Turmeric for sun screen skin care without parabens which can lead to cancer and your vitamin D.

May 14, 2011

Some of us want to be tanned and either lay out in the sun or spend several minutes a day or a few times a week in an ill-fated tanning bed for so called skin care when turmeric would be advised and some simply want vitamin D.

Do you want skin care with turmeric and vitamin D in a suspended gel which is ingested and healthy or take your chances with parabens and potentially getting cancer? Tough choice to be healthy or not.

If you think that getting cancer from the sun’s rays is a healthy manner to get vitamin D, try ingesting MIN in a suspended gel where you can get the best form of vitamin D and the ingested skin care GLO suspended gel to protect your skin from the harsh effects of the ultraviolet rays, thanks to turmeric, green tea and oats. There’s a company which is pioneering the health technology industry and their products are all formulated with suspension gel technology in matrix structures which provide the best delivery form for all nutrients from turmeric and green tea for skin care, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D to prevent organ inflammation and many other undesirable effects. Remember that you don’t need to be laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed for so called skin care to get vitamin D, but you do need vitamin D and MIN has this and many other essential vitamins and ten essential minerals to give your body what it needs daily. And if you happen to love being out in the sun and this is the only manner in which you want your vitamin D and your skin care needs, make sure that instead of applying sun tan or sun screen lotions, which most contain parabens which penetrate your skin and enter your blood stream (and I am referring to toxins) and can lead to cancer, ingest turmeric, green tea extracts and oats for your skin’s protection from the sun and it will also rejuvenate your collagen fibers which will naturally eliminate the fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars and it will also even out skin tone. Ingested skin care from Agel Enterprises is named GLO and it will protect your skin from the ravaging effects of the sun and the environmental effects in the world we live in and the protection is with turmeric, green tea and oats but again, it’s your skin and your need for vitamin D. So, if you like getting your vitamin D from the sun, be sure to ingest anti aging skin care named GLO with turmeric, green tea and other natural ingredients and minimize the use of sun screen, even if you have limited amounts of hair on your head like some of us. You now have choices to get vitamin D and to protect your skin, with turmeric, green tea and oats, or you could simply ignore all of this and go out and get all the vitamin D you want and let the ultraviolet rays accelerate your skin’s aging process and perhaps even get cancer. The choice is yours but vitamin D with MIN and other essential vitamins and minerals is a better alternative and GLO with turmeric, green tea and oats will do wonders as ingested skin care to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and with lecithin, CoQ10 and other natural ingredients and antioxidants GLO will protect and rejuvenate your skin. GLO is healthy ingested anti aging skin care with turmeric, lecithin, CoQ10, green tea, oats and more and MIN is a natural manner in which to get your vitamin D and other essential minerals and vitamins.

All this talk about vitamins from A to vitamin D and beyond.

May 1, 2011

Vitamins, be it vitamin D or any other one is healthy but where you get your vitamins may not be.

Where do you get your vitamin D? How about other vitamins and never mind that, how about minerals?

Let’s take a look at where you can get vitamin D and how much of it your body will actually absorb and perhaps we’ll discuss other vitamins at a later time because there is so much to discuss but so little time, and yes we’ll also discuss minerals which you body needs daily. Back to vitamin D and there are other vitamins to be absorbed with the following list of what you might actually be consuming daily. The list for vitamin D foods include but are not limited to, catfish, eel, tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, eggs, beef liver, cod liver oil, mushrooms, chestnuts, milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, margarine, dark leafy vegetables, mashed potatoes, cereals, and other foods. You can also get your vitamin D and other vitamins with foods which have been fortified with vitamin D but be aware of what you do to your sources of vitamin D such as cooking or microwaving them as this will deplete the vitamin D you were seeking in the first place and dark leafy vegetables and mashed potatoes for instance don’t contain all that much vitamin D and if you drink carbonated beverages you’re actually depleting  your body of vitamin D and other vitamins. So what to do because you need your vitamins and vitamin D is critical for prevention of joint pain and osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children and calcium can’t be properly absorbed without sufficient amounts of daily vitamin D intake. There are other health related issues associated with a diet which is deficient in vitamins and vitamin D (cancer, hypertension or high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases) and the body also does not absorb vitamin D very well even if your intentions are good. So where to get your vitamins and vitamin D specifically as this is about the need for getting your daily share of vitamin D and that amount is 400 I.U. You could drink four 8 oz glasses of milk to consume 400 I.U. of vitamin D per day but how much is your body going to be absorbing? Not as much as you would think, as is the case with pills, tablets and capsules. However, there is a suspended gel product on the market which provides the 400 I.U. of vitamin D and eleven other essential vitamins which your body needs and ten essential minerals and the best part about this berry punch flavored health supplement is that it provides a recharging mechanism which circulates up to 1000 times in your body in seconds and people who don’t like the taste of milk or who can’t seem to keep it fresh and cool have no more excuses for not getting their daily vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals because this MIN suspended gel product by the leader in health technology can be kept cold or frozen or up to temperatures exceeding the hottest place on the surface of our planet. So get your vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals with MIN. Take it for the health benefits and take it for the taste.

