Reeeeally? Vitamins and Minerals!

September 1, 2015

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, everyone’s the expert with supplements.

But who really knows about bioavailability when it comes to vitamins and minerals? Really, about vitamins and minerals. - Agel ABC and MIN, the only vitamins and minerals supplementation you and your family will ever needChances are there are the self-proclaimed SMEs who go around telling everyone what someone’s eating is unhealthy and not a good choice of vitamins or minerals or both vitamins and minerals, depending on what they’re eating. Most of us don’t care for such commentary about about or diet or lack thereof, be it with vitamins, minerals or lack of either. So, ask yourself if you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet and how about your family members, are they also getting enough healthy vitamins and minerals. Like many things in life, not all vitamins and minerals supplements are created the same and with all the choices in the marketplace for vitamins and minerals, there’s really not telling which vitamins or which minerals brand is superior. People usually end up purchasing vitamins and minerals in supplement based on two factors, either because the cost of the vitamins and minerals are in their budget or because of brand name and advertising for vitamins and minerals is very competitive. Agel offers two forms of vitamins and minerals for a more researched customer, because the delivery of vitamins and minerals is critical to the body being able to absorb through timed delivery and this is where suspended matrix gel comes into the picture. Bioavailablity with suspended matrix gel is critical for vitamins and minerals supplementation as it is for skin care, joint health, heart disease prevention, cleansing of the digestive system, an appetite suppressant and many other suspended matrix gel solutions from Agel! For kids, a new suspended matrix gel product for vitamins and minerals called ABC and for adults, MIN; all the critical vitamins and minerals the body needs in the delivery method which delivers the precise amount the body needs per day.


Vitamins and Minerals in suspended gel

November 11, 2014

Vitamins and minerals come in several delivery methods.

Let’s see if we know all the manners in which marketers are delivery vitamins and minerals, but keep in mind that there are essential vitamins and minerals and then there are amounts of vitamins and minerals which are healthy and some unhealthy. Some of the mentioned delivery methods for vitamins and minerals may make some of you queasy. - Agel ABC and MIN for children and adults. The essential vitamins and minerals in the logical delivery method.In the beginning, fruits and vegetables provided the necessary minerals and vitamins, but in reality to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, one had to consume many different types of fruits and vegetables and at time many of them, depending on the choice of fruits and vegetables for the vitamins and minerals. Granted, some meats provide some vitamins and minerals, but like fruits and vegetables of today much of what is ingested if not organic can amount to much fewer vitamins and minerals relative before the onset of pesticides and herbicides. For the list of supplements for vitamins and minerals we have pills or small rocks, which if the body can break down the contents of the immeasurable amounts of vitamins and minerals, one gets at best 40% of the vitamins and minerals and this is a stretch. Capsules of vitamins and minerals came around, then soft chew-able vitamins and minerals and even liquid vitamins and minerals. What do all of the supplements for vitamins and minerals have in common you may wonder, well a few things including poor bioavailability and the inability to measure what vitamins and minerals and how much of each of these vitamins and minerals are in the delivery method for such supplements, if any of one or many vitamins or minerals are in any. For best in class bioavailability and measurability, there is Agel’s suspended matrix gel technology which enables the precise amount of vitamins and minerals to be in each single serving tasty gel packet and there is no need for water or even worse fearing to take vitamins and minerals as can often be the case with having to swallow vitamins and minerals in pills or tablets. Leave it to the leader in health supplemental technology, Agel Enterprises, to bring you and your children the best in essential vitamins and minerals with MIN for adults and ABC for children starting from the age of four. All Agel suspended matrix gel products come with a money-back no questions asked policy, and this applies to the MIN and ABC essential vitamins and minerals as well to the over dozen other suspended matrix gel products Agel offers.

