Energy drinks and why they are horrific to your health, the alternative is a Natural Energy Supplement

August 1, 2010

All the sugar and caffeine which the so called energy drink manufactures put into their beverages is short-lived energy and ends up with people ‘crashing’.

By crashing I am referring to the caffeine wearing out and then one’s body feeling a huge sudden drop in energy which was only a huge stimulant in the first place. Ever hear of professional athletes gulping down a can of Monster, Burn, RockStar, Red Bull, or Throttle – before an athletic competition? No!

Your body does not need intense caffeine and this sudden surge of sugar to function at an elevated level, but needs a natural ingredient which are ginseng root, rhodiola root, rhodiola and schizandra fruit. Being alert does not mean being ‘wired’ – perhaps there is also an unhealthy beverage named as such…I don’t really know and of course I would never purchase one or any similar product and neither should you. Another issue is that children are consuming such ‘energy drinks’ and the adverse effects on children is very dangerous in that their energy level may come ‘crashing’ suddenly, especially when they are feeling such an artificial level of energy. By the way, athletes need natural ingredients such as rhodiola, schizandra fruit, ginseng root, taurine, d-ribose, and the full range of vitamin B complex so that they can perform at their best physically and also mentally. Ask any athlete about any competition they have or are about to be engaged in – ask them if they mentally prepare and focus each part of the competition in their mind, every move, every turn, every single moment of such a competition. Ask such an athlete if you don’t already know the answer. Focus and calmness with natural energy, both mentally and physically,  is how athletes perform – and of course with plenty of water. If you want to be on top of things and work effectively at whatever it is that you want to accomplish and do so with precision and success, get yourself a box of OHM for natural energy both mentally and physically! Leave the sugar and caffeine high for the ones who want to feel lousy when the sugar and caffeine suddenly wear off.

If you have a job interview coming up or want to reduce stress at the new job or for a major presentation think of schizandra and Rhodiola.

May 17, 2010

Now go and get that job!

The more I look around the more I see people looking for a new job. Getting ready for an interview may be a little stressful.

Then the real stress comes during or actually the anxiety starts on your way to the the job interview. This would be the right time to calm down your nerves naturally without taking any pill or tablet to calm you down. What is needed to excel and be the best during an interview? Confidence of course! Confidence is felt by the person doing the interviewing and how about if you felt equally confident with reduced stress and enhanced mental focus. That would give you the edge during the interview process; schizandra and rhodiola can come to your assistance and as they are natural ingredients and there are no side effects. Reduce your stress with schizandra so that you are in top stress-free composure during your interview. You will also want to have your mental capacity at its peak during the interview process for remembering everything not only on your resume or CV but be able to intelligently answer all situational questions during the interview process. With this said, I wish you good luck on your interviews and take a natural OHM product 30 minutes before your interview adventure so that your confidence level is at the best it can be and get that job you want!

Do you find yourself losing focus during the times when you really need to be most focused, and if so you need a ginseng root natural health supplement.

April 23, 2010

You may think it sounds like an odd word (ginseng) but on the contrary it can do wonders for your mental focus.

Let me ask you this simple question. Do you ever get nervous?

When was the last time you had a large presentation which ‘had to go well’ or an interview which you needed to pass? Were you nervous? Were you calm and collective throughout the entire experience – leading up to the presentation or interview? If so, you are one in a few million and I congratulate you! If not, chances are that you are normal like well over 98% of us. There is an expression that states that if you are not nervous during such a presentation or during an interview (or at least before such experiences), then you are dead. Yes, that seems a bit drastic of an analogy, but it does have its merits. Naturally as human beings we have a level of excitement which is bound to happen…some call it fear. Either way, the solution is to find a natural way to remain calm, be alert and of course impress the listeners with your knowledge and responses/communication. A natural ginseng root health supplement which can be taken literally anywhere and about 30 minutes before that important meeting or presentation is going to help you to remain focused, be calm and enable you to manage your stress levels so that you will have a great show of your knowledge without others even knowing that you might have been sweating beforehand. The product which has the best delivery method for ginseng root also has the entire vitamin B-complex, taurine, D-ribose, schizandra fruit, and rhodiola, among other healthy nutrients. My recommendation is that you get yourself a box or two of these 30 gel-packs and share with some of your friends or coworkers.

Are you consuming caffeine? In a sugar filled product such as Red Bull or another unhealthy product? Time for some rhodiola!

March 1, 2010

Stop the caffeine period!

What you really need is a simple energy boost. A natural energy boost and natural mental awareness and mental focus enhancer.

The name is OHM and it is a natural product which gives people a natural energy boost…and some experience one suspended matrix gel pack with results for many hours. So if your job requires you to pay attention for 12 hours this product will work once a day. No, I am not telling you to slack off for any hours on a 12 hour shift…but simply that this product is natural source of ginseng root and rhodiola! Let’s get focused!

Are you getting your daily supplementation of Ginseng Root, Rhodiola and your B-vitamins?

February 10, 2010

Probably not!

You need them and I can quickly tell you why and where you can get them to benefit your body the most. No worries, it’s not another pill!

It’s suspended matrix gel technology. It’s new and it will change the way you have thought of health supplements, for Ginseng Root, Rhodiola, and your B-complex vitamins. This product really does it all. Ginseng root will reduce your stress levels and I don’t know about you my readers but I assure you that in the job market in the United States stress is increasing on the job and for the ones looking for jobs. Imagine being able to be relaxed during an interview or during some test to see if you qualify for the job. Priceless! Now about Rhodiola which can not only help you to reduce your stress but actually and taken naturally builds up your survival rate in the harshest of weather conditions and therefore builds up your stamina! About the vitamin B-complex, this is a must; take vitamin B-12 for example, this vitamin helps your heart, your brain and your mood among other very important healthy lifestyles.

Take a Load Off with Ginseng Root and Rhodiola for Good.

December 3, 2009

Want to reduce your feeling of being stressed and increase your mental focus?

Ginseng Root and Rhodiola provide a great combination of natural supplements which can seriously help one to focus on the attention to detail while remaining calm. Assisting your cognitive performance while enhancing your memory aptitude.

agel_ohmSuch a combination of a supplements with Rhodiola and Ginseng Root create more of an effective and able minded individual to perform tasks and deal with complex situations more easily. I guess that CEOs of troubled companies are consuming these supplements but the companies which go under…well apparently they are not taking these supplements with the proper delivery method in a suspended matrixed gel. Our Agel Enterprises OHM product is great for increased focus, reduced stress and the ability to concentrate more effectively and have more physical energy. Think about the job market in certain countries today, imagine how feeling less stressed and more confident might land you the job or at least get you past the screening interview. Ginseng root and rhodiola natural supplementation can get you to have all of these more efficient natural acute mental conditions and give you that extra energy.

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