Taking or thinking about taking an illegal drug as marijuana for joint pain relief and arthritis relief.

February 22, 2010

Simply do not do it as the health ramifications are much broader.

Instead of ruining your lungs and getting very ill with emphysema you should look at an alternative. Joint pain is very common among the baby boomers and we have a joint pain relief solution which is natural and works so very effectively and quickly.

Drugs are not the healthy way to get rid of you joint pain and arthritis. We have a natural solution which will help you to quickly have joint pain relief and quickly get rid of the pain that your arthritis has created. This is a combination of MSM, celadrin, glucosamine, chondroitin in our FLX suspended matrix gel and your calcium supplement with vitamin D3, magnesium, and vitamin k2. It’s amazing how natural supplements can make the aches and pains of getting older enable you to feel younger so quickly. What are you waiting for?

Bone health and osteoporosis is very serious but most wait until it is too late. Find out how to PREVENT it.

February 13, 2010

Osteoporosis is not a nice way to leave your life and it hurts your loved ones to see such people in such pain.

A calcium supplement for osteoporosis prevention is so important yet so many of us look over this simple step to proper health. I am not referring to calcium supplement pills which really are nothing more than flushing your money in the toilet/commode.

Not sure if you ever saw someone who was suffering from osteoporosis, but if you have you will remember such people’s agony in their face as their body tortures them throughout every single second of every minute of every hour of their existence going forward. I assume that such osteoporosis stricken folks took or are taking calcium supplement pills – and such supplements did not and will not work! It is time that you introduce them to the solution and come to their aid. The solution is natural without any side effects and it has the fastest absorption rate into the body’s blood stream through the bone/skeletal capacity to absorb the vitamin D, the calcium supplement, the magnesium, the vitamin K2 and other nutrients; this product has many other benefits which you will soon know about. This is the only product I know of which really works and if your loved one(s) need it, you should be looking at this product now. They will be thanking you and I am thanking you now for helping your loved ones.

For Valentines Day, show her that you really care about her bones’ health.

February 3, 2010

You may think this as being a silly Valentines Day gift, but on the contrary. This is a life saver for women above the age of 35, especially the ones who have had children.

Can you say osteoporosis? If you can’t that’s fine because what it all comes down to is a calcium supplement for offsetting the likelihood of osteoporosis and contains much more than just calcium.

Bones are not only made up of calcium, but rather they need a calcium supplement, a magnesium supplement and a vitamin D3 supplement to best enable the calcium supplement to be absorbed into the bones.  Bones are responsible for making red and white blood cells, storing fat and regulating the amount of your body’s supply of phosphorus and calcium. Bones, all 206 of them are the means to control your entire nervous system so keeping them healthy is vital. A calcium supplement is not called milk! Milk is good for children who still have plenty of calcium to disperse throughout their body but when people age, the calcium is stripped from their bones slowly but surely to help out their bodies and overall system. So, in time such calcium needs to be replenished on a daily basis to not only keep the bones healthy and strong but to be able to provide ongoing support for ones entire body functioning properly. Taking a calcium pill is about as effective as not taking one at all, so we won’t be talking about that anymore because such pills are not a form of osteoporosis prevention but merely toxic waste staying in your body for up to months. Calcium, to be properly absorbed needs other nutrients such as a magnesium supplement and a vitamin supplement (D3, not D1 not D2 or any other D variation). Check out your milk bottle to see what type of vitamin D it contains…chances are it won’t indicate and the likelihood of it being vitamin D3 are slim to none. Also, for proper formation of ‘glue for the bones’ ladies especially need vitamin K2 (not just any vitamin K). Has your opinion about bone health associated with a calcium supplement changed? It could change your wife’s life, your mother’s life and your grandmother’s life. Many women who suffer from a fall and break a hip end up leaving us for good within 1-3 months and I am sure that this is not the way in which they want to be remembered. Give your wife, mother and grandmother some calcium supplement for Valentines Day. They may look at you awkwardly or with a large smile followed by saying “this is the best Valentines gift ever”, but it will do their skeletal structure and nervous system much more than some flowers or a box of chocolates in the short and long run.

Where are you getting your essential vitamin D3 from? A Calcium Supplement, then good for you!

December 24, 2009

Vitamin D3 deficiency is becoming a greater concern and it can be found in a well formulated Calcium Supplement.

It’s like taking care of more than one health issue at a time – multitasking health supplementation with a great calcium supplementation. What works well with a calcium supplement and is necessary is the proper dose of magnesium and vitamin D3. Having vitamin K2 is an added bonus for extra osteoporosis supplement prevention.

CAL nervous system supplement

CAL nervous system supplement

CAL nervous system supplementYou have 3 options for getting your needed vitamin D3 daily. Move to Hawaii and if you can afford to live in Hawaii go there – I will be joining you soon! The second option is to use tanning beds with UV-B rays and these are the expensive beds or to lay outside for an hour a day and get just a light pink color on your skin (no more); granted this is not really feasible year round being that the northern hemisphere has climate issues associated with laying out…no need to mention anymore. The third and more practical solution is to take a matrix gel technology supplementation which includes vitamin D3 at a relatively low level of 400 IU where the maximum for daily consumption is 1000 IU. The reason for taking less is that if you are taking a vitamin D3 supplement with great bioavailability your body will absorb it. This will not materialize with pills, tablets or liquids. Try our CAL product which also contains the essential calcium supplement your body needs, a magnesium supplement with vitamins D3 and K2 among other skeletal enriching solutions for better nervous system functionality.

Going through menopause with a New Year’s Resolution – a calcium supplement is what you need now

December 22, 2009

Anyone going through menopause is having imbalances in their bodily systems and this is expected.

This is also a time that a calcium supplement is most needed because as nature hands the ladies the no more menstruation it comes with mood swings. Controlling ones mood is derived from the nervous system.

CAL nervous system supplement

CAL nervous system supplementTaking a natural health supplement in a chocolate orange flavor with great benefits will do the job. Being moody towards your family members and friends will only alienate you. A calcium supplement which can provide not only vitamin D, calcium, a magnesium supplement but also vitamin K2. And the best of all the bioavailability of such a calcium supplement is second to none. Get your calcium supplement now and take this daily.

Low in Calcium?

November 12, 2009

Low levels in calcium can result in over 140 illnesses which are not something to look forward to

Your body and bones (and teeth) need the proper amount of daily calcium. Yes, perhaps you think that if you drink milk and eat cheese, yogurt and other dairy products that you’re getting what your body needs. The truth is that you are indeed consuming calcium but how much is actually being utilized by your body.

CAL nervous system supplementTaking pills, tablets and powders created into beverages lack the proper form of bioavailability which your body demands; and some of these health supplements can actually cause mild to severe discomfort. Imagine trying to do your body some good and not really accomplishing that and in the process of taking your calcium supplement you end up feeling worse. What happens next – simple, you stop taking the calcium supplement. From another look at it, do you know how much milk you need to consume daily to get the proper amount of calcium which your body needs? Any guesses? Try 1.5 to 2 gallons (roughly 5.5 to 7.7 liters) of milk – daily! Not only does that sound uncomfortable, it borders on creating nausea. The solution with many other great ingredients is an osteoporosis prevention which is also an osteoporosis supplement in the form of a suspended gel which has the best bioavailability of any health supplement or what you can eat. Take a look to the left.

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