Not getting vitamins and minerals again

September 22, 2012

With our busy lifestyles we at time or often overlook our body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Life just got a bit easier in the respect for vitamins and minerals. We’re not stating that you don’t need to be getting any more minerals and vitamins, but that there’s a much more convenient manner in which to get all the vitamins and most of the essential minerals your body needs on a daily basis and chances are that you’ll be getting the other minerals in whatever it is that you do eat in that spare time of yours.

Busy lifestyles are no place for pills, tablets or capsules for vitamins and minerals because with the need of something like water to choke down those small objects and at times several of them, the convenience factor is gone. Now think about your minerals and vitamins which your body needs and what if you could ingest them while literally doing anything or doing nothing, would that simplify the process of getting your vitamins and minerals? We think so, and so did Agel Enterprises when they developed MIN with all the vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis with the convenience and portability to be taken anytime and anywhere and without the need for any beverage because there is no choking down of pills or tablets with the MIN essential vitamins and minerals because they are delivered in a fruit flavored and most bioavailable form called suspended gel technology. In addition to the fact of convenience and portability with the MIN essential vitamins and minerals is that this suspended gel technology enables the minerals and vitamins alike to be recharged in the digestive system up to one thousand times and no pill, tablets or other delivery form can do that for vitamins and minerals, of for anything in the digestive system for that matter. So stop taking the ineffective delivery of vitamins and minerals with the likes of tablets, pills, capsules or even gummy animals and take the best on-the-move approach for best delivery of vitamins and minerals with MIN. All Agel products come with a money back guarantee and are only available online and conveniently on this site, so start by getting the best delivery of essential vitamins and essential minerals with a box of 30 single serving suspended gel packets and find out what other great health benefits come with other suspended gel technology products by Agel Enterprises.

The better way to delivery vitamins and minerals is smooth

January 28, 2012

Don’t think that the only way to provide your body essential vitamins and minerals is with pills, tablets or capsules.

Historically in the 20th century this was the case but vitamins and minerals need to be ingested in a manner in which the body can quickly and effectively break them down and absorb them and this brings about bioavailability. Not all delivery methods for vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition are the same and pills, tablets and capsules are simply part of the slow evolution of delivery systems.

How long does it really take for a pill or tablet to be broken down by the digestive system so that it is used by the body and this obviously applies to vitamins and minerals which the body needs on a daily basis. The length of time which is require for such vitamins and minerals to be broken down by the digestive system then leads to the next thought and that is how effective are the vitamins and minerals in being absorbed by the digestive system so that such minerals and vitamins can be readily used by the blood stream to feed the body. Pills, tablets for instance are difficult for the body to break down, leaving the delivery of vitamins and minerals not close to the amount of minerals and vitamins within such chemically compounded pills and tablets thereby leaving the unknown – how much is your body really using or worse yet how much of the vitamins and minerals and essential nutrition in it getting? The answer is unknown and that is why vitamins and minerals in pills and tablets are increased by the percentage of the daily recommended intake called RDI or recommended daily allowance called RDA; but for vitamins and minerals which your body needs and too much of some of them could become toxic to the digestive system leaving the simply question as to why would you want to take the risk or getting a significantly insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals or having your body absorbed significantly too much of such minerals and vitamins. Another very important note with respect to pills, tablets and capsules is that the manufacturers don’t know the specifics about all vitamins or minerals or both which is in the little ingested piece of solid matter which many are coated with chemicals. Even more importantly about vitamins and minerals is the recharging mechanism; let’s say that you ingest such pills, tablets and capsules of vitamins and minerals, without knowing how much of the vitamins and minerals are actually absorbed, how much of what is not absorbed leaves your body as waste or worse than that, remains in the digestive system for extended periods of time resulting in debris or even toxins after many undigested dosages of the vitamins and minerals remain at a standstill? Pills, tablets and capsules are simply poor delivery methods for vitamins and minerals and other forms of nutrition and suspended matrix gel technology is simply the wise and effective delivery solution. With suspended matrix gel technology the body, and specifically the digestive system, is able to quickly and effectively breakdown and absorb minerals, vitamins, and other forms of nutrition in minutes and even better than that the vitamins and minerals get recharged throughout the body in seconds and up to one thousand times. Suspended gel technology for the best in class bioavailability comes with vitamins and minerals for nutrition with products including the tasty berry punch flavored MIN. It’s time you feed your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, and of course without the toxic RDI or RDA percentages manufacturers attempt to include in the archaic delivery methods of pills, tablets and even capsules.

