Tired of drinking coffee or Monster or Red Bull for caffeine

November 23, 2011

You should be because the caffeine in coffee and in energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull and other such beverages is awful for your health.

The irony is that people consume caffeine to wake up, so I’m told, and that seems logical because caffeine will provide such a stimulant but why with energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and other high sugar and high sodium content beverages or coffee with all that fat. But with such forms of caffeine delivery like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and coffee what you’re really doing is increasing the likelihood of having health issues.

There have been many articles written about the energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and others and of course about coffee and the fact that in addition to caffeine they contain unhealthy fats, sodium and a lot of sugar; perhaps if you like your coffee black you will benefit from the caffeine and stained teeth but most people like their caffeine in coffee with cream and sugar or some other additive. Life provides us many options for waking up and being productive but why put your health at risk for caffeine with energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull or coffee for that matter; both coffee and energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster have health risks but it’s more common that the Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull energy drinks provide more health risks with all that sugar and sodium and not all that much caffeine. Some may think that since Red Bull and other energy drinks like Monster and Rockstar come in sugar-free options that the caffeine they are getting from such drinks is healthy even though per ounce energy drinks like Rockstar, Monster and Red Bull don’t provide much caffeine at all; think again about the sweeteners in such low or no sugar energy drinks because accompanied with that little caffeine is most likely a combination of chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) which may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. So with energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and numerous other such so claimed caffeine energy drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners and sodium one can get much more than the caffeine they were hoping for, with health ramifications. If your want caffeine with a little sugar, real sugar, and no sodium there is an alternative which has much more caffeine than energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull or Rockstar and does not need to be kept cold or cool and in fact this VLT suspended matrix gel product by the leader in health technology has more caffeine in one ounce, the equivalent of twenty-nine grams, than in most entire cans of the likes of Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and most all other such energy drinks. Suffice it to mention that per ounce, VLT has more caffeine than any energy drink on the market an in fact multiple times the amount of the caffeine in the most dominant advertised names like Red Bull or Monster. The best part about the caffeine in VLT is that it only comes with ten grams of real sugar, natural sugar and contains no sodium and you won’t need to keep your VLT gel packets in the cold and you can consume them anywhere and not have to worry about a crash. VLT is intense and long lasting natural energy, packed with caffeine. Get your box of thirty single serving breakthrough healthy caffeine and vitamin rich VLT for less than the low caffeine content of the heavy and inconvenient energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull or Rockstar and if your fixed on caffeine from your coffee wake up and take a taste of VLT with fresh fruit flavor.

Energy drinks Red Bull meet match for caffeine

October 7, 2011

What energy drinks are you drinking, perhaps Red Bull for caffeine.

Energy drinks will give you energy because of the caffeine but Red Bull and so many other energy drinks add so much more than caffeine to the ingredients that it makes such energy drinks extremely unhealthy. With Red Bull comes a lot of sugar or unhealthy aspartame, sodium and carbohydrates which are in essence sugar, some taurine and some vitamin B complex components and of course caffeine. Energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull come with an ample amount of caffeine but with a lot of sugar and sodium.

Now if you want energy, natural energy, there is a solution which does not need to be kept cold and therefore provides portability without the sodium and significantly less sugar than with energy drinks like Red Bull and more caffeine when compared to energy drinks including Red Bull. That’s correct, more caffeine in the twenty-nine gram VLT suspended gel packet with considerably less sugar and of course no sodium; no sodium in this breakthrough suspended gel unlike Red Bull and other energy drinks. Imagine how much more healthy natural energy you’ll be getting with VLT instead of the likes of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks offer energy as we have stated but what happens when the energy levels wears off with the likes of Red Bull and other such caffeine, sugar and sodium rich energy drinks. The answer is a crash where your only solution for more energy is another Red Bull or some other form of energy drinks which are available in so many stores; seems like people either pick up a cup of coffee with caffeine or a Red Bull on their way to work when they can simply grab a VLT from the box they purchased instead of energy drinks or coffee with caffeine and get better results without staining their teeth or damaging their health with sodium and fat. With VLT, one gets the caffeine they need in a low sugar and high caffeine ingested solution without the sodium and side effects associated with the highly marketed energy drinks. With a tasty fruit flavor for on the go type of personality without the need for a can like with Red Bull which needs to kept cold, the suspended gel solution for caffeine instead of energy drinks is with VLT. There’s a reason why this VLT product took over five years to formulate and it’s because it provides the necessary caffeine, l – carnitine, vitamin B complex and other natural ingredients one needs to perform at their best without the sugar or aspartame and sodium of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, RockStar fall short of expectations, so raise your level of physical energy with the natural health supplement in suspended gel with even more caffeine than those energy drinks like Red Bull. And if your needing cognitive energy to accompany the desired physical energy there is OHM.

