Meetings and having the natural energy not from energy drinks

May 7, 2013

Another meeting scheduled in that already booked day with some times being double booked and where’s the energy for that.

How about additional repeat meetings every week, and then add to that the other three meetings which pop-up on your calendar throughout the week in addition to the ones from two weeks ago and last week and on and on. Meetings require energy. There are often choices which we take for granted for energy which usually entail caffeine or sugar and sometimes significantly too much sugar. - Natural intense and cognitive energy with Agel VLT and OHM ingested suspended gel packetsBy now, most if not all of you are familiar with the likes of energy drinks named Monster, RockStar, Red Bull, Full Throttle, Amp, NOS and several others with relatively much smaller market share. But take a look at the names of these energy drinks, but of course don’t judge a book by its cover, but Monster, RockStar, Full Throttle and even Red Bull – odd names if one is a professional thinking about focused mental energy, or is it simply the concept of having back-to-back meetings and of course during those double-booked times multitasking on one conference call being on mute and having your other meeting in your office all while completing deliverables with IM, texting, emails, creating forecasts on spreadsheets, and navigating through a presentation or two. Sure, this and many other types of nowadays more common work situations require energy, but energy drinks offer little when you look at what energy drinks bring to the table, or better yet the meeting. What’s in energy drinks really? Sugar, sugar, some caffeine and some mention of vitamins and other minerals come in the energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, RockStar and all the other known loud-named energy drinks on the market. Instead of all that sugar, being jittery and going from meeting to meeting, just to prepare to get to the next meeting and grabbing that next energy drink for the sixth meeting of the day (and it’s only Monday), what is it that energy drinks offer for mental energy which is what one really should be having when in meetings and presumably for preparing for meetings? Not much in fact, is what energy drinks offer the body and the mind. Alternatives for energy drinks? Coffee can get one moving with caffeine and if one has enough coffee with caffeine, it can get someone the same energy as energy drinks provide by adding extra, extra sugar (no typo with the extra sugar there). Take a look at VLT for natural energy with more caffeine, but natural forms of energy instead of the energy drinks. Next take a look at OHM with ginseng, rhodiola root, taurine and several other vitamins and minerals for cognitive energy, unlike from an energy drink, for quicker thinking and having the ability to utilize cognitive skills more readily with better factual memory. Sure, there are energy drinks with a lot of sugar and some caffeine to get people from A to B, but there’s VLT and OHM to make a difference when you’re there. Who’s on the call and prepared?

What energy drinks really lead to

February 18, 2013

Not what the manufacturers promote is what is delivered from energy drinks.

Let’s take a look at marketing for instance and energy drinks which is no further from typical marketing and promotions as they are flashed before your very eyes or screaming past your ear as fast food restaurants and yes, prescription or over-the-counter drugs which are heavily advertised. The most amazing thing about marketing and promotions, for energy drinks like deep fried foods is that they are all around us, on the radio, on television, in print ads and of course all over the internet with pop-ups and banners but are they healthy? - The healthy alternative to energy drinks, chews and shotsWhat a world, what a world! Makes you feel like you might need energy drinks simply to keep up with all of the nonsense manufacturers are pushing into your head, or stomach and remember that not all which is advertised is good for you. Now imagine if you were on a deserted island without any media, and yes without energy drinks, your life may not be surrounded by wants which are embedded in our little heads by the big and mighty advertisers. The reality is that we all can’t be on deserted islands or else they would not be deserted, are you with us here? Anyway, energy drinks as you may have heard recently or over the years, are not healthy and some may even call energy drinks fatal. Granted, taking one energy drink is not going to do all that much harm to everyone, but does one really need energy drinks in the first place – when was the last time you woke up and screamed out ‘energy drink’? With the manner in which energy drinks seemed to be addictive, having just one such energy drinks may lead to a very bad health habit; getting off energy drinks is even more complex of a process than one might think. Sure there’s the occasional headache for people not having their cup of coffee in the morning but when it comes to energy drinks, the concept of having a headache may not seem like much but not having an energy drink at least once a day when one starts to consume such energy drinks regularly may become something very different altogether and some argue that having one such energy drink can negatively alter one’s health, so imagine what it’s like being addicted to such energy drinks? We’re not here to put blame on energy drinks and their manufacturers because consumers have a choice and if the mass marketing has led to people spending money on unhealthy energy drinks, be it in beverage, chews or even shots, perhaps the simple change would be to change the labeling on such energy drinks and related products; after all, all investment opportunities (legal ones) come with a disclaimer that past results are not indicative of future resuls. There are alternatives to such energy drinks which come with natural products like the OHM ingested suspended gel with ginseng, rhodiola, and a host of vitamin Bs and other natural ingredients where this product is for enhanced mental focus, clarity, and memory and great for interviewing because it brings about a calmness during times of stress. Another alternative to energy drinks is the caffeine richer VLT ingested suspended gel with a host of natural beneficial and non-habit forming vitamins and nutrients and comes with a small fraction of natural sugar. There’s a safe and effective alternative to energy drinks, perhaps it’s time to look at the Agel products.