Was is up with pills for this tablets for that

January 21, 2012

We are part of an era of being ordered what to do, or it appears that way for all types of health concerns.

Worried about the flu, get a flu shot or a vaccine. Eat a lot of unhealthy food and have high LDL or unhealthy cholesterol levels, take statin drug pills like Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor or Pravachol. Need joint pain relief, take some MSM, glucosamine or chondroitin pills or tablets.

Have a need for weight loss because your diet is awful, there are pills for that and joining a gym – a place you only drive by in a car, so the odds of using the membership are fairly removed from the laws of probability. Worried about cancer, be it stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer – no sweat because chemotherapy and radiation treatments are available. When is the madness going to stop about these poor delivery methods and some simply unhealthy choices. The is a solution and it’s non invasive. Imagine that, the best health solution without the long list of side effects. This is about Agel and the breakthrough in delivery of vitamins, minerals and other form of nutrition. Find out what the future is like, the past is just that, gone. Think about how you’re getting the delivery of your vitamins, minerals and essential nutrition, and don’t let inferior delivery methods leave you without hope.

Suspended gel technology for the immune system or arthritis or vitamins

December 26, 2011

Simply put, not all health supplements are created equally and for many health concerns including the immune system, arthritis, and vitamins to prevent organ inflammation, to name a few there is a breakthrough with suspended matrix gel technology.

We have all heard of pills, tablets and capsules but what is it with these delivery methods which makes them ineffective but yet they are the mainstream for health issues pertaining to the immune system, arthritis and vitamins and minerals and many other ailment treatments. All three of these, pills, tablets and capsules, have similarities in that they offer poor bioavailability, with pills and tablets having more inferior forms of bioavailability and capsules have better bioavailability but still an inferior delivery method for solutions for the immune system, arthritis and inflammation of the body’s organs where vitamins and minerals play a critical role.

So you may be wondering that if pills, tablets and capsules offer poor bioavailability as solutions for arthritis and the immune system and offer poor methods for the body to obtain necessary vitamins and minerals, then what should you be taking. Remember the days of cassettes and vinyl records and then that of CDs, not that CDs are extinct forms of music delivery but they are on the verge of becoming so; music has become more and more available in a better and more convenient delivery form with smartphones and such advanced technology, providing convenience and portability. Solutions for organ inflammation, with vitamins and minerals, strengthening the immune system with fucoidan, and the solution for arthritis and the many forms of severe joint pain have also found a breakthrough in technology for such health supplementation and the days of taking pills for arthritis or joint pain with MSM, glucosamine, celadrin and chondroitin have passed and taking pills or tablets or even capsules for vitamins and minerals is simply an archaic form of delivery as is boosting the immune system with capsules, pills and tablets. Going back to technology and how the telecommunications industry has changed significantly in a few decades and how the rotary phone of the past was replaced with digital phones and then cordless phones to the now prevalent cell phones, health supplements too have changed with technology for the delivery of vitamins and minerals, for the immune system and for solutions for joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Suspended gel technology has emerged. What suspended matrix gel technology provides for the likes of joint pain and arthritis, the immune system with fucoidan, vitamins and minerals, and many other health supplements traditionally found in other less effective delivery methods like pills, tablets and capsules is the ability to more effectively have the gastrointestinal tract quickly breakdown the nutrients and enable the blood to absorb these nutrients which is the intent of solutions for arthritis, a stronger immune system and prevention of organ inflammation with the ingestation of vitamins and minerals. Another great benefit with suspended matrix gel is that one does not need to be chocking down MSM, chondroitin, glucosamine and celadrin pills for their joint pain or arthritis, or tablets or capsules for boosting the immune system with fucoidan and many other forms of pills, tablets or capsules for vitamins and minerals because with suspended matrix gel there is no need for water and these gel packets named UMI for the immune system fucoidan assisted boost, FLX for the joint pain and arthritis solution and MIN for the gel packets with twelve essential daily vitamins and ten essential minerals can be consumed anywhere and at any time of the day or night and can all be carried in a purse, shirt pocket or where ever you chose. Perhaps it’s time you realized that alternatives to archaic delivery methods like pills, tablets and capsules exist with suspended matrix gel technology with gel packets. In addition to FLX for joint pain and arthritis solutions, UMI for a strong immune system with fucoidan promoting cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis, MIN for preventing organ inflammation with essential vitamins and minerals, there is GLO which is ingested skin care, HRT for heart disease prevention, FIT for a successful diet, and several other ingested natural suspended matrix gels. This technology has been in existence since 2005, find out how you can naturally be healthier from ending arthritis to a stronger immune system.

