Interviews causing stress?

January 19, 2016

Seems as if every 1st quarter of every new year it’s interview time and that can lead to stress.

Why is it interview time, perhaps because people got their bonuses in December and want change and change can lead to stress; where stress can start with the interview process for changing jobs. Surely there are those who don’t get any level of stress during an interview, and in all likelihood such people are dead. - Agel OHM - Managing stress naturally during interviews and other critical timesIt’s natural do experience stress during an interview, especially if being interviewed by someone who has that list of 50 or so questions and writes down answers and it seems as if the one hour passed like a entire day. Interviews can be emotionally draining and stressful. Now think of stress during the interview process as something manageable. Yes, managing stress and augmenting mental capacity to remember facts and remaining calm, during the interview process. We see a show of hands of interest! Agel OHM is a breakthrough in delivery called suspended gel and the recommendation before going into the interview, be it in your car, on the subway, or however you’re going to the interview, open up a single serving of Agel OHM suspended matrix gel and ingest your natural enhanced cognitive skills solution so that you manage your stress during the interview process and remain attentive and focused and able to recollect facts to support answers to your questions and what’s on your resume. Agel OHM will become you ally in the interview process for effectively managing stress. Each box of OHM comes with 30 single serving gel packets and a money back guarantee. So get your box of OHM and get that job! After you land the job with a great set of interviews, then you can use the OHM suspended gel packets for presentations, important meetings, and other potentially stressful experiences, or share some gel packets with others about to experience some stress either for upcoming interviews or other life effecting events.

Elections causing too much stress

September 22, 2012

These elections in the U.S. seem to be causing a bit too much stress.

The going back and forth about the two parties may not seem like stress when looking on the outside, but is it perhaps making you wonder if there will more stress after the election in November? What’s going to happen with your job situation depending on the industry your in; that for starters can lead to stress.

We have not checked it out recently, but our guess is that either employers are awaiting to find out if the incumbent President will remain or will his opponent become the new President; either way, the job market will be impacted depending on the outcome and that is reason enough for stress, especially if looking for a job was not providing enough stress as it is. What else is going to cause stress; perhaps stress over taxes, when you find a job, stress over the housing industry, the financial services industry, food stamps, stress over the budget deficit and the stress with the international trade deficit. How about the stress with the global marketplace with Europe being in worse shape than the U.S. And when you get that chance for an interview, there’s interview stress but all of this unknown does not have to keep one up at night and such stress does not have to make one on-the edge during the day. Get assistance to effectively and naturally managing stress and sleep through heightened stress and lower levels of stress with both the OHM star fruit flavored ingested suspended gel packets with schizandra fruit, ginseng, rhodiola root, the full vitamin B complex, taurine, d-ribose among other natural forms of nutrition and sleep without stress with the REM melatonin suspended gel strips. Either way, there will be a President in the U.S. after the election in November, so better get used to it and don’t let stress manage your day and night, manage your stress with ginseng and melatonin in the OHM and REM suspended gel packets and gel strips; natural and healthy solutions from Agel Enterprises.

So much stress a past experience

September 3, 2012

Simply the word stress can cause such a behavior or feeling of stress.

Much like the word cancer causes many reactions or thoughts, and stress would definitely be among the reactions. If one has been diagnosed with cancer, stress is surely a part of their immediate response, but for others who don’t have cancer stress is also found in too many situations ranging from raising children to performance related issues on the job.

To effectively and naturally manage stress there is OHM, created by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises; it is indeed a multi-purpose and mult-function solutions provider from providing the ability to manage stress, be it interview stress, job performance stress, child-teenager stress causing behavior, increase both mental and physical endurance, improve mood, alleviate depression, benefits against type II diabetes and helps against sexual dysfunction in men. With natural ingredients including ginseng, rhodiola, d-ribose, schizandra root, the full vitamin B complex and more natural ingredients, OHM is a great alternative to drugs to reducing stress and assisting people in performing better at both mental and everyday challenges. In addition to managing stress, gaining more physical energy and improving one’s mood, the breakthrough OHM suspended gel star fruit flavored packets contain taurine for proper maintenance and functioning of skeletal muscles, removing fatty liver deposits, preventing liver disease and reducing cirrhosis in addition to normalizing blood pressure, specifically hypertension. Managing stress and many other stress related causes can be addressed with taking an OHM gel packet per day and the stress reliving OHM box of thirty suspended gel packets are only available online and conveniently available here on this site and of course like all Agel Enterprises products, comes with a money back guarantee. How’s your ability to manage stress and could you benefit from a better mood, and other health benefits? Take the first step in releasing some stress and better managing your stress and get your box of OHM today. The destructive outcomes of stress can be naturally addressed with the most bioavailable stress management suspended gel product on the market; OHM.


