The flu with fever and fucoidan to end it quickly

April 21, 2012

We’re confident by stating that the average person will attempt to take care of the flu with or without a fever without fucoidan, but why would they?

Historically and traditionally, people take care of the flu and fever with all forms of archaic remedies including but not limited to iodine, orange juice, vitamin C, zinc, colloidal silver, garlic capsules, ginger root, arsenicum, gelsemium, catnip tea, bryonia, eupatorium, and many more including over the counter drugs but they all ultimately serve or attempt to serve one thing and that’s to boost the immune system by eliminating the virus in question which causes the flu and fever. What about fucoidan though where the speed of a natural recovery with fucoidan boosting the immune system is extremely quick as the preferred and wise choice.

The fact that fucoidan naturally boosts the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count to boost and strengthen the immune system is really all that one needs to eliminate the flu and fever, and more importantly with fucoidan in the breakthrough suspended matrix gel delivery system, enables anyone to prevent getting the flu and fever in the first place. Forget about the short-lived flu vaccine because by now you should know that such vaccines are more harmful than beneficial. Ask yourself if you want a remedy to end the flu or a fever or would you rather prevent getting the flu or a fever altogether and do so without health risks? Most would prefer preventing the flu or fever and that is where fucoidan can naturally assist and can with people at any age, from one year to a centenarian. But fucoidan goes far beyond simply boosting the immune system to prevent viruses like the common cold, the flu, a fever but also includes prevention of diseases including cancer, be it any form of cancer because fucoidan will promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis where the strong immune system protects the body from harmful cells and viruses from spreading by destroying such unhealthy cells without interfering with healthy cells. In fact, fucoidan rebuilds damaged healthy cells thereby providing more ammunition to the immune system to keep protecting the body from the flu, a fever, cancer and numerous other viruses and diseases. With ingesting a few gel packets of the suspended gel named UMI, one can eliminate the flu and fever overnight; try to eliminate the flu and fever that quickly with the traditional alternatives where fucoidan is not part of the solution. Tradional methods of getting past the flu and fever are simply archaic methods and some, like the over the counter drugs, actually do more long term harm to the body by wreaking havoc to the digestive system and ultimately the immune system; think of it this way, your immune system is mostly started in the digestive system so interfering with the digestive system with over the counter drugs or prescription medication to get over the flu or fever is simply enabling the body to increase the likelihood of being vulnerable to viruses, infections and diseases, including the flu and cancer as examples because such drugs interfere with the body’s natural immune system protection mechanism. And for those of you who want to take catnip to end the flu and fever, we wish you the best of luck. The natural solution to eliminate the flu, fever and so many viruses and disease and prevent them in the first place is to ingest the suspended matrix gel named UMI. One last point, fucoidan comes with a green apple flavor to naturally boost the immune system against the flu and fever but what do garlic capsules taste like or better yet what does your breath smell like without a solution in sight? The solution is simple and its fucoidan to prevent the flu and fever and if you unfortunately already have the flu or fever, get your UMI packed fucoidan gel packets or fucoidan pods shipped overnight and remember that fucoidan in the best delivery method for bioavailability is only available online. If you just got over the flu or fever or both the flu and fever, you’ll want to start ingesting fucoidan to avoid the flu or fever coming back and about the catnip, get a cat and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to get a box or two of UMI with the most bioavailable delivery of fucoidan and while your being entertained by your cat, look up fucoidan on


Avoid the common cold and flu naturally with fucoidan

January 10, 2012

You probably never counted how many times over the last ten years you became ill because of the common cold or the flu because of not having a strong immune system with fucoidan.

However many times you did get the common cold or the flu is not really important, but what you did about it after having gotten the common cold or the flu is relevant. You probably never thought about ingesting fucoidan, algae from brown seaweed, but instead spent time going to the doctor’s office or purchasing some over the counter medicine where the latter of these solutions are not solutions at all.