Sleep soundly and wake up with natural caffeine

August 3, 2012

How about getting the sleep you want and waking up to have a productive day with natural caffeine.

Natural ingredients are what Agel Enterprises uses in all of their health and food supplements, from getting to sleep naturally with melatonin to get the day off with productivity with caffeine but without the unhealthy ingredients in the likes of energy drinks. Living is for life and getting to be able to sleep is part of it as is waking up and starting to be productive.

Many forms of caffeine can lead to difficulties in getting to sleep and this is logical, especially if taken too close to the time of desiring to sleep. The intent of caffeine is to wake one up, to instill long-lasting energy like when starting work in the morning, and if one eats a lot for lunch some caffeine after lunch can enable someone to get back to being productive because as you may know that after eating a lot, the digestive system gets busy to work on breaking down and absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat and this makes you and anyone else feel more tired, not necessarily to the point of sleeping. Instead of getting the caffeine with beverages more than once per day, a single caffeine packed VLT ingested natural energy supplement, with the proper type and delivery of caffeine will last throughout your productive day. Ever hear several cans of caffeine sodas opening up in the morning, or perhaps energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster or RockStar, which for your information don’t contain much caffeine but plenty of sugar or artificial and unhealthy sweeteners which can break down into carcinogens. VLT, on the other hand is caffeine which will not offer unhealthy ingredients but natural caffeine which will gradually wear off as your day goes on and won’t suddenly stop which is what occurs with the low caffeine, highly addictive sugary and very unhealthy energy drinks and energy shots. Another great caffeine benefit of VLT with about the amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee is that it won’t prevent you from sleeping because the caffeine in the breakthrough suspended gel technology wears off with a smoothing distribution curve-like pattern, unlike the case of the caffeine with energy drinks and energy shots with a significant drop-off distribution because of the sugar, and in the case you’re a light sleeper there’s melatonin suspended gel strips for getting to sleep quickly and calmly so that the next morning you can wake up to another suspended gel packet of healthy caffeine rich VLT. The VLT caffeine rich suspended gel packets come in a box of thirty single serving gel packets, are only available online and come with a money back guarantee from Agel Enterprises. Stop taking unhealthy caffeine and wake up to VLT with the caffeine to get you through the day, productive and full of energy without being jittery.


Wake up with caffeine made healthy

July 27, 2012

Coffee’s got caffeine as does some tea.

Then there are those so-called energy drinks, but by now we all know several things about energy drinks like RockStar, Red Bull, and Monster to name a few; they are very expensive and provide little caffeine but plenty of sugar or artificial sweeteners and some vitamins and the taste leaves much to be desired. If you want caffeine in the morning, or any time during the day, we suggest the caffeine, vitamin-rich and healthy VLT.

VLT with all the caffeine you want comes in the breakthrough delivery system called suspended gel and yes, there is much more caffeine in one twenty-nine gram single serving fruit flavored VLT than in the likes of Red Bull or other costly and unhealthy energy drinks and VLT is healthy with the right amount of caffeine, carnitine, vitamins B3 and B12 and C and other healthy natural ingredients. Each box of caffeine packed VLT comes with thirty single serving tasty gel packets for people on the go without the need for water, storing such caffeine in cold temperatures, or hot, or anything as frivolous as that. Get your caffeine with the most portable and bioavailable with caffeine packed VLT. So when you’re running late for work, going to do some intense exercise, need to be alert without being wired and without looking and feeling all jittery, the caffeine and healthy ingredients is what you need from VLT and not the sugar or artificial sweeteners from energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull or others and VLT comes with a money back guarantee and is only available online. If you’re on-the-go and need caffeine anytime, get your box of thirty single serving caffeine packed VLT gel packets and stop making your teeth turn brown with coffee. VLT is caffeine without the crash because the caffeine naturally wears off instead of suddenly stopping and the little amount of sugar is natural and healthy.