Interview stress keeps from sleep

August 9, 2012

Oh no, interview tomorrow and can’t get to sleep but have plenty of stress.

Is it stress, anxiety or simply the common feeling people have when they go for an interview. Maybe a bit of all with stress getting to a climatic state right before you meet the interviewer, with the assumption that one had the opportunity to sleep the night before to be at their best.

How can one prepare for an interview, manage stress and get a good night’s sleep and have all their facts straight and be logical when answering tough interview questions. You know the tough interview question, which can start with, tell me a time when you, or one which starts with what was your greatest accomplishment and how did this improve your skills or the ill-fated interview question about your weakness. The interview question about weakness, if not prepared for it, can be a challenging one and cause some stress and for some people too much stress and such a feeling of stress if not properly managed can be felt and viewed by the person performing the interview; worse than that perhaps is several people at the interview and their all against you. The last part is not true of course, but the stress level can be measured by a professional who has years of interview experience so know your weakness and remember that it does not have to be a point of lost hope, but one which you benefited from leading to a positive outcome, such an example of all automated reports crashed but because of this you had the company have a backup server for continuity of business and you actually had the department which needed the reports to pay for such a server out of their budget; that type of answer can alleviate some stress. Sorry, back to managing stress before the interview and during the interview and of course, ask questions and no it does not matter if you want to be out of there after the person conducting the interview has no more questions because it’s time to get whatever stress you left, off your plate, so ask a few questions and perhaps make the person conducting the interview have to research your question but don’t stress them out; this way, the person who conducted the interview will reach out to you or you can schedule a call to get such an answer and this way you get their email address, phone number, etc. Feeling less stress yet? Get some sleep the night before to better manage stress and to do so, try melatonin gel strips from Agel Enterprises; not only will the stress level go down, with all the questions probably bouncing throughout your head but you’ll be able to get to sleep quickly and very calmly and wake up refreshed from the tranquil sleep without a night full of stress. The day of the interview, after a good night of sleep, get both the mental energy and stress management solutions started with ginseng, rhodiola, schizandra, full vitamin B complex, d-ribose, and other forms of natural nutrition with the OHM suspended matrix gel product and also have the physical energy with the VLT suspended gel packet with natural caffeine which will keep you alert but without appearing jittery. Having an interview does not have to signify having stress, simply get to sleep with melatonin and wake up with VLT and an hour or so before the interview, ingest two OHM gel packets and you’ll naturally feel more sure of yourself with the ability to manage the stress. The leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, provides the delivery of the essential vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition to the body in the most natural and bioavailable manner. Now ace that interview and get that job.

Stress management with ginseng naturally

July 24, 2012

Just thinking about stress is bad enough, thinking about stress with ginseng on the other had is a solution.

We all deal with a certain amount of stress in our lives, with children and accidents, teenagers and relationships, as adults with a boss, older age with arthritis or some other health issue including cancer. Ever heard about ginseng and if not, you should know about how ginseng can naturally assist people to manage the stress in their lives so that they can become happier.

What’s happier is relevant and varies drastically from one individual to another but stress can most definitely impact one’s happiness instead of the alternative, some form of depression. Of course, we leave it up to the psychiatrists to deal with the cases of depression because that’s one of the things they study for many years and how to make money. Granted, if one can manage their stress to normalize their life with the assistance of natural ginseng in a suspended gel delivery, then they not only are able to cope with the times of stress by managing their stress levels, but can have better health and therefore decrease the likelihood of depression and a weakened immune system. Nobody’s going to tell you that stress simply goes away with some magic pill, although some may advertise this nonsense, but with ginseng stress can be managed so that you can deal with situations where stress is heightened, like when your daughter brings home her so-called boyfriend who you never knew existed. Okay, that’s more like a shock but such a surprise may create stress, like when that boss of yours asks you to come into their office because they want to have a word with you; this situation can be great if you have just found a great cost reduction initiative, but then again this could signify your job is going away without a promotion. The point is that stress needs to be managed and ginseng can naturally help, and with the addition of d-ribose, taurine, schizandra, the full vitamin B complex, rhodiola and other vitamins, minerals and ingredients, the OHM suspended matrix gel with ginseng and these natural healthy forms of nutrition will assist in managing the stress in your life. Plan on interviewing any time soon, ginseng will help with the natural level of stress people experience during interviews or even when buying a new car. Better than that, ginseng in the OHM suspended gel product, because of superior bioavailability over other delivery methods, including pills, tablets, capsules, enhances one’s ability to recall facts and thereby further naturally assist in managing stress during times when it’s critical to remain calm yet quick with logical approaches to difficult or challenging situations. Help your stress with ginseng in the OHM product and enjoy the benefits of less stress knowing that the thirty single serving gel packets per box come with a money back guarantee and are only available online. It’s time to better manage your stress naturally with ginseng in the OHM breakthrough suspended gel product by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Manage stress or deal with it, but with the OHM suspended gel, it’s simply an easy and natural manner with ginseng to better manage the stress in life.

