statins which provide cash flow to the large pharmaceutical companies is what they promote.

These large pharmaceutical companies (big pharma) want you to be taking statins most likely so that they can make more money (cash flow) with other drugs which the consumer of statins will need to offset the side effects associated with taking statins. Why is it that big pharmas are not introducing and advertising for products with policosanol? Why? Because policosanol is not a cash flow generator for big pharma because side effects will not materialize as they do with statins. Big pharma knows that policosanol is better for lowering cholesterol levels but big pharma wants to corner the market for the manner in which cholesterol levels are lowered, no matter what the financial and health costs are for the consumers. Big pharma has doctors right where they want them – telling doctors to push statins instead of the healthy policosanol alternative for lowering cholesterol levels; don’t worry, the doctors are paid for the prescriptions they write for statins, given them a financial incentive to write those prescriptions. Amazing, big pharma and your own doctor does not care about your better health but instead of their being better off financially with cash flow. Have you heard about statins such as lipitor, crestor, zocor or any other statins increasing the good cholesterol levels (HDL) which we all need? Of course not, because statins are only designed to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. Does big pharma mention why HDL cholesterol levels are necessary for humans to remain healthy and that policosanol lowers the bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol levels? Of course not because big pharma does not want the consumer taking policosanol because big pharma knows that policosanol does not need to be taken for life and comes without side effects? Perhaps instead of going to see your doctor who is being told by big pharma to write prescriptions for statins you should write an email to big pharma asking them for policosanol instead of statins (such as lipitor, crestor or zocor) because you the consumer cares about lowering your cholesterol levels and wanting to increase your good cholesterol levels and not about the side effects associated with statins. If you like going to see your doctor periodically to have check-ups for tests on the serious side effects of taking statins then perhaps you really won’t like reading this but then again, if you don’t care about your cellular energy because statins deplete or inhibit your body’s natural production of CoQ10 you may not be around all that long anyway. The wise decision is to take policosanol in the HRT suspended gel product by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, which happens to also contain CoQ10, taurine, selenium, folate, l-carnitine and oyster mushroom which will lower your overall cholesterol levels and many other heart health benefits without the side effects associated with statins. It’s your health, your money, and of course your life. Choose wisely. Get policosanol in the breakthrough HRT suspended gel packet instead of statins in pills.

New years resolution to lower cholesterol levels with policosanol and CoQ10 and not with statins.

January 3, 2011

Not only will you lower cholesterol levels with policosanol instead of with statins like lipitor, crestor or zocor, but you will live longer and healthier well past 2011 with CoQ10.

If you have not yet heard about the side effects associated with statins such as zocor, lipitor and crestor you need to and then you need to learn about policosanol with CoQ10. Then you will learn about lowering cholesterol levels and much more heart health which statins do not provide.

Statins such as crestor, zocor and lipitor will lower cholesterol levels but also offer these potential and very realistic side effects; to begin, here is a list of who may be at greater risk of developing side effects associated with taking statins – people taking multiple medications to lower cholesterol levels, being a female, having a smaller body frame, being of the age 65 or older, having kidney or liver disease, and/or having type 1 or 2 diabetes. The list of more or less serious side effects include nausea, irritability and short tempers, hostility, homicidal impulses, rapid loss of mental clarity, amnesia, kidney failure, diarrhea, muscle pain, muscle weakness and muscle damage, tingling or cramping in the legs, inability to walk, problems sleeping, constipation, impaired muscle formation, erectile dysfunction, temperature regulation problems, digestive problems, nerve damage, mental confusion, liver damage and abnormalities, neuropathy, rash or flushing, destruction of CoQ10. Yes, that is quite an extensive list, even if they are minor side effects to you which in all reality they are not. Now the list of very rare potential side effects of taking policosanol to lower cholesterol levels instead of taking statins: headaches, migraines, skin rashes, feeling of drowsiness or lethargy, insomnia, irritability, upset stomach and weight loss (most of us don’t see this as a problem of course) – it is worthy of noting that these side effects associated with policosanol were identical to those of the groups taking placebos so in essence policosanol has no side effects. So, why are you or anyone taking statins? Simply because your doctor recommended that you take statins instead of policosanol to lower your cholesterol levels. There is a suspended gel product created by the leader in health technology (Agel Enterprises) which has taken policosanol and provided a breakthrough delivery method in a suspended gel with a butterscotch flavor in the product named HRT. This product contains policosanol which will lower cholesterol levels (lower the bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol levels), CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, oyster mushroom, folate and selenium. These are natural and healthy ingredients for health supplements for overall improved heart health without side effects. Make 2011 the year you improve your heart health and that of your cellular energy with policosanol with CoQ10 instead of statins for simply lowering bad cholesterol levels with a plethora of mild to serious side effects. Of course you might ask the very same doctors who prescribe statins if they themselves are taking statins and my educated guess and that of yours should be that such doctors are taking policosanol if they have elevated cholesterol levels and not statins.