Do not confuse caffeine with stress management

February 27, 2012

Just thinking about stress can create more stress and caffeine will not necessarily help it but will help energy levels if the correct delivery form is used.

Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and RockStar are far from having much caffeine but they have plenty of sugar and sodium and if you think that they will help to manage stress, think again; hopefully that got your attention without heightening stress levels. Energy drinks with little caffeine but with so much sugar of any kind will surely increase levels of stress.

Sugar and caffeine are not about managing stress, to state it conservatively. And on that note, energy drinks like RockStar, Red Bull and Monster will not do much for energy of any kind other than becoming overly excited and borderline hyperactive because of the sugar and not because of the caffeine. The wise alternative to energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull, is intense energy and it’s with caffeine in a gel, a suspended gel but not one which is packed with sugar and sodium and this alternative to low caffeine content of energy drinks like Red Bull has significantly more caffeine than any energy drink on the market and being that it also contains vitamins including B12 and B3, carnitine and natural sugar it’s the wise alternative to ingesting caffeine without creating stress. Take a look for yourself at the ingredients included in the VLT suspended matrix gel with significantly more caffeine than energy drinks and of course being that it has a fraction of the sugar there is not going to be a sudden drop in endurance and that can lead to stress and a crash. This caffeine packed box of thirty gel packets named VLT is intense healthy energy lasting all day long which gradually wears off and that’s where the caffeine packed VLT separates itself from the pack of all other energy and caffeine products for natural endurance; the caffeine in VLT wears off gradually. Now for those of you who also want to manage stress, there is OHM with ginseng, a significant amount of vitamin B12 and again with the best delivery form named suspended matrix gel technology. Managing stress is critical at work when under pressure or when studying for exams, and of course taking exams or being interviewed for a job. These two leading products in stress management with ginseng and B12 with the OHM product can naturally be ingested along with the VLT for intense energy with caffeine so one can focus intensely and do so all day long without missing a beat. Remember that energy drinks like Red Bull, RockStar and Monster don’t provide any significant amount of caffeine and a lot of sugar as energy at a heafty price and such energy drinks won’t do anything to manage stress. So when you need to focus intensely and think things through while managing stress when time is of the essence there is OHM in a star fruit flavor and when you need the intense energy to accompany the stress management, there is VLT with all the caffeine you need for the long day or intense interview or exam and if you’re athletic and need that physical endurance, the caffeine in VLT in combination with the vitamins and carnitine, will get you through the most demanding forms of endurance. The question is simple; what do you want to compete at? OHM for natural mental energy with naturally managing stress and VLT for intense caffeine with amino acids for long lasting intense burst of energy. Day long solutions for endurance with an abundance of caffeine without the crash and natural stress management solutions in suspended matrix gel with the best form of bioavailability.

Melatonin and Caffeine not all that different

January 12, 2012

Think about it, we want to be productive during the day and caffeine gets us going and melatonin helps us get to be sleeping.

This is not the best of all worlds but many of us, and you the reader, does this day in and day out with caffeine in the morning and perhaps throughout the day and then wanting to be able to be sleeping quickly because the next day is going to be needing another long lasting burst of energy; then there’s melatonin for the quiet time.