Stress relief with natural caffeine and vitamins

June 16, 2012

By the way, the correct caffeine with proper vitamins and minerals can naturally reduce stress.

Mental and physical energy provide focus, stress avoidance to support overall health and resistance. VLT with caffeine and vitamins and antioxidants and OHM with numerous B complex and other essential ingredients including ginseng, rhodiola and schizandra provide the stress relief combination for mind and body for better health.

Where is it that we find stress or better stated where does stress find us! Work, play, competitions, exams, presentations, first dates, etc. How about a first date; the level of stress is perhaps mentally at a peak. Think about the stress inducing possibilities here such as stress related to questions about past relationships, what you enjoy doing, and not enjoy doing. Let’s face it, there is relatively no stress associated with looking at someone, but asking a question to someone you have been admiring from afar may pose a different perspective and generate some real stress. Now, take stress from a complete different perspective, in that you spoke to this person and everything worked out fine, but now a commitment is forming and perhaps another level of stress is building. You know, meet the parents, siblings, etc. Does this perhaps seem somewhat relevant to your place of employment in that you may be apprehensive about asking someone from a different department for information, going to their boss, etc. All this creates stress, and we’re not kidding here. The question is how much of this stress is necessary, like the stress before an exam or presentation, even if you have convinced yourself that you’re prepared. The stress may still be there. Now there are two forms of stress relief, where one is for the mind and cognitive skills and this is the stress where when you talk to that potential special person you’re cool, calm and collective. The other form of stress relief which will be discussed later is about making sure that when you talk to that boss in the other department that you can fulfill any data request supporting your desire for clarification and that by itself can be very much of a stress relief when accomplished quickly. OHM with ginseng, rhodiola, schizandra and other natural ingredients and the full B complex of vitamins is for mental stress relief and going forward relief of stress and unforeseen moments, and with VLT, it give you the caffeine with the long lasting burst of energy to get you to get the information without undue stress and work overtime if need be without getting burned out or fatigue. You can now order either or both of these stress relief natural energy enhancers online with a money back guarantee with the OHM and VLT breakthrough suspended matrix gel products. The elimination of stress induced situations will become clear and grow into very manageable situations.


Do not confuse caffeine with stress management

February 27, 2012

Just thinking about stress can create more stress and caffeine will not necessarily help it but will help energy levels if the correct delivery form is used.

Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and RockStar are far from having much caffeine but they have plenty of sugar and sodium and if you think that they will help to manage stress, think again; hopefully that got your attention without heightening stress levels. Energy drinks with little caffeine but with so much sugar of any kind will surely increase levels of stress.