How much vitamin D are you getting on a daily basis and is it safe.

April 12, 2011

You may be consuming milk, eating cheese, and other dairy products, or getting vitamin D in fatty fish, certain fish oils, liver and egg yolks of chickens fed vitamin D but your body is most likely not getting the daily requirements of vitamin D because eating habits change.

You could even get your vitamin D from mushrooms because of the mushrooms exposure to UVB rays, and that would be obviously better than laying around outside where one could get skin cancer from the sun’s rays; yes, there are sunscreen protection products but they contain chemicals and toxins which are harmful to your health as most contain parabens. So where to get your daily vitamin D so that you can benefit from the health benefits?

To cut things short, you want to be taking vitamin D three (vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol) which is named cholecalciferol because it offers the best form of vitamin D. There’s a product, created in a suspended gel named MIN by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises, which provides the international recommended consumption of vitamind D (at 400 I.U. RDI) where the vitamins (eleven others are included) and minerals (ten are included) which provide a recharging mechanism of up to 1000 times within seconds whereas pills, tablets and beverages which are either difficult for the body to break down or absorb effectively provide poor bioavailability and little to no recharging mechanisms. For your health and that of all of your family members, vitamin D in a suspended gel with all of your daily essential vitamins and minerals will provide the necessary vitamin D and you won’t have to stay out in the sun and get skin cancer. The choice is yours but the MIN product with 100% of the RDI of vitamin D comes in a berry punch flavor so everyone will want to take it daily and children will be asking for it and that’s a piece of mind. Get MIN and ingest it daily for your vitamin D and vitamins A-E and ten essential minerals including magnesium, copper, zinc and chromium among others. Don’t let vitamin D deficiency become a health risk and get your vitamin D in the best possible form of delivery in a a suspended tasty gel.

Asthma and getting back to breathing with vitamin D

March 22, 2011

Asthma is not only an inconvenience it is life threatening but vitamin D can be of great assistance for prevention.

Asthma can be prevented without the need for inhalers and medicine and vitamin D plays a significant role in preventing or eliminating asthma. How much vitamin D are you ingesting should be your question.

Research takes time and reading all the labels from the foods and beverages you are thinking about purchasing at your local grocery store can be rather time consuming; this could lead to a 30 minute shopping experience into a two hour adventure for asthma prevention and your quest to find proper vitamin D products. Many people dislike shopping at the grocery store, especially for extended periods of time and if the goal is to find products which contain the correct amount of vitamin D to fend off asthma it could become a frustrating experience and this is why many people simply take their doctor’s advice and use inhalers. Save time at the grocery store because if you already have asthma bothering you, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in a place you would rather not be at in the first place. Yes, you could get your vitamin D in milk, but remember that most milk products at grocery stores or supermarkets simply don’t contain the proper vitamin D which your body needs and if you microwave your milk well then you have even less of a benefit, if any, from the vitamin D which was supposed to come to your aid for fending off asthma. Asthma symptoms are not pleasant of course and taking medication is of course an alternative but medicine comes with a price and that price is with your immune system and digestive system. Instead of spending time looking for vitamin D for your asthma and your improved health, why not prevent asthma with a suspended gel product which actually recharges in your body up to one thousand times (1000) a day and contains many more RDI of vitamins (eleven others to be exact) and also with ten essential minerals). I leave the choice to you but if you want to be free of asthma year-round without the need to carry an inhaler with you the MIN suspended gel product, by Agel Enterprises which happens to be the pioneer in health technology, is the solution for your daily vitamin D. The MIN suspended gel packets each come with 12 vitamins and 10 minerals in a berry punch flavor so if anyone does not like to consume natural dairy products the solution is made simple. Get a box of MIN today, with 30 gel packets per box, and you will start to notice the difference of not having asthma.

Vitamin D deficiency or not.

December 24, 2010

Simple choice to either get vitamin D or be vitamin D deficiency; 2 gallons of milk daily sounds encouraging.

What is up with all of these vitamins and the need for them? The need for vitamins and vitamin D specifically is real and very important. Yes, you could eat a lot of cheese and drink a lot of milk (the correct type) and then you will still need to be consuming more vitamin D.