If you’re like many people you need the caffeine to get you moving in the morning and being productive at work or at the college or university level and caffeine gets us to that point. The question is whether the caffeine one consumes is really healthy, with the likes of energy drinks including Red Bull and Monster, the caffeine is really not there and with coffee there are many nuances including health ramifications similar to the Red Bull and other energy drinks. There’s an alternative which provides much more caffeine than coffee or Red Bull and all other energy drinks but without the health consequences and of course without the headache and crash when the caffeine wears off or if you happen not drink such energy drinks like Red Bull or have the caffeine from coffee on the weekend. The alternative to better and more caffeine without the unnecessary sugar or sweeteners and without the sodium is caffeine intense VLT; simply put, VLT has significantly more caffeine than any of the energy drinks and makes Red Bull what it is – a lot of sugar and sodium without any significant amount of caffeine. Ever wonder why so many people who drink Red Bull and other energy drinks are all wired and overly excited, it’s because of all the sweeteners and not because of the caffeine. When the sugar in the Red Bull or other energy drinks like Rockstar, Monster and a slew of others, wears off, the crash starts and that state of being overly excited comes to a drastic halt. VLT has the long lasting and intense caffeine which will get you going all day long at work, at the college level or in physical activity, all without the crash because with only ten grams of natural sugar it’s the significant amount of caffeine which is working and it won’t keep you up at night because it slowly wears off, without feeling like you hit a brick wall. But after a long day at work, in school or with significant amount of physical exercise, you want to be sleeping well for the day ahead and that’s where melatonin comes to your aid, your sleeping aid. Just the correct amount of melatonin in suspended gel strips is exactly what you need to be sleeping quickly and effectively so that you can wake up for the day ahead and feel refreshed and maybe you won’t need caffeine the next day. Noteworthy is that the amount of melatonin in REM is of course safe and is not a drug like other sleeping aids; melatonin is in fact naturally produced in the brain but with the hectic lifestyles most of us have, melatonin suspended gel strips melt on the tongue in just a few minutes and enable you to be sleeping quickly, naturally and effectively. The melatonin gel strips offer the specific amount of melatonin for every adult for one night or with twenty-four melatonin gel strips per REM packet, a month’s supply of melatonin safe and serene sleeping. One never knows what the day ahead will lead to, and since the VLT caffeine suspended matrix gel packets are extremely portable and don’t require refrigeration or water, you can take your caffeine packet VLT with a fresh fruit flavor anywhere and of course with the melatonin suspended gel strips water is also not needed.


Caffeine and CoQ10 natural energy

January 8, 2012

We all need energy, from CoQ10 to caffeine.

Seems odd that coffee has been designed for the ages of twenty and over and that more and more people above the age of thirty seem to need more of coffee for the caffeine but there body is also in need of CoQ10. Eventually they are informed that they may simply be consuming too much caffeine in the form of coffee or energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster which if you stop drinking these forms of caffeine you may develop a headache.

The real solution to natural energy from a heart disease prevention perspective is CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10; for the quick and long lasting energy for the day, caffeine will do the job but not all forms of caffeine are healthy especially with the energy drinks like sugar and sodium rich Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and others. What’s up with energy drinks anyway, sugar or unhealthy sweeteners and sodium and very little caffeine. You would think that if Red Bull or Monster, or even Rockstar really had a product which was both healthy and contained a significant amount of caffeine and other forms of nutrition then that is how those products would be marketed. Oddly enough, the likes of energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster simply push energy drinks as the concept which is not natural energy and not much energy but the high probability of a crash. Wait a minute here; sugar, sodium, a few grams or milligrams of vitamins and minerals and then you have it, with a bit of caffeine for the non-experienced. How much caffeine is in these energy drinks really or is it simply marketing with a lot of sugar and very steep prices with an accompanying physical withdrawal. Yes, caffeine and sugar with enough caffeine can lead to a crash and then result in dependency for such a low caffeine and high sugar and high sodium form with energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster or others; don’t overlook you cellular energy with CoQ10 and your body’s need for CoQ10 energy. If you really want to wake up and get going with the caffeine and without the issues associated with the Red Bull, Monster and other energy drinks, try VLT in highly portable suspended gel matrix packets with superior bioavailability; it has significantly more caffeine, much less sugar and no sodium. Are we clear here? And if you want to remain healthy from a cardiovascular perspective and don’t like caffeine and are seeking lower cholesterol levels, a solution for hypertension or high blood pressure, then CoQ10 is what you want and need with the inclusion of policosanol, carnitine, taurine and other natural ingredients; CoQ10 is simply put, natural energy for your heart and all the other muscles your body used. Ingesting CoQ10 in the morning will give your body the natural energy it needs. Caffeine is great and CoQ10 is cellular energy; for those of you who want natural solutions to energy, caffeine with VLT is intense and long lasting and CoQ10 with HRT is a necessity. Now get going!