Sugar and caffeine are not about managing stress, to state it conservatively. And on that note, energy drinks like RockStar, Red Bull and Monster will not do much for energy of any kind other than becoming overly excited and borderline hyperactive because of the sugar and not because of the caffeine. The wise alternative to energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull, is intense energy and it’s with caffeine in a gel, a suspended gel but not one which is packed with sugar and sodium and this alternative to low caffeine content of energy drinks like Red Bull has significantly more caffeine than any energy drink on the market and being that it also contains vitamins including B12 and B3, carnitine and natural sugar it’s the wise alternative to ingesting caffeine without creating stress. Take a look for yourself at the ingredients included in the VLT suspended matrix gel with significantly more caffeine than energy drinks and of course being that it has a fraction of the sugar there is not going to be a sudden drop in endurance and that can lead to stress and a crash. This caffeine packed box of thirty gel packets named VLT is intense healthy energy lasting all day long which gradually wears off and that’s where the caffeine packed VLT separates itself from the pack of all other energy and caffeine products for natural endurance; the caffeine in VLT wears off gradually. Now for those of you who also want to manage stress, there is OHM with ginseng, a significant amount of vitamin B12 and again with the best delivery form named suspended matrix gel technology. Managing stress is critical at work when under pressure or when studying for exams, and of course taking exams or being interviewed for a job. These two leading products in stress management with ginseng and B12 with the OHM product can naturally be ingested along with the VLT for intense energy with caffeine so one can focus intensely and do so all day long without missing a beat. Remember that energy drinks like Red Bull, RockStar and Monster don’t provide any significant amount of caffeine and a lot of sugar as energy at a heafty price and such energy drinks won’t do anything to manage stress. So when you need to focus intensely and think things through while managing stress when time is of the essence there is OHM in a star fruit flavor and when you need the intense energy to accompany the stress management, there is VLT with all the caffeine you need for the long day or intense interview or exam and if you’re athletic and need that physical endurance, the caffeine in VLT in combination with the vitamins and carnitine, will get you through the most demanding forms of endurance. The question is simple; what do you want to compete at? OHM for natural mental energy with naturally managing stress and VLT for intense caffeine with amino acids for long lasting intense burst of energy. Day long solutions for endurance with an abundance of caffeine without the crash and natural stress management solutions in suspended matrix gel with the best form of bioavailability.

Natural burst of energy with caffeine and then ginseng for stress management

October 27, 2011

The best of the world’s options for enhanced and long lasting performance with caffeine and less stress with ginseng.

The combination is not with caffeine, sugar and sodium from energy drinks like RockStar, Monster or even Red Bull, but with caffeine from a natural ingested gel. That’s right, a gel and not a drink which needs to be kept cold, and with another solution for managing stress levels in our busy lives there is ginseng in a suspended gel.

Think of being more productive and also having less stress with caffeine and ginseng, respectively; you understood correctly, having more natural caffeine energy and managing stress with ginseng. The greatest thing about being able to ingest your caffeine when you’re on the go and with ginseng for managing stress is that you can have the best of both worlds one after the other. Why would you want to ingest caffeine from energy drinks like Red Bull and have your body suffer from the excess sugar and sodium when you can ingest even more caffeine with considerably less sugar, no sodium and plenty of vitamins and not suffer from a crash from such energy drinks like Red Bull. For managing stress, Red Bull and energy drinks will not come to your aid but will actually making a situation with potential stress even worse. Managing stress while increasing productivity at work is of course critical because deadlines are imperative, and you can ask your boss on this one; manage your stress naturally and not only meet deadlines but exceed expectations because of ginseng in suspended gel packets named OHM; you see, with ginseng your cognitive skills will be more focused, enabling you to have a sharper mind while not experience stress associated with Red Bull and other energy drinks. With ginseng, you can manage your stress naturally without suffering from a lack of attention to detail and then combine that with caffeine which comes with a long lasting burst of sustained energy; we ask why would you want to be drinking a Red Bull or some other form of energy drinks which are in essence sugar and sodium with of course caffeine when you can get more caffeine and no health issues unlike that with coffee or Red Bull. Imagine yourself getting to work and knowing that you have a day which is full of stress because of a deadline or deadlines and this is when ginseng should come to mind and then think about how you’re going to have enough energy to complete these deadlines in time, now caffeine comes to mind; of course you want your ingested caffeine to enable you to have a long lasting burst of energy unlike that provided with Red Bull or coffee and you also want to be able to focus on the cognitive tasks and that’s where ginseng can naturally help with stress management. For natural energy, with more caffeine and less sugar and no sodium there is VLT and for managing your stress there is ginseng in OHM. Get the best of productivity with VLT and OHM from the leader in health technology. Exceed your boss’s expectations with getting the job done with caffeine and the required intense natural energy and have all of the analytics correct while naturally managing your stress.

Job search with less stress

September 14, 2011

Anyone who tells you that they enjoy a job search or job hunting has never experienced stress.

Of course I wish no one to have to look for another job or to have to go through a job search and experience stress because of a downsizing, rightsizing, dumbsizing, being fired or for any other reason. Looking for a job of equal pay anywhere in the world can create much stress and for those of you who are looking for a job with less pay the stress will still exist because it is still a job search.