Tired of healthcare not meeting expectations.

October 30, 2010

Do something about it for cardiovascular disease prevention!

Don’t just sit there or stand there when you can do something about it. It is named ‘taking control of your health’. That is what health technology is about and it entails cardiovascular disease prevention.

Doctors are in essence paid by pharmaceutical companies to ‘push’ drugs and this is highly evident with the several recent years’ push for statins as an example; also, hospitals dictate what doctors can and can’t do, even if it may save a patient’s life because it may be against conventional medicine which the hospital has established for let’s say cardiovascular disease prevention. I digress and should state that a doctor, a family doctor could be great if a patient suffered from … wait, I digress again, family doctors are simply a means to get to go to someone else who really knows what the health issue is (a specialist, such as one for cardiovascular disease prevention). Now, let’s take a different perspective on this and let’s say high levels of LDL cholesterol (this, by the way is the type you do not want elevated) are found by simple family doctor analysis with tests. The doctor recommends that you see a specialist for reducing cardiovascular disease or simply writes you a prescription for the ill-fated statins which he/she may recommend a higher dosage or in time changing to other statins to alleviate further damage and perhaps create damage to another one of your organs by switching to another manufacturer of statins – who needs a doctor who is going to prescribe you to take a drug which may cause cardiovascular disease (because statins deplete coenzyme Q10) or another diseases. So now we are on statins which are in essence great at preventing or better stated, great at lowering bad cholesterol levels. I must admit that statins work exceptionally well, but the side effects are worse than another heart attack. Now, stand back and think about this before you read more…pause…what is worse than a heart attack with major cardiovascular disease implications? A heart attack is what it is – the question I have is why would you want to take the risk of jeopardizing your heart health without ensuring that you have coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in your health supplement diet – statins do not contain coenzyme Q10 but actually deplete it and have 20+ other potential very serious side effects! That is what I call falling short of cardiovascular disease prevention – very short! Meeting expectations and far exceeding them is taking policosanol which will increase the HDL while lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. The HRT product has so much to offer with the best form of bioavailability with policosanol and CoQ10 and the reason for why you and your loved ones should be staying away from drugs. Agel Enterprises provides natural health technology supplements making it the leader in health technology. Take care of your cardiovascular disease prevention with policosanol and COQ10. Get your reality check with health technology with Agel Enterprises and get a box or two of 30 gel packets of  HRT for cardiovascular disease prevention and leave the doctors to take their own statins and to follow a hospital’s conventional medicine protocol.

Why the popularity in statins.

October 17, 2010

And why such statin drugs should be banned worldwide with very few exceptions, if any.

Can you say policosanol and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)? You need to be come very familiar with policosanol and CoQ10 instead of listening to your doctor and what you see on television about statin drugs from pharmaceutical companies with the net income of these corporations on the line by pushing statin drugs.