What’s in your diet and are you ingesting vitamins and specifically vitamin D for the correct reason or simply because it’s the phase or the popular thing to do? If you think that vitamin D and taking vitamins is simply about a popularity contest, then I encourage you to drink 2 gallons of milk per day and swallow some pills or chew on them for at best average bioavailiability; if you do take vitamins and minerals in the form of pills or tablets, be sure that they do not contain iron. For those of you who are seeking to get vitamins from the health technology leader in suspended gel from Agel Enterprises – there is MIN with 12 vitamins, including of course vitamin D but keeping in mind that all vitamins are at the 100% RDI value which is what you vitamins and minerals pills or tablets are not indicating. Honestly, too much of anything is harmful, be it in vitamins or minerals – get your vitamin D from where ever you can but the best delivery form is from suspended gel with the MIN product and there is no need to be gulping down any water or having to hold your breath to swallow…the suspended gel MIN vitamins and minerals with vitamin D and much more will provide what your body needs on a daily basis with the best delivery form and bioavailability. No more vitamin D deficiency. Get your box of Agel MIN and stop the vitamin D deficiency for all of your vitamins and minerals.

Tanning bed for vitamin D and acne treatment or skin cancer.

December 16, 2010

Anyone who claims that getting a tan with the use of a tanning bed is healthy is of course misleading you.

If such a person were to tell you that tanning beds can help with acne as a form of acne treatment they are again misleading you. I have never heard of a dermatologist recommend to anyone to start using a tanning bed and if you happen to know such a dermatologist, chances are that he/she has a vested interest in you going to a specific tanning salon operated by a company who he/she owns a part of or has stock in the company or companies which manufacture tanning beds or the UV bulbs.

A tanning bed will do much harm to one’s skin and to the collagen but don’t worry, there is hope to reverse the negative effects tanning beds have created to your collagen fibers, the acceleration of skin cancer and the obvious aging process. But a tan makes your skin look healthy you might think; yes, in the very short term but the opposite exists in the long term – especially with UVA rays from tanning beds leading more quickly to skin cancer than exposure to the sun. If you want vitamin D you don’t need to be going to a tanning bed unless of course you want to look like a dried prune in the years to come and even worse getting skin cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is very unhealthy and can lead to complications but getting vitamin D from a tanning bed is probably the only benefit which can be derived from such a skin cancer accelerating device; vitamin D, along with 11 other vitamins and 10 minerals can be and should be ingested with the best form of bioavailability with a suspended gel where the exact amounts of each vitamin and mineral (vitamin D, A, C, E and so on) and minerals (magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium and so on) can be measured exactly (unlike pills and tablets which are pressure manufactured and contain literally unknown amounts of vitamins and minerals and offer a poor form of bioavailability). Get your vitamin D from the MIN suspended gel by Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology and your vitamin D deficiency will be something of the past when you ingest the best form of vitamins and minerals with MIN – and with the vitamin D in this suspended gel, you don’t risk getting skin cancer or experience any side effects except for the end of vitamin D deficiency. For your acne or acne treatment, don’t bother with a tanning bed or going to see a dermatologist as he/she will most likely want you to take antibiotics which wreak havoc to your digestive system and the good bacteria which resides in your digestive system (getting rid of the good bacteria leads to stool irregularities among other undesirable side-effects); instead, ingesting antioxidants with 17 fruits and plant extracts will do wonders for your complexion and get rid of that undesired acne – ingesting acne treatment in the form of suspended gel antioxidants is the wise and healthy choice. The acne treatment is with the 17 fruits and plant extracts in the EXO antioxidants suspended gel product by Agel Enterprises – the leader in health technology. Get your box of MIN today and get your vitamin D and many other vitamins and minerals and stop worrying about being vitamin D deficiency and a box of EXO for younger looking and younger feeling skin and get your acne treatment in the process with over 200 antioxidants in each EXO gel packet. Each box of MIN contains 30 gel packets with 100% of your daily vitamin D and 11 other vitamins and 10 minerals and each box of EXO also contains 30 gel packets for taking care of your acne; and about a tanning bed, a great way to accelerate the aging process of your skin and even increasing the chances of getting skin cancer.

Colder weather ahead means a need for Vitamin D for cardiovascular disease prevention.

September 13, 2010

Fewer days of sunshine and UVB rays means that you need to supplement your body with vitamin D to prevent getting cardiovascular disease and other illnesses.

If you live near the equator or at high altitudes chances are that you are getting more UVB sun rays and therefore more vitamin D during the cold months as the northern hemisphere will be experiencing in a month for the next several months. This of course does not imply that during the warmer months of the year you need less vitamin D but that such a vitamin is more easily absorbed by natural sunlight because being outside is less stressful on the heart.