Vitamin E can lead to prostate cancer wow

November 19, 2011

Too much of any vitamin such as vitamin E and minerals like iron is not healthy.

Getting too much vitamin E for men can assist in developing prostate cancer and too much iron can literally become toxic and lead to hemochromatosis. So how does one know how much of vitamin E and iron is too much and this is not very apparent when taking multi vitamins and minerals in pills, tablets and capsules because many such vitamins and minerals in these delivery forms can contain well over one hundred percent of the recommended daily intake or RDI.

Why would pills, tablets and capsules contain more than 100% of the RDI you may ask. Simply because of bioavailability which is in essence your digestive system or gastrointestinal track being able to breakdown vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition quickly and effectively and then absorbing such minerals, vitamins and other forms of nutrition into the blood stream; such poor delivery methods like pills, tablets and capsules offer poor bioavailability. Take pills, or in essence small rocks of packed powder, manufactured by a machine to condense the vitamins and minerals into one small rock. Some people can easily swallow pills and tablets and even capsules whereas others need to literally choke them down; we won’t elaborate on the choking down aspect for viewer discretion reasons however. So take your vitamin E and iron pill or tablet or capsule with all the other vitamins and minerals included in either the rock or the more easily ingested tablet (assuming chewable) and capsule (faster to dissolve) and why is it that such vitamins and minerals come with at times an RDI which is more than 100% of what your body needs? Simply because of inferior bioavailability with such delivery methods. So many vitamins containing vitamin E and many minerals as supplements containing iron and other metals increase the amount of RDI in the pills, tablets and capsules with the assumption that your digestive system won’t be able to absorb most of what is delivered to it. In reality it’s true for most people in that pills for instance have a bioavailability of 30-40% and that’s actually a generous range. The question which should also be pondered is how long does the digestive system take to breakdown the vitamin E and other vitamins and the iron and other minerals to be of any use. Nobody really knows is the answer as we are all different and that’s why some manufacturers include percentages of vitamin E and iron well above the 100% RDI because the companies don’t know how much each person’s digestive system will absorb such vitamins as vitamin E and minerals such as iron and how quickly they will be absorbed if at all; one could have numerous undigested pills laying in the digestive system waiting to be dissolved. Prostate cancer being probabilistically increased by excess ingestion of vitamin E and iron toxicity becoming realistic for men should be a concern when thinking about vitamins and minerals being ingested. For cancer prevention there is fucoidan, but just as important for preventing too much vitamin E and iron to be ingested in the form of vitamins and minerals there is MIN. The product named MIN contains ten essential minerals and twelve essential vitamins including vitamin E but iron is not one of the ten essential minerals because men rarely become iron deficient but if prostate cancer is a concern fucoidan in the UMI suspended gel is the solution. For you women, you may take an iron supplement in the form of a capsule if recommended by your doctor but for men, MIN with 100% RDI of vitamin E and no iron and with up to 90% bioavailiability is the solution and an effective manner in which to get your vitamin D without having to worry about prostate cancer because with MIN you’ll have the assurance that you only ingest the RDI of vitamin E.

