Taking vitamins and minerals as nutrition correctly

October 8, 2011

We all know about vitamins and minerals and that our body needs them because its nutrition.

Sorry, we should know that our body needs vitamins and minerals as nutrition and perhaps many of us simply don’t feed our body these essential forms of nutrition because we’re feeling fine for the time being. Think about conventional forms of vitamins and minerals for nutrition and chances are that you think about fruits, vegetables and plant extracts.

Then think about the delivery form for such vitamins and minerals other than the conventional fruits and vegetables because such forms of nutrition need to be fresh with the highest content of vitamins and minerals or else the nutrition intake is lost and at times considerably depleted. Not all fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals are created equally where farming practices and shelf life, in addition to cooking methodology changes the nutrition content in vegetables and fruits and can at times significantly impact the vitamins and minerals and overall nutrition value being ingested. We’re not stating that eating fruits and vegetables is not providing nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals but one could get the proper amount of such essential vitamins and minerals in the form of nutrition with supplementation; the correct delivery form for such vitamins and minerals as nutrition. Now this brings about the concept of delivery and changes to delivery methods. Pills were introduced for supplementing vitamins and minerals, then tablets, then capsules and eventually came the introduction of juices and even gummy bears or other softened forms of delivery for vitamins and minerals because the fruits and vegetables and meats simply were not providing enough of the essential minerals and vitamins, perhaps even because of dietary changes which accompanied a faster paced lifestyle. Take the late Steve Jobs, he brought to market a new delivery form for working with the personal computer in 1984 when he brought the MacIntosh to the marketplace; the use of a mouse with clicking on icons in windows which opened up right before the user’s very eyes. Yes, William Jr. Gates used marketing to make billions of dollars from Mr. Jobs’ invention. Steve Jobs changed other delivery forms with music and hand held phones. The point is that delivery methods for technology have evolved and there has been some progress in the change of delivery for vitamins and minerals for nutrition but nothing like what Agel Enterprises did in 2006. Agel started a new technology named suspended matrix gel technology for the delivery of numerous vitamins and minerals enabling nutrition to be provided to the body with the best form of bioavailability. So why is it that so many people are still swallowing pills, tablets and capsules when a far superior form of delivery and bioavailability exists. We wonder ourselves. Pills and tablets offer bioavailability at 30 to 40 percent with capsules being slightly higher whereas suspended matrix gel delivery for nutrition with minerals and vitamins is at about 85 percent. Your body knows what form of nutrition is the best. Why is it that so many people are still ingesting essential minerals and vitamins with conventional delivery methods where the percentage of what is ingested and not absorbed leaves the body as waste. Suspended matrix gel technology is changing the manner in which people should be getting their nutrition for essential vitamins and minerals. Take a look at vitamins and minerals as nutrition solutions with suspended matrix gels for arthritis, cancer prevention or elimination, prevention of organ inflammation, weight loss, digestive system detox and cleansing, and many other solutions where nutrition being delivered for minerals and vitamins is simply far superior with suspended matrix gel technology.

New nutrition and vitamins suspended gel products yesterday.

September 3, 2011

Yesterday Agel Enterprises introduced VLT and Omega 3 (Ω-3) to add to the gelceutical nutrition, vitamins and minerals product line with now two new and different health supplement products.

Agel has been bringing nutrition delivery methods to market since 2005 with the breakthrough in suspended gel matrix technology for vitamins and minerals. This technology, pioneered by Agel’s scientists enables the best form of bioavailability for nutrition, vitamins and minerals which our body needs.

