Healthy Snacking

April 14, 2010

If you are serious about your fitness efforts, you should include a healthy diet along with your fitness regimen. Many people work out but gorge on their snacks as a reward. Many also eat unhealthy food because they feel that they can burn all those burgers and fries later on. This is a false belief, say the fitness experts, because all those calories will just buildup and they will just go back to square one.

Healthy snacking is the key to fitness. They don’t need to starve or deprive themselves. It is all about making the right choices. Handy food items such as protein snacks are chockfull of energy, and they are filling too. There are many flavorful varieties that are available right now; it is all a matter of choosing which one suits your taste.

ADD or ADD/WO, without hyperactivity and ADHD are easily treated with a Magnesium Supplement, Protein Snacks and more natural supplements.

February 26, 2010

In addition to taking a daily calcium supplement with a magnesium supplement to naturally reduce ADD and ADHD children need healthy Protein Snacks and I am not referring to the fake food you find in the grocery store which is packed with sugar and other unhealthy fillers.

And for your child’s sake, stay away from the carbonated soft drinks! In addition to the above, a daily ingested healthy blend of essential minerals with a vitamin supplement will work wonders for your child’s brain. Yes, as you might have surmised, ADD and ADHD comes from the brain.

Time to naturally feed your child’s brain. We have been living in more of a fast-paced environment the last few decades that our children are not getting the proper nutrition and perhaps not the nurturing children need from their parents. If as parents you don’t have the time for properly feeding your children – and no, this does not mean swinging by some fast food ‘restaurant’ and simply filling them up with unnecessary sugars and cholesterol; what it does mean is providing them with natural and not processed nutrients found in natural supplements. Again, this is not about giving your child drugs as this could have serious adverse effects to their other organs growing naturally and healthily. Think of a mineral supplement combined with a vitamin supplement which is highest in bioavailability and suspension matrix gel should come to mind. If it has not, it will now! Next, for protein snacks, give them something which will not only provide them with 10 grams of healthy protein but also comes with omega-3 fatty acids – this is the good type of fat! Finally, ensure that they get the proper amount of a magnesium supplement in combination with a calcium supplement. Now that you know what your child or children need to take care of their ADD and ADHD issue, you can pass this information to other parents experiencing the same with their child or children. Rest assured, they will love the taste of all of these healthy supplements!

Do you get hungry in the middle of the night…not saying you cannot be…try a healthy protein supplement when you do.

February 20, 2010

A healthy Protein Supplement in the form of protein snacks can take away those midnight craving for unhealthy consumption of ice cream, donuts, and other foods which have no to little nutritional value.

A protein supplement which is easily ingested is the best source because it almost immediately reacts to your protein needs and your fatty acids needs with omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. Think of a protein supplement as a 10 to 15 second positive experience, because it is; greatest protein snacks brought to market and with great flavors.

With Agel’s PRO formula, you get the best midnight snack you ever had because it’s healthy and you don’t end up gaining weight from it. On the contrary because it fills you up for a few hours and being that it has 50% of your daily requirements of an adult’s protein supplementation you body is literally thanking you. Keep a suspended matrix gel pack by your bed and save your trip to the refrigerator and don’t lose any more sleep than you need to and benefit from the best form of bioavailability with our protein snacks! Get your protein snacks in either chocolate truffle or banana-strawberry…and more protein supplement flavors coming out in the near future.

Obesity in the USA and now expanding to Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Oceanic nations – can you say weight loss supplement?

February 16, 2010

Why is this?

Lifestyles have changed for many people and the unfortunate temptation of unhealthy, low vitamin and low mineral foods are everywhere from fast food restaurant chains to your local grocery store. A weight loss supplement is needed by so many that the number is staggering – 60% of adults in the USA are obese and this is probably the highest percentage throughout the world.

Fast food and frozen foods are becoming readily available in most of the world by restaurants expanding all over the globe. I personally know of three McDonald’s restaurants in the Ukraine, one of which my then fiance and her son and I visited – no, I did not eat anything there. They did and my now son thought it was very tasty and my wife disliked it. She was always cooking healthy meals when in the Ukraine and actually still does so here in the USA. Most people simply don’t have the time or the skill-set to cook healthy meals day in and day out and this leads to purchasing and consuming very unhealthy foods and unhealthy snacks. So many people around the globe need nutritional supplements and most will never get them because for starters they are not taking an appetite suppressant in the form of a natural weight loss supplement. Such a weight loss supplement will actually enable everyone to consume less of anything one eats and the best part is that what one eats is not stored as fat but is transferred into energy. Then it’s time to burn that energy by simply walking for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week or more rigorous exercises less often to use that stored energy. About snacks, take a healthy snack like a protein snacks instead of potato chips, cookies, donuts, or any form of extremely unhealthy filler.

If you’re getting your protein snacks you might want to find out if you’re really getting them.

December 14, 2009

Sure there are pills and tablets, powders made into liquids and liquids, and of course the power bars for protein snacks!

Pills and tablets obviously need to be taken with liquid such as water and because of their thick outer shell it is difficult for our body to break down such protein pills and tablets in the gastrointestinal track and it takes time for the nutrients to be absorbed if they are absorbed at all. Powders made into liquids have other limitations in that they lack convenience and portability and need to constantly be stirred or shaken and if they are not finished they need to be put in the refrigerator – and they are oxidized!