Body needs vitamins and minerals in suspended gel

October 21, 2011

Most all of us claim to be getting the vitamins and minerals our body needs, with pills.

Fact is that pills, tablets and even capsules simply don’t provide the delivery method for you body to be able to break down and absorb the nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals when delivered with such delivery methods. Your body needs to be able to quickly and effectively break down and absorb nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals and can with suspended gel.

Think of vitamins and minerals in this light. Take a pill or tablet for starters and let it sit in water for hours, add some of your body’s acid to see if it will dissolve more quickly if you are a very patient person. Then do the same for a capsule, which is coated with chemicals which are not all that healthy and some people even have allergic reactions to some coatings surrounding capsules which may upset their gut. You probably understand where I’m leading to with pills, tablets and capsules in that many people ingest vitamins and minerals with such delivery methods and guess what happens in the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract with such pills and the like; they lay there, at times for hours, days, and sometimes even up to months for pills like MSM pills or if you’re lucky they get flushed out as waste with the other debris from within your gut. So why are so many people spending money on such archaic means of supplementing their diets with vitamins and minerals instead of eating healthy fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals their body needs? Well, simply put, the fruits and vegetables simply don’t contain as many forms of nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals as they used to a hundred years ago; the minerals are simply not in the soil at the amount they used to be a century ago and the soils have been steadily become more and more depleted of such essential minerals. So, what to do about your body’s need for nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins you may ponder, because pills, tablets and even capsules seem to provide inferior delivery methods compared to real fruits and vegetables; do you simply choke down more pills and tablets with hopes that more of the minerals and vitamins will be broken down by the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract before they are flushed out of your system or do you eat more fruits and vegetables until you want to gag? No, because some vitamins and minerals can become toxic if too much of such minerals or vitamins are ingested. The solution for numerous forms of nutrition for vitamins and minerals can be made very bioavailable in suspended gel, with the exact amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs to nourish it. Suspended gel enables the digestive system to quickly and effectively break down and absorb the nutrition being delivered in the form of minerals and vitamins and such vitamins are recharged up to one thousand times in your digestive system in a matter of seconds – not going to happen with other delivery forms, except for pills and tablets which may lay in your digestive system a thousand times longer than needed to while providing very little benefit in the form of delivery for vitamins and minerals. With an eighty to ninety percent bioavailability delivery form derived from vitamins and minerals in suspended gel your body is getting the nutrition it needs without the need to spend money on vitamins and minerals your body cannot effectively break down and absorb. We bring you several forms of nutrition with vitamins and minerals with the breakthrough in suspended matrix gel technology. Take your MIN suspended gel product daily and your body will quickly and effectively breakdown and absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs; and ingest EXO for the most effective antioxidants from seventeen different fruit and plant extracts with so many vitamins, OHM with minerals and all of the vitamins in the B family, and GRN for nutrition with vitamins and minerals for a clean and effectively functioning digestive system. Get on with your life with suspended gel delivery for nutrition of vitamins, minerals and numerous other form of nutrients.

Taking vitamins and minerals as nutrition correctly

October 8, 2011

We all know about vitamins and minerals and that our body needs them because its nutrition.

Sorry, we should know that our body needs vitamins and minerals as nutrition and perhaps many of us simply don’t feed our body these essential forms of nutrition because we’re feeling fine for the time being. Think about conventional forms of vitamins and minerals for nutrition and chances are that you think about fruits, vegetables and plant extracts.

