Up for erectile dysfunction cure with yohimbine or horizontal for melatonin

August 16, 2011

Not too odd that one would mention yohimbine for erectile dysfunction in conjunction with melatonin fot getting to sleep.

Look at it this way, with yohimbine one can find the solution to erectile dysfunction and with melatonin one can get to sleep and of course the melatonin should be taken after yohimbine and the solution to erectile dysfunction. The question is what do you want to be doing when you lay down to bed, finding the solution to erectile dysfunction with yohimbine or perhaps finding the solution to sleep deprivation or insomnia with melatonin.

What ever your personal situation is, the HIS and REM suspended gel strip products by the leader in health technology offer solutions. The HIS, with yohimbine will bring about the solution to erectile dysfuction and libido concerns without health risks. Simply put one of the twenty-four suspended gel strips on the tongue and in minutes, the erectile dysfunction has been solved because the proper amount of yohimbine has been embedded into each gel strip. With yohimbine, you will be able to quickly resolve erectile dysfunction concerns you personally have or concerns your intimate partner has about your libido. Yohimbine is of course non-invasive and will bring about the solution to erectile dysfunction and not run the risk of having the erectile dysfunction solution result in a phone call to your doctor, as can occur with drugs associated with erectile dysfunction. Now how about getting to sleep with melatonin. With the proper amount of melatonin in each of the twenty-four suspended gel strips, there is no concern about over sleeping or under sleeping because Agel applies the precise amount of melatonin in every single gel strip. Getting too much or too little melatonin can make the difference between over sleeping or waking up tired because of not getting the desired sleep you needed. Melatonin when properly formulated, as in the suspended gel strip will get you to sleep quickly and hence melatonin gel strips are the convenient method to generate tranquil and undisturbed sleep. There are alternatives to getting to sleep quickly but are they effective? With melatonin, in the same designed suspended gel strip you can be asleep soundly and peacefully within minutes and if you have found the solution to erectile dysfunction with yohimbine, you might simply want REM with melatonin gel strip to get you to be sleeping until it’s time to get up again and then it may be time for another yohimbine HIS suspended gel strip. Each melatonin gel strip for getting you to sleep and each yohimbine gel strip for erectile dysfunction solutions cost about one U.S. dollar each. These melatonin and erectile dysfunction yohimbine suspended gel strips are fast acting and effective and of course are highly portable.

Intimacy will come back with yohimbine without the need for a drug pill like cialis.

January 23, 2011

Let’s face it, we all look for intimacy.

The question is, are you having enough moments of intimacy and if not, why not? Intimacy can become possible with as little as some assistance from a suspended gel strip melting on your tongue with yohimbine without the need for a drug such as cialis.

A gel strip which melts on your tongue which contains yohimbine will assist you with your intimacy! There is no more need to be taking dangerous pills such as cialis, viagra or levitra to enable you to have significant moments of intimacy with your partner. You see, the drugs such as viagra, levitra and cialis have life threatening potential complications and intimacy is simply not worth dying for; at least you should not have to risk your life simply to have the ability to share intimacy with that special person in your life, no matter your age. Yohimbine, will naturally enable you to regain that intimacy you once had and if you have never shared such intimacy with your partner, you can now with yohimbine in a suspended gel strip which melts on your tongue in minutes and there are no serious side effects as associated with the likes of cialis, levitra and viagra erectile dysfunction drugs. The leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises has created a very discreet manner in which you can again (or for the first time) have intimacy with your lover with a suspended gel strip containing yohimbine. No water is needed and the gel strip can be placed on your tongue as you head out of work, on your way home, in the shower, anywhere you can imagine and no worries as your erectile dysfunction solution won’t last for too many hours like some drugs do or for 30+ hours like cialis can. The erectile dysfunction solution will last plenty of time and there are 24 yohimbine gel strips in each HIS packet which are the same size as the common breath strips you have come to know. Instead of your breath being fresh, you can focus on fresh intimacy with the yohimbine HIS gel strips by Agel. Get your packets of HIS and feel free to give one to a friend who you know is having intimacy issues because of erectile dysfunction (you can also inform him that serious health issues with the likes of cialis, viagra and levitra will not materialize with yohimbine); he and his lover will be thanking you discreetly even if they won’t be telling you in so many words. HIS for him to have the yohimbine suspended gel strips melt on his tongue and for you both to enjoy the erectile dysfunction solution, on 24 different occasions with intimacy.