Statins exist and these pharmaceutical drugs are ruining peoples’ lives. Why would anyone be taking statin drugs without supplementing their diet with CoQ10. It is a fact that statin drugs deplete peoples’ CoQ10 levels and can do so to the point where it is very unhealthy. CoQ10 is cellular energy for all of your cells and all your muscles and the heart is a muscle and obviously a critical one. I have yet to see or here that statin drugs do not deplete necessary levels of CoQ10 and worse of all, CoQ10 is naturally produced at lower levels as we age making statin drugs extremely dangerous. Instead of taking statin drugs such as lipitor, crestor and zocor, take natural policosanol because not only does policosanol reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, it also increases the levels of good cholesterol – another point that pharmaceutical companies do not mention – that statins do not necessarily increase levels of good cholesterol; cardiovascular disease prevention is to lower the bad and increase the good cholesterol levels! Think of statins as a means to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and that’s it – statins do not add any more value than that! Statins might be an alternative for someone who has inherited high levels of bad cholesterol but policosanol is a safe alternative to statins even if people already had a heart attack because of high cholesterol levels (and this is referring to bad cholesterol levels). We all need cholesterol (HDL) to function properly as our bodies need it and if statins decrease the bad cholesterol without increasing the good cholesterol, statins are simply reducing cardiovascular disease related to high bad cholesterol levels and not doing your body any good other than that. Switch to policosanol with the HRT suspended gel product and increase your good cholesterol levels and feed your body antioxidants with CoQ10 which is also in the HRT product. Get your box of 30 HRT gel packets today and stop swallowing the statin pills or tablets and start preventing cardiovascular disease naturally!

The cost of statins and the cost of statins for cardiovascular disease prevention.

October 13, 2010

In monetary terms, co-pays can be high for the more effective lowering LDL cholesterol statins; but in the long run, the more powerful the statin drug the more side-effects.

What are you really paying for when buying prescription statins? You are in essence paying to reduce your chances are getting a cardiovascular disease associated with too high of levels of LDL cholesterol.

Okay, take drugs to lower bad cholesterol levels in the hopes of lowering cardiovascular disease with statins and to some people the cost of such statins should be immaterial – because after all, statins could save someone’s life from getting a cardiovascular disease. But what is the cost of statins to lower the LDL cholesterol really? What is the non-monetary cost from taking statins? Take a look at potential (and realistic) side effects: Gout and/or Elevated Uric Acid, Peripheral Neuropathy: Numbness and/or Tingling of the Hands/Feet, Myopathy (Muscle ~ Weakness, Cramps, Spasm, Stiffness), Insomnia, Loss of Libido, Impotence, Heart Palpitations, Heart Arrhythmias, Depression, Short Term Memory Loss, Long Term Memory Loss, Transient Global Amnesia, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, Chest Pain, Digestive Disorders, Rhabdomyolsis, Trouble Walking – Shuffling, Trouble Walking – Balance, Hand Tremors, Speech – Trouble finding the right word, Speech – Slurred, Dizziness, Sciatica Pain, and Hair Loss. Now that list makes for a hefty price to pay for anyone; now imagine the cost of taking medications to offset all of those potential and yet very realistic side effects? You probably can’t, but taking care of everything would no doubt become very costly and might make a person ‘pill-man’ or ‘pill-women’. Instead of taking statins which have so many awful side-effects, why not take policosanol which is natural and will also increase the good (HDL) cholesterol levels while reducing the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels; keep in mind that statins do not (I repeat, do not) increase the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. The suspended gel product named HRT contains policosanol and several other natural ingredients to help with cardiovascular disease prevention and such natural ingredients include oyster mushroom, coenzyme q10 (CoQ10), folate, selenium, taurine and l-carnitine. The HRT product, unlike zocor, lipitor, crestor, simvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin and the other statins has no side effects other than positive health related outcomes. So you can spend a lot of money on statins and then spend even more money on taking care of your health with the numerous side-effects statins can easily create or get your box of HRT with 30 gel packets and prevent cardiovascular disease. It is obviously well advised to stop eating foods high in LDL cholesterol, but this is more of a food preference alternative.