Then think about the delivery form for such vitamins and minerals other than the conventional fruits and vegetables because such forms of nutrition need to be fresh with the highest content of vitamins and minerals or else the nutrition intake is lost and at times considerably depleted. Not all fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals are created equally where farming practices and shelf life, in addition to cooking methodology changes the nutrition content in vegetables and fruits and can at times significantly impact the vitamins and minerals and overall nutrition value being ingested. We’re not stating that eating fruits and vegetables is not providing nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals but one could get the proper amount of such essential vitamins and minerals in the form of nutrition with supplementation; the correct delivery form for such vitamins and minerals as nutrition. Now this brings about the concept of delivery and changes to delivery methods. Pills were introduced for supplementing vitamins and minerals, then tablets, then capsules and eventually came the introduction of juices and even gummy bears or other softened forms of delivery for vitamins and minerals because the fruits and vegetables and meats simply were not providing enough of the essential minerals and vitamins, perhaps even because of dietary changes which accompanied a faster paced lifestyle. Take the late Steve Jobs, he brought to market a new delivery form for working with the personal computer in 1984 when he brought the MacIntosh to the marketplace; the use of a mouse with clicking on icons in windows which opened up right before the user’s very eyes. Yes, William Jr. Gates used marketing to make billions of dollars from Mr. Jobs’ invention. Steve Jobs changed other delivery forms with music and hand held phones. The point is that delivery methods for technology have evolved and there has been some progress in the change of delivery for vitamins and minerals for nutrition but nothing like what Agel Enterprises did in 2006. Agel started a new technology named suspended matrix gel technology for the delivery of numerous vitamins and minerals enabling nutrition to be provided to the body with the best form of bioavailability. So why is it that so many people are still swallowing pills, tablets and capsules when a far superior form of delivery and bioavailability exists. We wonder ourselves. Pills and tablets offer bioavailability at 30 to 40 percent with capsules being slightly higher whereas suspended matrix gel delivery for nutrition with minerals and vitamins is at about 85 percent. Your body knows what form of nutrition is the best. Why is it that so many people are still ingesting essential minerals and vitamins with conventional delivery methods where the percentage of what is ingested and not absorbed leaves the body as waste. Suspended matrix gel technology is changing the manner in which people should be getting their nutrition for essential vitamins and minerals. Take a look at vitamins and minerals as nutrition solutions with suspended matrix gels for arthritis, cancer prevention or elimination, prevention of organ inflammation, weight loss, digestive system detox and cleansing, and many other solutions where nutrition being delivered for minerals and vitamins is simply far superior with suspended matrix gel technology.

New nutrition and vitamins suspended gel products yesterday.

September 3, 2011

Yesterday Agel Enterprises introduced VLT and Omega 3 (Ω-3) to add to the gelceutical nutrition, vitamins and minerals product line with now two new and different health supplement products.

Agel has been bringing nutrition delivery methods to market since 2005 with the breakthrough in suspended gel matrix technology for vitamins and minerals. This technology, pioneered by Agel’s scientists enables the best form of bioavailability for nutrition, vitamins and minerals which our body needs.

The VLT health technology nutrition and vitamins product line extension for gelceuticals brings about natural energy and does so with a burst of abundance and unlike energy drinks such as red bull, monster or rockstar, VLT does not follow with a crash, where you suddenly become very exhausted. With VLT, in a fresh fruit flavor, the nutrition and vitamins, accompanied by the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee and only ten grams of sugar brings about natural energy for the muscles and for cognitive skills; this is nutrition and vitamins for the body and mind. This breakthrough with VLT will enable nutrition and vitamins to be used by athletes and equally used by people who want more physical natural energy and enhanced cognitive skills when they are on the go or at a standstill; nutrition and vitamins for natural physical and mental energy. The second new product introduced by Agel is the nutrition health supplement named Omega 3 which is delivered in a tasty lemon flavor, without the taste or aftertaste of fish oil, and omega 3 will bring about nutrition for the joints, heart disease prevention, a better metabolism and with essential fatty acids where your and everyone’s health will be improved with Omega 3 fish oil and other nutrition within each gel packet. It’s time you start looking at nutrition, vitamins and minerals introduced by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. Nutrition which is ingested with the best form of bioavailability.

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