Why take drugs like cialis viagra and levitra when erectile dysfunction can be solved with yohimbine.

January 16, 2011

Drugs are drugs and the ones for erectile dysfunction such as cialis, viagra and levitra have potential life threatening side effects.

Yohimbine is a smart alternative without the side effects associated with other erectile dysfunction and libido solutions. Yohimbine in a suspended gel strip will provide you with the intimacy you want and that which your partner has been looking for.

Instead of going to see your doctor to get a prescription for cialis, levitra or viagra (or some generic version) or getting them via the internet without really knowing what it is that you’re purchasing, why not try yohimbine in the HIS product; yes, it’s for him to ingest the suspended gel strip on the tongue (melts in a few minutes) and for him and her to enjoy the benefits of the solution to the erectile dysfunction and libido. The cost of the HIS product with yohimbine is considerably less than the cost of viagra, cialis, levitra and other highly advertised erectile dysfunction and libido cures and yohimbine will not pose the side effects of those household name erectile dysfunction products. Let’s take a look at the potential side effects of viagra, cialis, levitra and other libido and erectile dysfunction drugs. Side effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs such as viagra, levitra and cialis include heart attacks, sudden cardiac deaths, and hypertension or high blood pressure, and of course priapism which is a prolonged erection that requires immediate medical attention; furthermore, these drugs can create prolonged erections of up to 5 hours! I don’t know about you guys, but have you ever wanted to have the solution for erectile dysfunction last that long with life threatening side effects? When would you be getting some sleep, never mind rolling over when attempting to getting to a comfortable sleeping position. The erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are also not designed for men who have heart disease, are diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and certain eye problems and rest assured that more mild side effects can also occur with cialis, viagra and levitra and among other erectile dysfunction drugs cures and libido enhancements – headaches, indigestion problems, back pain, muscle aches, flushing, stuffy or runny nose, back pain and muscle aches. Sure, I imagine that pharmaceutical companies have drugs which will take care of these concerns. I can see it now, pharmaceutical companies (big pharma) pushing drugs to offset the diseases so that they can get you to solve the erectile dysfunction or libido problem you have. So many drugs and at an incredible cost to both the wallet and your organs (not the erectile dysfunction ‘organ’, of course). Imagine solving your erectile dysfuntion issue but in the process going blind or obviously worse than that having a heart attack and dying. Not really worth the risk in my opinion. Now, yohimbine, instead of the viagra, cialis, or levitra (and all the other erectile dysfunction and libido solutions) has these side effects: dizziness, flushing, headache, nausea, nervousness. Yohimbine has some rare other side effects including rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue, agitation; decreased or painful urination, fast heartbeat, hallucinations, irritability, panic attacks, restlessness, severe headache, and sweating. Now, I don’t know about all men, but when one exercises most of these rare side effects (from yohimbine) can be attributed to a good workout. The point is, yohimbine is natural and the side effects associated with viagra, cialis and levitra are life threatening whereas the potential side effects of yohimbine are relatively normal. I know people who sweat when they’re outside and the temperature is below the freezing point and they are not wearing that much clothing. My wife gets headaches and I bet my dog does as well, just that the dog simply does not express it as overtly. So, you can spend your hard earned money seeing your doctor and the cost of drugs such as viagra, levitra and cialis and take the risk of…well, dying; or you can place a yohimbine erectile dysfuntion suspended gel strip on your tongue and in minutes you can be intimate with your partner and she won’t have to worry about calling the paramedics or the morgue. The choice is yours of course, but the solution for erectile dysfunction and libido is yohimbine with the suspended gel strip named HIS, for him and for her and you both to enjoy.