The end is with statins for high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

October 3, 2010

The consumer’s end, that is.

Statins will be your end. Satins will deplete your coenzyme q10 levels, which will deplete your natural energy levels making your muscles weak. Statins do much more than this – see the list of common side effects of statins and remember that statins will only save 1 out of 56 people from getting a heart attack – a cardiovascular disease result. A natural alternative is policosanol which increases the good cholesterol while reducing the bad cholesterol.

The list of common side effects and it’s quite a list include: Gout and/or Elevated Uric Acid, Peripheral Neuropathy: Numbness and/or Tingling of the Hands/Feet, Myopathy (Muscle ~ Weakness, Cramps, Spasm, Stiffness), Insomnia, Loss of Libido, Impotence, Heart Palpitations, Heart Arrhythmias, Depression, Short Term Memory Loss, Long Term Memory Loss, Transient Global Amnesia, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, Chest Pain, Digestive Disorders, Rhabdomyolsis, Trouble Walking – Shuffling, Trouble Walking – Balance, Hand Tremors, Speech – Trouble finding the right word, Speech – Slurred, Dizziness, Sciatica Pain, and Hair Loss. Wow! that’s quite a list for benefiting 1 out of every 56 people from heart attack prevention. Makes cardiovascular disease in getting a heart attack not all that devastating. Look at the list common side effects of taking natural policosanol and oyster mushroom in the HRT product: which also contains selenium, CoQ10, Taurine, L-Carnitine and Folate. These natural ingredients have positive side effects for cardiovascular disease prevention including reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good cholesterol) with policosanol and oyster mushroom, increasing myocardial energy production (cellular, including muscle) with coenzyme q10 levels (CoQ10) and l-carnitine, and with taurine and selenium to strengthen the heart with heart antioxidants. Those are the types of positive side effects I would want for my heart. Do you really want statins with negative side effects? The pharmaceuticals want you to take statins and they dictate it to your doctor; ask your doctor if you dare about how much he/she gets financially rewarded for putting you (the patient) on statins. I am no doctor but I know that the HRT product only has positive effects, so get your box of 30 gel packets of the HRT product and notice positive differences from better cholesterol levels to a stronger heart and energy levels. Cardiovascular disease is naturally prevented with HRT!

Prescription drugs like statins going prescription free and becoming nutrients or supplements.

September 21, 2010

There are some doctors who actually think that making statin drugs prescription-free is a good idea.

Even going as far as making statin drugs condiments in fast-food establishments. I can see it now, “I’ll have two double cheeseburgers with extra statins”.

This is absurd and these people are respected doctors who research this garbage for cardiovascular disease prevention. Statin drugs becoming prescription-free is about as wise of a decision as selling alcohol with a pack of cigarettes. Granted, I am fairly confident, but cannot prove it, that such doctors are being handsomely paid by the big pharmaceutical companies to actually recommend that statins be put directly into fast food restaurant foods. No longer needing to have the statins on the side as the statins will be included as the ingredients in your cheeseburger. Statins are very dangerous drugs which can have the following ramifications including but not limited to kidney damage, liver damage, extreme muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, constipation, and chronic deficiency in coenzyme q10 (CoQ10) – never mind the potential impact to customers’ health should they be on other medications which do not have a positive synergistic impact but a devastating one when combined with statin drugs. Simply put, if you eat at fast food restaurants you want to take natural health supplements which come with policosanol, CoQ10, oyster mushroom and folate among others, to reduce your risk of high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure with the HRT product for heart health and cardiovascular disease prevention. Your body was not designed for prescription drugs and making statins prescription-free won’t help with the devastating side-effects of statins but merely have more people with statins’ devastating side-effects. So, if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, ingest a natural health supplement with policosanol and CoQ10 and help your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases – get your box of heart health HRT and say ‘no’ to statins and ‘no’ to big pharmaceuticals pushing statin drugs to doctors. Say ‘yes’ to better heart health and get your box of 30 gel packets of HRT today with natural policosanol and CoQ10.

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