Natural burst of energy with caffeine and no crash like Red Bull

September 11, 2011

The breakthrough in intense natural energy with caffeine and unlike energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and RockStar, there is no crash with VLT.

Ever feel like you have too much to accomplish and seem to be way too tired or beat and need energy, natural energy with caffeine and know that Red Bull and other energy drinks will lead you to crash? How about in another situation where you need to perform your best athletically and feel that you need a natural surge of energy but drinking caffeine from coffee is not convenient or you don’t want too much sugar as is found in energy drinks like Red Bull.

The newest in health technology instead of energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster is the solution with a caffeine packed natural energy supplement to get you through a hectic and busy day while providing you the mental or cognitive ability not to forget things and without much sugar, like energy drinks such as RockStar or Red Bull. Yes, you could gulp down a Red Bull, a Monster, and a RockStar or other energy drinks on the market today and pay a couple of dollars for each such energy drinks and get some caffeine, a few vitamins and a lot of sugar. But you could always drink some sugar in a syrup form to get such a sugar rush instead of gulping down energy drinks like Red Bull with caffeine. The point is rather simple in that all that sugar with limited amounts of caffeine and of course some amount of vitamins will lead you or anyone for that matter to experience a crash when the caffeine and sugar wear off from such energy drinks like RockStar and Red Bull. Agel, the leader in health technology has created a highly portable and consumable and less expensive alternative with far superior bioavailability and significantly less sugar and perhaps more caffeine for a burst of energy which will last a long time and won’t result in a crash as with what occurs when energy drinks like Red Bull wears off. More specifically, when the sugar in energy drinks wears off the crash starts quickly but when caffeine and a little sugar but with plenty of vitamins is formulated in a suspended gel there is no crash. The amount of caffeine in this breakthrough VLT health supplement comes in a suspended matrix gel which implies that it can be consumed anywhere and at anytime and does not need to be kept at any particular temperature unlike energy drinks such as RockStar, Monster or Red Bull which need to be kept cold and consumed quickly; get the long-lasting burst of natural energy with caffeine and a little sugar and of course vitamins with VLT from a twenty-nine gram gel packet which you can leave in your car in the winter or summer or at work or at home and you don’t need any water or much time to ingest the natural energy solutions with caffeine and a fresh fruit flavor. Remember that to crash is what is done after one of those fraternity parties in college, where you were up until 6am doing the unthinkable and seeing the light of day in distress. VLT with caffeine can get you through such a party if you so choose to attend one until the end and unlike energy drinks such as Red Bull, VLT suspended gel packets won’t leave you to crash like Red Bull will. And if that’s not advise, think of the amount of caffeine you’ll need to match to one small gel packet of VLT with about three cups of coffee; drinking caffeine from that much coffee will no doubt take some time and may lead you to have to use the plumbing facilities perhaps when you least expect it. Get your natural energy with caffeine and a little sugar and vitamins with VLT and leave the caffeine and sugar with the Red Bull, Monster, and RockStar energy drinks and if you are not needing to have a burst of energy with your lifestyle, have a cup of cup of coffee for your caffeine and don’t forget to brush your teeth to avoid the coffee stains. For anyone else, there’s the long lasting burst of energy with caffeine and little sugar named VLT by the leader in health technology.

Caffeine and energy drinks like red bull will not help to manage stress but ginseng will.

April 4, 2011

Being wide awake for interviews, which will obviously be accompanied by a certain amount of stress, is very important but is caffeine in energy drinks like red bull the way to show up for that make it or break it meeting or is a natural form of cognitive energy with ginseng, rhodiola and taurine the solution?

I have interviewed many people in my days but not from a human resources point but from a hiring manager perspective and if someone appears to be undergoing too much stress during the interview the chances are they are going to perhaps have a difficult time speaking with senior management when asked a question. On the flip side, when candidates during interviews are simply too wired, they come off as being overly confident and such a behavior has been shown to be attributed to having too much caffeine including the quick-to-drink red bull energy drinks; there is ginseng which will do wonders for candidates during interviews and during other important presentations.