Taking care of the common cold or the flu after you have become ill is not preventative in nature but simply reactive. People are misled into thinking that taking medicine for the common cold or the flu is going to be the cure to their common cold or flu; doing nothing will also eventually end the common cold or the flu and that is accomplished by the immune system. The body’s immune system is the solution to preventing the common cold, the flu, and many other viruses and infections, and even diseases. For solutions for preventing the common cold or the flu, the alternative is fucoidan; this is a natural immune system booster which strengthens the immune system naturally by making immune system cells healthier and stronger so that these celsl can create cell apoptosis or the natural destruction of unhealthy and foreign cells which are attempting to overthrow the immune system. Taking fucoidan in a suspended gel will do much more than over the counter drugs or prescriptions because it will prevent you getting the common cold or the flu in the first place and provide many other benefits and not simply for one strain and not for a only a period of time. By now you should realize that if you are not ingesting fucoidan to boost your immune system chances are that you will get the common cold or even the flu at least once a year but what if you could prevent these types of illnesses and more serious ones including diseases with a fucoidan strengthened immune system, you would probably think of this as being a wise decision. Better than that, think about the children in your family or the elderly and how their immune system is more susceptible to diseases, viruses and illnesses including the flu or common cold and disease like cancer for the more aged. We’d like to ask you a question about the next time you sense a common cold coming on with the likes of a sore throat emerging; would you be willing to try a couple of UMI gel packets to have such common cold symptoms simply stop with that sore throat and no have the common cold develop any further? Fucoidan is that solution so get your box of thirty single serving UMI gel packets and if you don’t want to be boosting your immune system daily, this is your prerogative but when you do sense the common cold or flu coming on, simply ingest the green apple flavored fucoidan packed UMI gel packets and quickly and effectively end the symptoms and for those of you who never want to get the common cold or the flu again, boosting the immune system with fucoidan on a daily basis is the natural preventative solution for viruses and diseases.

Here we go again with flu shots

October 10, 2011

Pretty soon, fast food joints are going to be offering flu shots while your order is being fabricated when all you need is fucoidan for your immune system.

Flu shots are everywhere, now on billboards for national grocery stores. What’s next, statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor sold in vending machines? There are two types of people in this world from this person’s vantage point when it comes to flu shots; buying everything the pharmaceutical giants are selling and the ones who take matters into their own hands.

Yes, the flu may end your life but in reality if the flu could end your life it’s your immune system that is in need of help and not actually getting flu shots which inject the flu into your body so that your body can build resistance to the strain of the flu or flus which are in the flu shots being sold. If flu shots were deemed to be so critical, the big pharmaceutical companies should be offering them for free as showing that these large drug manufacturing companies really care about your health. Instead, they sell flu shots and they have built a network so vast that you can get your groceries and while you’re at it, get a flu shot; it’s like one stop shopping. Folks, you get the flu because of your immune system not being as strong as it should be and even the drug manufacturers know that flu shots won’t guarantee that the recipients won’t get the flu. Flu strains change and flu shots were not formulated overnight but were being formulated well before they showed up at your local or national grocery store. I know people who have had flu shots and who have not gotten the flu during a season but others who did not get a flu shot and also did not come down with the flu and on the flip side, some got the flu who did or did not receive flu shots. We’re all different, lead different lives and have various degrees of operating immune systems. Think of it this way if you wonder if flu shots would be a good idea for you and members of your family or network of friends or coworkers; how is the immune system for all of those in question? The immune system is the body’s natural response in promoting cell apoptosis where the unhealthy cells are isolated and destroyed by healthy cells. Flu shots simply temporarily attempt to build up resistance in the body’s cells by ‘impregnating’ the cells with at least one flu virus. How long does a flu vaccine virus really last you may wonder and the answer is not as long as it needs to. With a strong immune system, prevention of viruses and diseases is constantly happening with cell apoptosis. So, think of flu shots in another light with building up the immune system, and more specifically your immune system and that of your family members, friends and coworkers. The natural manner in which to boost the immune system is not with flu shots but instead with fucoidan which comes from brown seaweed and the most bioavailable and effective delivery form for fucoidan is in its natural state, in a gel. Fucoidan to boost the immune system comes in a green apple flavor with the UMI suspended matrix gel packets or pods. Flu shots may or may not help people with the flu but fucoidan to boost the immune system fights against all diseases and viruses which the body’s cells naturally are faced against. It’s your choice to enjoy a tasty suspended matrix gel named UMI with fucoidan to boost your immune system or to get pricked with flu shots. Choose wisely, it’s your immune system.