Tired of drinking coffee or Monster or Red Bull for caffeine

November 23, 2011

You should be because the caffeine in coffee and in energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull and other such beverages is awful for your health.

The irony is that people consume caffeine to wake up, so I’m told, and that seems logical because caffeine will provide such a stimulant but why with energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and other high sugar and high sodium content beverages or coffee with all that fat. But with such forms of caffeine delivery like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and coffee what you’re really doing is increasing the likelihood of having health issues.

There have been many articles written about the energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and others and of course about coffee and the fact that in addition to caffeine they contain unhealthy fats, sodium and a lot of sugar; perhaps if you like your coffee black you will benefit from the caffeine and stained teeth but most people like their caffeine in coffee with cream and sugar or some other additive. Life provides us many options for waking up and being productive but why put your health at risk for caffeine with energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull or coffee for that matter; both coffee and energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster have health risks but it’s more common that the Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull energy drinks provide more health risks with all that sugar and sodium and not all that much caffeine. Some may think that since Red Bull and other energy drinks like Monster and Rockstar come in sugar-free options that the caffeine they are getting from such drinks is healthy even though per ounce energy drinks like Rockstar, Monster and Red Bull don’t provide much caffeine at all; think again about the sweeteners in such low or no sugar energy drinks because accompanied with that little caffeine is most likely a combination of chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) which may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. So with energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and numerous other such so claimed caffeine energy drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners and sodium one can get much more than the caffeine they were hoping for, with health ramifications. If your want caffeine with a little sugar, real sugar, and no sodium there is an alternative which has much more caffeine than energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull or Rockstar and does not need to be kept cold or cool and in fact this VLT suspended matrix gel product by the leader in health technology has more caffeine in one ounce, the equivalent of twenty-nine grams, than in most entire cans of the likes of Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and most all other such energy drinks. Suffice it to mention that per ounce, VLT has more caffeine than any energy drink on the market an in fact multiple times the amount of the caffeine in the most dominant advertised names like Red Bull or Monster. The best part about the caffeine in VLT is that it only comes with ten grams of real sugar, natural sugar and contains no sodium and you won’t need to keep your VLT gel packets in the cold and you can consume them anywhere and not have to worry about a crash. VLT is intense and long lasting natural energy, packed with caffeine. Get your box of thirty single serving breakthrough healthy caffeine and vitamin rich VLT for less than the low caffeine content of the heavy and inconvenient energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull or Rockstar and if your fixed on caffeine from your coffee wake up and take a taste of VLT with fresh fruit flavor.

Natural burst of energy with caffeine and then ginseng for stress management

October 27, 2011

The best of the world’s options for enhanced and long lasting performance with caffeine and less stress with ginseng.

The combination is not with caffeine, sugar and sodium from energy drinks like RockStar, Monster or even Red Bull, but with caffeine from a natural ingested gel. That’s right, a gel and not a drink which needs to be kept cold, and with another solution for managing stress levels in our busy lives there is ginseng in a suspended gel.