Granted, if you are simply looking for a better job, during your job search, while still being gainfully employed the level of stress may not be as significant because the job search is voluntary. But if you’re looking for that dream job and your job search has come to a pleasant result and you are scheduled for an interview you will still be experiencing some stress and perhaps more stress than usual under the circumstances because it is after all your dream job which was the result of your job search. So what can you do to better manage the stress about the potential of being unemployed or looking for a new job with the forced job search? Be prepared for what the new potential job interviewer may ask won’t generate much stress because this can be done through surfing on the net and should be part of your job search. Also, doing research about the management style or culture for the job in mind can also result in minimal levels of stress during the job search. Then we finalize the resume, make some additional printouts for the interview for that job and then you might start to feel some more stress; if you have a two page resume, do you staple the pages together or use a paperclip and if a paperclip should you use the color of the company logo for the job and again this won’t result in much stress but is part of the job search nonetheless. Now going back a bit and how you found that job opportunity, during the job search, when you lost your job. The stress level is obviously higher throughout the entire process because of many possible factors. You may be needing the money from a new job to pay for rent, your mortgage and other fixed expenses or a credit card bill or two and this may result in heightened levels of stress with your job search. What ever your logical reason for stress in your job search or stress simply for wanting a better job, OHM with ginseng, schizandra, rhodiola and other forms of nutrition and vitamins can quickly and effectively help you to manage your stress and logically approach the solution to getting the job you need or the job you want, from the onset of your job search. Ingest an OHM suspended matrix gel packet whenever you’re feeling stress and enable ginseng and other natural ingredients to enhance your cognitive skills when conduction your job search, seeking a better job, having an interview, preparing for or making a presentation or taking a major exam including the SAT or ACT exams. Manage stress naturally with OHM suspended gel packets. Time to relax with your job search with ginseng in the OHM suspended matrix gel packets.

Higher education stress and SAT or ACT exams reasons for ginseng.

August 30, 2011

Whether this is your first year or last year of college or university, ginseng in a suspended gel can help you to perform better mentally while minimizing stress.

After all, most people don’t go to college or to the university for a four year party or for a taste of stress, but of course some do. Everyone however needs to have improved memory, the ability to recall facts, be able to manage stress levels and enhance overall cognitive abilities and this is where a natural form of ginseng can really help. Yes, of course you could consume ginseng in many forms but in suspended matrix gel is how ginseng can most effectively be delivered and absorbed by the human body for enhanced cognitive skills and stress management.

Some higher education students, to deal with stress or to stay awake, take health risks by consuming drugs, be it over the counter or from elsewhere, drink energy drinks such as rockstar, monster, red bull and others, or drink a lot of caffeine; many of these alternatives can lead to health risks or simply don’t have enough of the natural effective ingredients such as ginseng to provide significant assistance for memory retention, fact recollection, reducing stress and managing stress like what can be accomplished with ginseng in a suspended gel named OHM by the leader in health technology. Agel Enterprises has formulated ginseng in a suspended gel and has combined it with taurine, d-ribose, schizandra, rhodiola and several other natural ingredients and vitamins to make this suspended gel product safe and effective and which provides desired results for being able to effectively manage stress and enhance cognitive skills. Higher education can lead to heightened levels of stress and demand much cognitive abilities and ginseng with the other natural ingredients can make those lectures, presentations, study times and mid-term or final exams that much more simple to deal with. And if you are going to be going to college or to the university next year and preparing for the SAT or ACT exams, ginseng is what you need when studying and of course while taking the SAT or ACT exams. Caffeine and energy drinks won’t help you to score better and may increase your level of stress, and such energy drinks and caffeine might actually enable you to write down incorrect answers faster; with ginseng in a suspended gel you will be able to take the SAT or ACT exams with confidence and have the ability to manage the stress and have your cognitive skills sharper. It’s time you approach higher education with ginseng in suspended gel packets and enjoy your learning experience without stress and with improved cognitive skills. The OHM product, in addition to ginseng with d-ribose, taurine, schizandra, rhodiola and other natural ingredients, will enable you to have physical endurance, manage stress and enhance thinking and fact finding. Get your box of thirty packets of OHM, with ginseng and more, today so that you can start off the semester at your best mentally without experiencing undesired stress. Ginseng for the mind and stress management. OHM with ginseng for the best form of bioavailability for enhanced cognitive skills and stress management, bar none.

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