PRO - StrawberryBananaLiquids and protein snacks in the form of juices have similarities in that the nutrients float down and eventually, even after one’s best effort to shake them the nutrients may be left on the bottom – not getting the nutrients you thought you were getting. Finally we have the power bars which are good but they lack the bioavailability your body is demanding and are full of sugar and fillers. The ultimate protein supplements comes in the form of an easily ingested protein snack based on suspension gel technology. This form of protein supplement provides portability, ease of use (no water needed) and fastest breakdown in the gastrointestinal track for quickest absorption in the human body. Your body gets the protein supplement it needs for high protein intake (10 grams per serving) and acts as a meal replacement but it also enables your body to get the amino acids to help build muscle. The best alternative by far is protein snacks which your body can use and Agel Enterprises has pioneered the suspension gel technology for nutritional intake without waste.

Protein Supplement in the form of very tasty protein snacks

December 4, 2009

What you and your body have been looking for with the best form of bioavailability

Suspended matrix gel technology is the best form of delivery for your body for proper nutrient breakdown and absorption – bar none. Imagine getting your protein snacks in tasty flavors giving your body what it needs.

PRO - StrawberryBanana

agel_proThis can be accomplished and giving your body 10 grams of protein and the amino acid supplement your body needs along with the omega 3, 6, and 9 to promote even better health. Think of this protein supplement as a protein snack as you can take it just to tie you over when hungry or before your going to exercise – real health food instead of some fake food in chips, cake, cupcakes or anything similar in no added value to one’s health. These protein snacks are currently available in a chocolate truffle and a strawberry banana and Agel Enterprises will be introducing new flavors very soon (a mango and a french vanilla – not sure about the time frame) and I tasted them both and they make a great addition to the other two incredibly healthy protein supplement snacks. I encourage you to look over all of our other suspended gel breakthrough suspended gel products and get your protein and other health supplement needs addressed now – you’ll be impressed with our breakthrough product availability. As you know protein is key to our body’s being able to remain healthy and strong and is great for muscular buildup with essential fatty acids.

Who does Not take Protein Snacks? Raise your hands now!

December 2, 2009

Do you really think that you’re getting the proper amount of bioavailable protein in your daily diet?

Let’s look at the facts shall we! The human body can ingest up to 20 grams of protein per day. This is assuming that the protein supplement is being delivered so that your body can absorb it and use it. Sorry, protein pills won’t do the trick and shakes and similar types of powders with adding water don’t provide the bioavailability which your body requires; improper supplementation creates additional waste and it obviously does not add any benefit to your body and its required functionality.

PRO - StrawberryBananaHow about a great tasting alternative which your body can readily breakdown and absorb? It’s using suspended gel technology, or matrix gel technology and it has the highest rate of bodily absorption, by far. Sure you consume some protein daily (if you don’t frequent fast food establishment and don’t eat processed foods). The question is how much protein are you getting daily? Of course you don’t know as most of us are clueless about this. Your body on the other hand is desiring the 20 grams daily. People who work out at the gym and fitness centers know all about protein. So, my recommendation is that you look into a health supplement whether you know about protein or not, in a protein supplement which provides 10 grams of protein and an excellent source of amino acids. Think of eating a small steak and taking your cod liver oil in a tasty protein supplement packed with amino acids. Agel Enterprises currently has two flavors: strawberry banana and chocolate truffle. My wife’s favorite is the former and mine the latter.


Are You Taking Your Protein in the form of a Protein Snack or a Protein Supplment?

November 19, 2009

What’s a healthy protein snack? Take a real protein snack!

A protein supplement which tastes great with great bioavailability will get to where you want to go and give you the needed energy to build upon you health supplement intake. Protein is great for muscular development and therefore is ideal when taken 30 or so minutes before your workout.

PRO Chocolate LongPRO strawberry    -     Banana NEWA protein supplement with amino acid supplement and fatty acids will provide you with both great health benefits and protein supplement intake. Think of a protein snack which can deliver this to your body and in the process enable you to build better muscular definition and of course have overall better health. Your omega 3, 6, and 9 taken care of and you can also use these protein health supplements as protein snacks – they will fill you up for a few hours so you won’t have the craving to go and eat something else – the unhealthy things such as cookies, potato chips or the like.

Protein Does So Much For Your Body

October 24, 2009

To stay fit and having well developed muscles is backed by protein

So, pack up your daily intake of proteins. Everyone would like to have well defined muscles, it’s only natural. Many of course think that it will never happen to them because they don’t go to the gym 7 days a weeks and work-out for two hours each time. Honestly, nobody does this except perhaps the extreme body builders but this is not what the intent here. The concept is developing muscle tone, a ‘six-pack’, well defined abdomen, toned legs, and nicely toned arms, as examples of what the proper protein snack can do for anyone.

Protein supplements however are not all the same. The idea is to get the best form of bioavailability with the protein supplement your taking. What is bioavailability? In pharmacology, bioavailability is used to describe the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation, one of the principal pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. By definition, when a medication is administered intravenously, its bioavailability is 100%. However, when a medication is administered via other routes (such as orally), its bioavailability decreases (due to incomplete absorption and first-pass metabolism). Bioavailability is one of the essential tools in pharmacokinetics, as bioavailability must be considered when calculating dosages for non-intravenous routes of administration.


The best form of taking protein is obvious because we know that pills, tablets, drinks, and powders offer a less effective method of delivery and bioavailability; pills and tablets take time to be absorbed and have a very low bioavailability success. Powders are simply an inconvenience and drinks never are able to get the correct nutrients per ingestion. None of these are even close to bioavailability, but Agel Enterprises has the breakthrough in matrixed gel suspended technology which is the closest form of absorption to intravenous. The greatness of these protein supplements is that they are delivered the way they should be – within minutes and the taste of these products with two new flavors coming soon are also great. A protein supplement never tastes as good and were never so deliverable and consumable.

More about protein supplements soon. Who wants a protein snack in the mean time?

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