The VLT health technology nutrition and vitamins product line extension for gelceuticals brings about natural energy and does so with a burst of abundance and unlike energy drinks such as red bull, monster or rockstar, VLT does not follow with a crash, where you suddenly become very exhausted. With VLT, in a fresh fruit flavor, the nutrition and vitamins, accompanied by the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee and only ten grams of sugar brings about natural energy for the muscles and for cognitive skills; this is nutrition and vitamins for the body and mind. This breakthrough with VLT will enable nutrition and vitamins to be used by athletes and equally used by people who want more physical natural energy and enhanced cognitive skills when they are on the go or at a standstill; nutrition and vitamins for natural physical and mental energy. The second new product introduced by Agel is the nutrition health supplement named Omega 3 which is delivered in a tasty lemon flavor, without the taste or aftertaste of fish oil, and omega 3 will bring about nutrition for the joints, heart disease prevention, a better metabolism and with essential fatty acids where your and everyone’s health will be improved with Omega 3 fish oil and other nutrition within each gel packet. It’s time you start looking at nutrition, vitamins and minerals introduced by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. Nutrition which is ingested with the best form of bioavailability.

Are you still swallowing pills and tablets or capsules as nutrition

July 2, 2011

Then stop because they offer inferior bioavailability for nutrition.

Let’s put it this way, if you’re using a PC, are you using Windows 95 98 or 2000? Probably not and if you’re a Mac type, you’re not using the original Macintosh which came out in 1984 and nutrition has changed with technology for superior bioavailability.

So why would you be taking pills, tablets or the more recent but still archaic capsules when the best form of bioavailability for nutrition is with gel and suspended gel provides the best form of bioavailability of any form of health supplementation other than intravenous. Now, of course getting vitamins, minerals and other nutrition intravenously is not very convenient and if you happen to get enough pricks you might actually become a water fountain when drinking water like an old Jerry Lewis movies from decades ago. The point is rather simple because nutrition in pills, tablets and capsules, and of course powders and juices all offer poor bioavailability and lack convenience. So if you’re still taking archaic forms of delivery in pills, tablets, capsules, powders or juices, welcome to the significantly more effective manner in which to ingest vitamins, minerals and other necessary forms of nutrition in suspended matrix gel where the recharging mechanism enables the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract to process the nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals up to one thousand times with each single serving gel packet by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. So if you’re needing to normalize you cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, boost your immune system, diet, eliminate joint pain or arthritis, get rid of free radicals with antioxidants, increase your energy naturally while reducing levels of stress, cleanse and detox your digestive system or want to rejuvenate your collagen fibers with skin care, Agel Enterprises has the nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals which will provide the best form of bioavailability. And being that all of these breakthrough nutrition suspended gels don’t require any water and don’t need to be stored in a cool and dry location, they are highly portable. Why would anyone want to be ingesting inferior forms of nutrition, vitamins and minerals other than in with suspended gel matrix technology? Because until now they perhaps have not heard of the solution to their body’s nutrition needs with vitamins and minerals. Now you know how to give your body the nutrition in needs with numerous minerals and vitamins the way nature intended it, naturally with suspended matrix gel technology.

So many choices for nutrition and not all are good.

February 26, 2011

Nutrition is like a pair of sneakers.

Some sneakers, like nutrition, will do the job very well and some will fall short. Chances are you probably would not play soccer or football with the same sneakers as you would basketball or some other indoor sport.

Why then would you take pills and tablets which offer poor bioavailability when a gel is now available? Sneakers provide different forms of convenience and high-tops provide better ankle support for basketball where there’s a lot of jumping involved and many quick turns and quick stops. Soccer and football when played outside require some form of cleats for better traction, especially when the sport is on natural grass and of course during inclement weather. However, for years people have been taking nutrition supplements in the form of pills and tablets which offer poor body absorption and delivery of the nutrition to the body from the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract. Gel, suspended gel at that pioneered by Agel Enterprises, offers convenience and portability where you don’t need water to choke down the nutrition supplement. Yes, many may state that they get their nutrition from the food they eat and that’s great if and if you eat the correct food which provide the nutrition your body demands; honestly, in the fast-paced world we live in, nutrition at times takes a back seat like putting on any old pair of sneakers instead of the sneakers which would enable you to improve your game. Suspend gelceuticals provide the method for your body to quickly and effectively absorb the nutrition you feed it where pills and tablets might simply leave you on the field laying down on your back as your opponent passes you and scores.