Not global warming but a need for a strong immune system for avoiding the flu.

February 1, 2011

Al Gore and others were and probably still are convinced that the planet has been and is in a state of global warming but in reality a strong immune system with fucoidan is what people need to prevent getting the flu.

Today in Dallas, Texas (USA) the temperature was a low of 9F or -13C and the average temperature is 34F or 1C (and that is actually a very aggressive average – being that a few years ago the average was near 80F for the month). Cold weather is not the reason for why people get a sore throat, the common cold or even the flu, but a weak immune system.

A sore throat, the common cold and the flu is attributed to a weak immune system in the people who get ill. Yes, it’s cold in Dallas and will be for the next couple of days but unlike the global warming concept (which apparently does not seem to have much if any validity), people seem to blame the cold weather on getting a sore throat, the common cold or the flu. It’s your immune system! Strengthening your immune system will decrease the likelihood that you will get the flu or a lesser common form of such a virus. How you go about preventing getting such illnesses as the flu is the critical part. There is a natural product which contains fucoidan to strengthen the immune system and it comes with fucoidan which is harvested from brown seaweed from off the coast of Okinawa and not simply anywhere in the world; this immune system product comes in a suspended gel and also contains iodine and apple cider vinegar and get this – it can be consumed by anyone at any age, from age one (1), which implies that people of any age can naturally build up their immune system in order not to get the flu. The taste of this healthy product is of green apple and being that it comes in a suspended gel, it provides the best form of bioavailability which will in turn strengthen the immune system so that a sore throat, that common cold or even the flu you might have gotten in the past won’t come back. It’s always wise to wash your hands with natural soap and doing it often (year-round) this is the first step to help your immune system and prevent getting a sore throat, the common cold or the flu. Stay clean and take care of your immune system with UMI with fucoidan and for those of you who follow global warming daily, the low in Dallas was set in 1899 when it reached only -8F or -22C; yes, some of you may consider that because of this 120 year-old record not being attained again that global warming is actually occurring. For those of you, you still need to boost your immune system with fucoidan in a suspended gel because you are most likely still getting a sore throat, common cold or the flu once in a while and it can happen at any temperature. Strengthen your immune system year-round with UMI with fucoidan from Agel Enterprises.

Not just any immune system but yours for the flu and more.

November 20, 2010

Your immune system is your defense against all diseases, all of them!

This would make your immune system extremely important and something you would want to have functioning at its best at all times. Why is it then that many people simply overlook their immune system and take it for granted that it works.

Most of the time it does work and works fairly well for most of us. Our bodies were created or designed to have effective immune systems, but like most everything in life the immune system too is not perfect; people get diseases, get the common cold, get cancer, get a sore throat, get a fever, the flu and so on. Why does our immune system fail to protect our bodies by not adequately generating cell apoptosis (the removal of unhealthy cells)? As previously mentioned, our immune system is only as good as we take care of it because certain foods and habits such as smoking and alcohol and other environmental interactions lessen the effectiveness of our immune system. To come to the aid of our immune system, vaccines were created but some have adverse effects to the human immune system such as the swine flu vaccine for example. So how to go about making your immune system stronger so that the likelihood of getting the flu or cancer or some other disease is minimized? Agel Enterprises has developed a natural immune system health supplement from an active ingredient in seaweed (brown seaweed specifically from off the coast of Okinawa) which is named UMI and its main ingredient is fucoidan and Agel has combined fucoidan with iodine and apple cider vinegar all in a tasty green apple flavored suspension gel which is ingested without water and can be taken anywhere and at anytime and as often as one would like; the suspended gel product which builds up the human immune system is named UMI and everyone should have a least one box of UMI on hand at their residence at all times – boosting the immune system is critical to better health and UMI is the product which naturally builds up the immune system so get a box of 30 gel packets and keep some gel packets in your car, in your purse, at your place of employment, in your apartment or home and build up your immune system daily so that you won’t be a victim of a disease, be it the flu or cancer. UMI is natural with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar. To your better health and to your immune system for prevention diseases – to UMI!

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