The flu with fever and fucoidan to end it quickly

April 21, 2012

We’re confident by stating that the average person will attempt to take care of the flu with or without a fever without fucoidan, but why would they?

Historically and traditionally, people take care of the flu and fever with all forms of archaic remedies including but not limited to iodine, orange juice, vitamin C, zinc, colloidal silver, garlic capsules, ginger root, arsenicum, gelsemium, catnip tea, bryonia, eupatorium, and many more including over the counter drugs but they all ultimately serve or attempt to serve one thing and that’s to boost the immune system by eliminating the virus in question which causes the flu and fever. What about fucoidan though where the speed of a natural recovery with fucoidan boosting the immune system is extremely quick as the preferred and wise choice.

The fact that fucoidan naturally boosts the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count to boost and strengthen the immune system is really all that one needs to eliminate the flu and fever, and more importantly with fucoidan in the breakthrough suspended matrix gel delivery system, enables anyone to prevent getting the flu and fever in the first place. Forget about the short-lived flu vaccine because by now you should know that such vaccines are more harmful than beneficial. Ask yourself if you want a remedy to end the flu or a fever or would you rather prevent getting the flu or a fever altogether and do so without health risks? Most would prefer preventing the flu or fever and that is where fucoidan can naturally assist and can with people at any age, from one year to a centenarian. But fucoidan goes far beyond simply boosting the immune system to prevent viruses like the common cold, the flu, a fever but also includes prevention of diseases including cancer, be it any form of cancer because fucoidan will promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis where the strong immune system protects the body from harmful cells and viruses from spreading by destroying such unhealthy cells without interfering with healthy cells. In fact, fucoidan rebuilds damaged healthy cells thereby providing more ammunition to the immune system to keep protecting the body from the flu, a fever, cancer and numerous other viruses and diseases. With ingesting a few gel packets of the suspended gel named UMI, one can eliminate the flu and fever overnight; try to eliminate the flu and fever that quickly with the traditional alternatives where fucoidan is not part of the solution. Tradional methods of getting past the flu and fever are simply archaic methods and some, like the over the counter drugs, actually do more long term harm to the body by wreaking havoc to the digestive system and ultimately the immune system; think of it this way, your immune system is mostly started in the digestive system so interfering with the digestive system with over the counter drugs or prescription medication to get over the flu or fever is simply enabling the body to increase the likelihood of being vulnerable to viruses, infections and diseases, including the flu and cancer as examples because such drugs interfere with the body’s natural immune system protection mechanism. And for those of you who want to take catnip to end the flu and fever, we wish you the best of luck. The natural solution to eliminate the flu, fever and so many viruses and disease and prevent them in the first place is to ingest the suspended matrix gel named UMI. One last point, fucoidan comes with a green apple flavor to naturally boost the immune system against the flu and fever but what do garlic capsules taste like or better yet what does your breath smell like without a solution in sight? The solution is simple and its fucoidan to prevent the flu and fever and if you unfortunately already have the flu or fever, get your UMI packed fucoidan gel packets or fucoidan pods shipped overnight and remember that fucoidan in the best delivery method for bioavailability is only available online. If you just got over the flu or fever or both the flu and fever, you’ll want to start ingesting fucoidan to avoid the flu or fever coming back and about the catnip, get a cat and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to get a box or two of UMI with the most bioavailable delivery of fucoidan and while your being entertained by your cat, look up fucoidan on


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