Humankind lasting as long as a field goal so make the best out of life with nutrition as you only get one chance.

February 20, 2011

Yes, it is sad but we are faced with so many choices in life and yet we overlook simple nutrition.

Why is that or better stated perhaps is how did this ever come to be? We have over the years taken nutrition more and more lightly, especially in the United States.

Let me rephrase that some more; nutrition, for many of us, has not even been on the radar except for an occasional guilt feeling that we’re not eating the greens mother told us to or worse yet never told us about. Nutrition is really not all that complicated and if you have an extra minute every day you can take advantage of getting the nutrition your body needs in the form of micronutrients. You live once, so I have been informed by countless numbers of people and yet so many such people don’t take nutrition seriously. Perhaps because they realize that in the big scheme of things, mankind is only a few seconds in duration when compared to the universe and beyond. They have a point, we are simply here for a short period of time and our lives alone are not even remotely close to a blink of an eye when compared to the amount of time since our planet has been in existence; and that’s about 4.5 billion years, give or take a few hundred million years. Yet, simply over the last one hundred years we have let nutrition and the need for nutrients slowly but surely slip through our list of priorities and replaced it with fast food and convenience and of course this is followed by the pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs to take care of the ailments which we ourselves brought to being by taking nutrition lightly. So, ask yourself this question and you don’t need to answer it of course; are you getting the nutrition you need or are you simply buying time for the inevitable. Nutrition can be made easy and healthy and it does not require giving up your precious time. Get your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients as your body will make your relatively short stay here on this planet a more pleasant one while ingesting your nutrition needs.

All this talk about nutrition and proper diet and of course vitamins and minerals.

February 15, 2011

Many people complain that they simply don’t have time to make healthy meals which provide the nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals which their body needs.

Other people simply think nutrition is going to the local fast food establishment and getting some deep fried chicken, fries, a cheeseburger and a shake. For those who think nutrition is about fast food meals, you are greatly mistaken because vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients play a significant role in the diet.

There are two forms of nutrition which include macronutrients and you might have guess it, micronutrients – perhaps it reminds you of micro and macro economics (whether you liked economics in college or not, just might be a reason why you’re not feeding your body enough nutrition in the form of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients). Macronutrients are more often consumed without much dietary discipline because they encompass carbohydrates, fats, protein, and water (granted, some people need to be drinking more water – distilled with reverse osmosis would be a good choice). Our bodies need both forms of nutrition to remain healthy and nobody should be challenging this point, even the CEOs of the large fast food companies. Back to the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients because these forms of nutrition will facilitate the prevention of organs becoming inflamed, viruses, infections and even more serious illnesses. So, for people who are too busy to make meals which provide their body the needed minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins there is a solution which will not take more than perhaps a minute of your day and you can do this anywhere and at any time of the day. There is no need to go to a store, no need to choke down pills or tablets and the tastes are great. What I am highly recommending for people who are not getting their daily vitamins and minerals (and antioxidants and phytochemicals) is to simply ingest these micronutrients in highly portable suspended gel packets where no liquid is required to ingest them and they can be stored at any extreme temperatures found on Earth, either hot or cold. For nutrition with vitamins and minerals, the MIN suspended gel packets provide 100% of 12 essential daily vitamins and 10 essential daily minerals and comes in a berry punch flavor. Take a look at the list of vitamins and minerals here. For nutrition with antioxidants, the EXO suspended gel packet offers 17 fruits and plant extracts with the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) score and comes in a grape flavor. And for nutrition with phytonutrients to detox and cleanse the digestive system and optimize the immune system and enable the macronutrients to be properly and effectively absorbed there is the GRN suspended gel packet in a lemongrass mint flavor (contains spinach, broccoli, wheat grass, chlorophyll and other forms of nutrition ingredients). So now you no longer have an excuse for not providing your body the nutrition it needs with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

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