Vitamin D production through sunlight exposure can reduce heart attacks rather significantly and in the northern hemisphere during the winter months there are significantly more people dying because of heart attacks than in the warmer months; this is also the case of vitamin D deficiency throughout the year but the cold weather can generate high blood pressure as the the heart has to work harder to keep the body at an optimum temperature. The concern can be easily accommodated with ensuring that the proper amount of vitamin D in the form of supplemetation is ingested. One could get vitamin D injected into their body but this lacks the obvious convenience. There are countless amounts of vitamin D pills and tablets on the market throughout the world but the bioavailability of pills and tablets is less than optimal and in reality it could range from 10-40% of your body being able to properly breakdown and absorb vitamin D in your cellular system and the ability to breakdown pills and tablets is even more difficult for the elderly. So what are your options? Suspended gel provides the best form of bioavailability after introvenously getting your daily vitamin D requirements and is considerably less invasive and much more practicle and less expensive. Suspended gel provides a level of bioavailability at 80-90% which is much higher than any pill or tablet and with the breakthrough in matrix technology which comes with suspended matrix gel, the amount of vitamin D along with 11 other vitamins and 10 essential minerals is perfectly measured so that you are not getting too little or too much of any vitamin or mineral which could lead to either an insufficient amount or to toxic levels if too much a of vitamin or mineral is ingested daily. Suspended gel with the MIN product is also very tasty as it is a fruit punch flavor and is an essential vitamin and essential mineral supplement which everyone in your household will want to ingest because its in a gel and no water is required. So get your box of MIN for the colder weather ahead and for all months of the year if you don’t like to be outside in the sunlight and allow vitamin D to come to your aid at preventing cardiovascular disease and a heart attack.

What’s on your skin this Summer. Better yet, what’s inside – collagen supplements?

July 3, 2010

Collagen fibers!

Yes they are with all of us and the sun can do so much damage to the layers of our skin from the outside and it goes deep. How deep you might ask, well think of someone who looked older in his/her 40s than they should because of their skin.

Yes the sun offers plenty of vitamin D but too much sun can have major impacts to the skin from the development of fine lines and wrinkles to carcinoma. Sunscreen is good, but taking collagen supplements if delivered in the proper form can protect your entire organ (yes the largest one we all have – your skin) from undesired and harmful effects too much sun can create. Nobody really wants to looked burnt and over time nobody wants to have spots or other forms of uneven discoloration, and now you can enjoy some sun without adverse effects on your skin and still get tanned. So, what do you do if applying lotions are full of harmful ingredients which have adverse effects on you skin? The solution is simple and it is all natural. Let me introduce you to the sun protection for your skin and your collagen fibers. The name is GLO and think of it with a W for GLOW because your skin will not only look younger with your fine lines and wrinkles vanishing naturally but will also assist with lifting parts of your skin which have been sagging over the years. More about the end of the sagging soon, but get your collagen supplements now and if you don’t really care to be out in the sun, get your vitamin D in the best delivery form for bioavailability in the MIN product, with 11 other essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals.

Ginseng 101

January 6, 2010


Ginseng is a plant that has had many uses over the years and across different cultures. The root is usually available in dried form, either whole or sliced, in tea or energy drinks, or in pill form as a nutritional supplement. Ginseng root can also be steamed with chicken meat in the preparation of soup.

Ginseng was once used as a muscle relaxant in Chinese medicine. Studies conducted on ginseng have had varied results, but some say it is the most commonly used herb in the world today. It is thought to boost the immune system, improve heart and brain function, nourish the body, and increase energy. Some claim it can slow down the aging process, treat type II diabetes, and aid in male sexual dysfunction. Some also say it may contain antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.

Where are you getting your essential vitamin D3 from? A Calcium Supplement, then good for you!

December 24, 2009

Vitamin D3 deficiency is becoming a greater concern and it can be found in a well formulated Calcium Supplement.

It’s like taking care of more than one health issue at a time – multitasking health supplementation with a great calcium supplementation. What works well with a calcium supplement and is necessary is the proper dose of magnesium and vitamin D3. Having vitamin K2 is an added bonus for extra osteoporosis supplement prevention.

CAL nervous system supplement

CAL nervous system supplement

CAL nervous system supplementYou have 3 options for getting your needed vitamin D3 daily. Move to Hawaii and if you can afford to live in Hawaii go there – I will be joining you soon! The second option is to use tanning beds with UV-B rays and these are the expensive beds or to lay outside for an hour a day and get just a light pink color on your skin (no more); granted this is not really feasible year round being that the northern hemisphere has climate issues associated with laying out…no need to mention anymore. The third and more practical solution is to take a matrix gel technology supplementation which includes vitamin D3 at a relatively low level of 400 IU where the maximum for daily consumption is 1000 IU. The reason for taking less is that if you are taking a vitamin D3 supplement with great bioavailability your body will absorb it. This will not materialize with pills, tablets or liquids. Try our CAL product which also contains the essential calcium supplement your body needs, a magnesium supplement with vitamins D3 and K2 among other skeletal enriching solutions for better nervous system functionality.

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