I am not saying that someone who has had too much caffeine with energy drinks such as red bull would perform poorly at a task or fulfilling a project but certain members of the management team would wonder if the caffeine induced employee was on drugs and that would at one point come back to me, the hiring manager; someone who is calm and manages their stress level with ginseng might bring about a promotion on the other hand. In candidates I look for someone who is calm and attentive and patiently answers questions with logical and sound reasoning, whether or not it was the answer I was seeking – the thought process is important here and ginseng, rhodiola, taurine and the full vitamin B complex can greatly accommodate such thought processes in job seeking candidates. And I must say that with every candidate I have interviewed I have asked them the same question about caffeine and if they had some that day and how much and if they drink energy drinks such as red bull or coffee; I am not discriminating in any way because I asked the same question to every candidate for every position I have filled. Honestly I can’t remember if I have hired or not hired someone because they drank caffeine or energy drinks like red bull but I can say that I never hired someone who was displaying too much stress or had too much caffeine exhibiting mannerism or speed in their speech, be it from coffee or energy drinks like red bull, monster, rockstar or the other sugar and caffeine packed energy drinks. If you are in the process of looking to change jobs or trying to find a job, there are natural energy drinks on the market that are not full of caffeine and sugar like the red bull and other similar beverages; the one I am referring to is not a drink but a suspended gel which comes in single serving gel packets with ginseng and other natural ingredients and this natural stress reducer and cognitive skill enhancing gel does not need to be heated or kept cold but only to be ingested in a matter of seconds. The natural stress reducer and cognitive skills enhancer suspended gel product is named OHM and it contains ginseng, rhodiola, taurine, the full vitamin B complex, schizandra, d-ribose and other natural ingredients but with only seven grams of sugar in the form of fructose which is natural sugar from fruit and of course this natural energy suspended gel product named OHM contains no caffeine. OHM will enable your stress to become very manageable and your cognitive skills enhanced, because of ginseng and other natural ingredients, so that during interviews your memory with facts will be flowing and natural without the excitement associated with energy drinks such as red bull and all that caffeine. Don’t think that interviews are moments in life which should not have a certain amount of stress but being able to manage the stress can be accomplished with ginseng, rhodiola, inositol, apple cider vinegar, vanadium, d-ribose, the full vitamin B complex, chromium and taurine without appearing to have all the answers to every question simply to answer something because of too much caffeine from red bull or coffee. Remember that you get one chance during interviews and your stress level will be very apparent to the person or people conducting the interviews and with ginseng, taurine, rhodiola and other natural ingredients you will naturally be at your best from a cognitive standpoint, be able to handle and manage the stress as if you don’t appear to be experiencing the stress and have the required energy to go to numerous interviews which could last for several hours. So think of interviews as an opportunity to remain calm without stress and provide great answers by taking your time and thinking through your responses so that the answers are clearly thought of with supporting facts or situations when asked a behavioral type of question. Preparing for the interviews a few days before by ingesting an OHM suspended gel product daily, with ginseng, rhodiola and taurine, will enable you to practice with managed stress and try doing mock interviews with friends or relatives because practice won’t hurt either – just stay away from the energy drinks like red bull.

Energy drinks such as monster red bull and rockstar lead to health issues so try ginseng and taurine in a suspended gel.

February 8, 2011

Caffeine and plenty of sugar don’t amount to real energy but to crashing with the likes of monster, red bull and rockstar!

Such unhealthy energy drinks like red bull are marketed to children and adults equally. These so called energy drinks like red bull provide some health benefits to the consumer and if someone is looking for real natural energy drinks they should be consuming natural organic juices without all that caffeine and sugar.

Better yet, real natural energy can be found with ginseng, taurine and rhodiola in a breakthrough suspended gel product which will provide natural energy without the caffeine and all that sugar. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, as adults we claim we like coffee because of the taste – this might be the case that the coffee has a unique taste but the health issues associated with caffeine are not really worth it. With taurine and ginseng in a suspended gel, you will get the energy which is natural and appreciated by the body where the likes of rockstar, red bull and monster fall considerably short. The choice for natural energy is without caffeine but with ginseng, rhodiola, Schizandra, chromium, apple cider vinegar and taurine. The best part about ingesting a suspended gel with rhodiola, taurine, all the vitamin Bs, ginseng and more is that you will not only be naturally alert, but will have enhanced memory skills (cognitive skills) and be better at whatever it is that you do. So, instead of drinking a very expensive sugar and caffeine beverage such as red bull, try OHM in a suspended gel without caffeine and very little sugar but plenty of ginseng, rhodiola and taurine in addition to many other natural ingredients – and you won’t be crashing and will be able to get to sleep without all that caffeine in your system. If you have an interview in the near future, get your box of OHM now so that your cognitive skills will be enhanced, with fact coming to mind quickly and accurately.

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