Erectile dysfunction insomnia and the solution.

January 8, 2011

No, I am not referring to a dormant erectile dysfunction per se but a manner in which one can be sleeping soundly or being intimate with their partner and then be sleeping.

Erectile dysfunction is not something men like to talk about, even with their doctor but if the concern is making life more stressful with their relationship with their partner then it is being forced upon them to ‘open up’ about the issue. Insomnia is a concern which may be keeping certain men awake instead of sleeping because their partner is not content with the intimacy. And sleeping with melatonin will of course help with sleeping and let you dream about not having erectile dysfunction and libido but this is for a later write up.

Now do you see where I am going with this? Erectile dysfunction is not a disease but merely a need for assistance and if one is to go see a psychiatrist to get evaluated as to why they suffer from erectile dysfunction then I have a much cheaper solution with yohimbine. First of all, if you are happy to be with your partner and love your partner, no doctor with a PhD is going to be able to provide any real assistance with the erectile dysfunction and libido issue you are experiencing. All you need is HIS with yohimbine – that’s it! Yohimbine in a suspended gel strip is the solution for erectile dysfunction and the issue about libido will be taken care of naturally within 30 minutes. Gel strip with yohimbine provide a highly convenient and extremely bioavailable manner in which you can take care of the erectile dysfunction concern without water and without a prescription. There is no need for the highly advertised viagra, cialis or levitra because they all three have potential side effects and need a prescription in most instances – yohimbine is natural and significantly less expensive. Think of the erectile dysfunction and libido with a gel strip which melts on your tongue in simply a few minutes on your way home from work to meet that special partner or when taking your shower before going to bed and all the other times when you need to perform at your best – there is yohimbine by the leader in health technology in a convenient suspended gel strip. Instead of simply sleeping and having dreams about the solution for erectile dysfunction and libido, there is HIS with yohimbine for libido!

Erectile dysfunction getting your libido down.

December 18, 2010

Don’t simply sit there, get up with yohimbine.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally and with yohimbine in a suspended gel strip, your libido will not be letting you down anymore. The safe manner in which to get back the intimacy you have been hoping for comes naturally with yohimbine and will solve your libido issues of the past.

The best part about an erectile dysfunction solution named HIS is that you don’t need a prescription for it and it will keep your libido in the fashion you and your partner will enjoy and the intimacy which can become passionate. Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are prescription drugs which can have side effects and of course they require you to go to a doctor for the prescription. Yohimbine is natural and can be purchased without a prescription and there are no side effects. So you can choose to go see your doctor and take a pill for viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) or for Cialis (tadalafil) and perhaps experience side effects including a heart attack or you can take care of erectile dysfunction with yohimbine and not let your libido let you down nor your partner for intimacy. Yohimbine was created in a breakthrough suspended gel strip by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises – why would you risk taking a drug for libido when erectile dysfunction can be resolved naturally with yohimbine in the HIS product. Choose wisely, but never let a moment of intimacy pass you and her by with yohimbine in HIS, for him and for her, of course.

Suspended gel has grown for libido in a gel strip.

September 25, 2010

Ever heard of viagra with sildenafilor or Levitra with vardenafil?

How about a natural health supplement with yohimbine and of course without a prescription. Agel has created first to market a suspended gel in a gel strip for libido.

No more need for men and women to have to get prescription for HIM as now both partners can have a safe relationship without the discomforts associated with viagra and levitra among other pills and tablets for libido. No water is needed and with a libido gel strip, nobody will know what your up to – except for that special person. Agel has gone above and beyond again to bring to market a product which hundreds of millions of men are looking for in improving their love life. Now such a libido product has evolved! Agel keeps introducing new products with the most advanced technology while large pharmaceuticals create pills and tablets which offer poor bioavailability and lack convenience. Listerine strips are for breath and HIS is for better health and women deserve the best! Libido has evolved with HIS with yohimbine! This libido product will very soon be available for purchase at NanoHealthTechnology.com so visit soon to get your 24 gel strips of libido health supplements!

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