Think of being more productive and also having less stress with caffeine and ginseng, respectively; you understood correctly, having more natural caffeine energy and managing stress with ginseng. The greatest thing about being able to ingest your caffeine when you’re on the go and with ginseng for managing stress is that you can have the best of both worlds one after the other. Why would you want to ingest caffeine from energy drinks like Red Bull and have your body suffer from the excess sugar and sodium when you can ingest even more caffeine with considerably less sugar, no sodium and plenty of vitamins and not suffer from a crash from such energy drinks like Red Bull. For managing stress, Red Bull and energy drinks will not come to your aid but will actually making a situation with potential stress even worse. Managing stress while increasing productivity at work is of course critical because deadlines are imperative, and you can ask your boss on this one; manage your stress naturally and not only meet deadlines but exceed expectations because of ginseng in suspended gel packets named OHM; you see, with ginseng your cognitive skills will be more focused, enabling you to have a sharper mind while not experience stress associated with Red Bull and other energy drinks. With ginseng, you can manage your stress naturally without suffering from a lack of attention to detail and then combine that with caffeine which comes with a long lasting burst of sustained energy; we ask why would you want to be drinking a Red Bull or some other form of energy drinks which are in essence sugar and sodium with of course caffeine when you can get more caffeine and no health issues unlike that with coffee or Red Bull. Imagine yourself getting to work and knowing that you have a day which is full of stress because of a deadline or deadlines and this is when ginseng should come to mind and then think about how you’re going to have enough energy to complete these deadlines in time, now caffeine comes to mind; of course you want your ingested caffeine to enable you to have a long lasting burst of energy unlike that provided with Red Bull or coffee and you also want to be able to focus on the cognitive tasks and that’s where ginseng can naturally help with stress management. For natural energy, with more caffeine and less sugar and no sodium there is VLT and for managing your stress there is ginseng in OHM. Get the best of productivity with VLT and OHM from the leader in health technology. Exceed your boss’s expectations with getting the job done with caffeine and the required intense natural energy and have all of the analytics correct while naturally managing your stress.

Energy drinks Red Bull meet match for caffeine

October 7, 2011

What energy drinks are you drinking, perhaps Red Bull for caffeine.

Energy drinks will give you energy because of the caffeine but Red Bull and so many other energy drinks add so much more than caffeine to the ingredients that it makes such energy drinks extremely unhealthy. With Red Bull comes a lot of sugar or unhealthy aspartame, sodium and carbohydrates which are in essence sugar, some taurine and some vitamin B complex components and of course caffeine. Energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull come with an ample amount of caffeine but with a lot of sugar and sodium.

Now if you want energy, natural energy, there is a solution which does not need to be kept cold and therefore provides portability without the sodium and significantly less sugar than with energy drinks like Red Bull and more caffeine when compared to energy drinks including Red Bull. That’s correct, more caffeine in the twenty-nine gram VLT suspended gel packet with considerably less sugar and of course no sodium; no sodium in this breakthrough suspended gel unlike Red Bull and other energy drinks. Imagine how much more healthy natural energy you’ll be getting with VLT instead of the likes of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks offer energy as we have stated but what happens when the energy levels wears off with the likes of Red Bull and other such caffeine, sugar and sodium rich energy drinks. The answer is a crash where your only solution for more energy is another Red Bull or some other form of energy drinks which are available in so many stores; seems like people either pick up a cup of coffee with caffeine or a Red Bull on their way to work when they can simply grab a VLT from the box they purchased instead of energy drinks or coffee with caffeine and get better results without staining their teeth or damaging their health with sodium and fat. With VLT, one gets the caffeine they need in a low sugar and high caffeine ingested solution without the sodium and side effects associated with the highly marketed energy drinks. With a tasty fruit flavor for on the go type of personality without the need for a can like with Red Bull which needs to kept cold, the suspended gel solution for caffeine instead of energy drinks is with VLT. There’s a reason why this VLT product took over five years to formulate and it’s because it provides the necessary caffeine, l – carnitine, vitamin B complex and other natural ingredients one needs to perform at their best without the sugar or aspartame and sodium of Red Bull and other energy drinks. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, RockStar fall short of expectations, so raise your level of physical energy with the natural health supplement in suspended gel with even more caffeine than those energy drinks like Red Bull. And if your needing cognitive energy to accompany the desired physical energy there is OHM.

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Skin cancer (2)
Skin care (52)
sleep (6)
Sleeping (15)
sleeping aid (1)
sore throat (1)
statins (8)
Strep throat (1)
Stress (15)
Stress Reducer (2)
Surgery (2)
Tanning (1)
Tanning bed (2)
Taurine (3)
Thanksgiving (1)
trans fat (1)
Turmeric (22)
Unemployment (2)
Valentine (4)
valentines day (1)
Viagra (3)
Vitamin B12 (2)
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin D (10)
vitamin d deficiency (1)
Vitamin D3 (2)
Vitamin Supplement (13)
Vitamins (14)
Vitamins and minerals (1)
Weight control (12)
Weight Loss (8)
Weight Loss Supplement (12)
Work at home (1)
Work from home (3)
Wrist Pain (4)
Yohimbine (6)
Zocor (1)

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