Bone health and osteoporosis is very serious but most wait until it is too late. Find out how to PREVENT it.

February 13, 2010

Osteoporosis is not a nice way to leave your life and it hurts your loved ones to see such people in such pain.

A calcium supplement for osteoporosis prevention is so important yet so many of us look over this simple step to proper health. I am not referring to calcium supplement pills which really are nothing more than flushing your money in the toilet/commode.

Not sure if you ever saw someone who was suffering from osteoporosis, but if you have you will remember such people’s agony in their face as their body tortures them throughout every single second of every minute of every hour of their existence going forward. I assume that such osteoporosis stricken folks took or are taking calcium supplement pills – and such supplements did not and will not work! It is time that you introduce them to the solution and come to their aid. The solution is natural without any side effects and it has the fastest absorption rate into the body’s blood stream through the bone/skeletal capacity to absorb the vitamin D, the calcium supplement, the magnesium, the vitamin K2 and other nutrients; this product has many other benefits which you will soon know about. This is the only product I know of which really works and if your loved one(s) need it, you should be looking at this product now. They will be thanking you and I am thanking you now for helping your loved ones.

The question whether milk is really good for us as a calcium supplement and a vitamin D supplement is arising.

February 5, 2010

If you drink milk, you might want to look at this.

Sure, milk as we knew it decades ago was relatively clean in the sense that the cows were not injected with hormones and such hormones can have increased insulin-like behaviors which can form into tumors in humans. This sheds light on a new way to look at milk and what type of vitamin D does milk really contain.

Milk does contain calcium which can be found in many calcium supplements and in certain foods. Milk does have vitamin D, but what type of vitamin D is going to make the calcium much more readily absorbed by our bones – vitamin D3; I would be very surprised if the mild people by daily contains vitamin D3. Milk also lacks a critical magnesium supplement which is also required for a calcium supplement to be properly and most effectively absorbed by our skeletal structure. Yes, milk may taste great and I must say that I had it daily (several times) back in the mid 1960s-1980s but don’t get near it anymore. More recently I am consuming a calcium supplement which in it’s 0.75oz suspended gel pack or 21 grams has the equivalent of about 2 gallons of milk for calcium and ones body can only consume and readily absorb 500mg per serving and up to 1,000mg per day. Take a look at all the great nutrients in the breakthrough CAL product by Agel Enterprises and you will quickly see why milk is not the preferred choice for better skeletal health. Take your calcium supplement in the best form for your body’s absorption and osteoporosis prevention starting now.

For Valentines Day, show her that you really care about her bones’ health.

February 3, 2010

You may think this as being a silly Valentines Day gift, but on the contrary. This is a life saver for women above the age of 35, especially the ones who have had children.

Can you say osteoporosis? If you can’t that’s fine because what it all comes down to is a calcium supplement for offsetting the likelihood of osteoporosis and contains much more than just calcium.

Bones are not only made up of calcium, but rather they need a calcium supplement, a magnesium supplement and a vitamin D3 supplement to best enable the calcium supplement to be absorbed into the bones.  Bones are responsible for making red and white blood cells, storing fat and regulating the amount of your body’s supply of phosphorus and calcium. Bones, all 206 of them are the means to control your entire nervous system so keeping them healthy is vital. A calcium supplement is not called milk! Milk is good for children who still have plenty of calcium to disperse throughout their body but when people age, the calcium is stripped from their bones slowly but surely to help out their bodies and overall system. So, in time such calcium needs to be replenished on a daily basis to not only keep the bones healthy and strong but to be able to provide ongoing support for ones entire body functioning properly. Taking a calcium pill is about as effective as not taking one at all, so we won’t be talking about that anymore because such pills are not a form of osteoporosis prevention but merely toxic waste staying in your body for up to months. Calcium, to be properly absorbed needs other nutrients such as a magnesium supplement and a vitamin supplement (D3, not D1 not D2 or any other D variation). Check out your milk bottle to see what type of vitamin D it contains…chances are it won’t indicate and the likelihood of it being vitamin D3 are slim to none. Also, for proper formation of ‘glue for the bones’ ladies especially need vitamin K2 (not just any vitamin K). Has your opinion about bone health associated with a calcium supplement changed? It could change your wife’s life, your mother’s life and your grandmother’s life. Many women who suffer from a fall and break a hip end up leaving us for good within 1-3 months and I am sure that this is not the way in which they want to be remembered. Give your wife, mother and grandmother some calcium supplement for Valentines Day. They may look at you awkwardly or with a large smile followed by saying “this is the best Valentines gift ever”, but it will do their skeletal structure and nervous system much more than some flowers or a box of chocolates in the short and long run.

Ever get cramps at night in your legs, if so your body is lacking in a Calcium Supplement.

January 27, 2010

This is simply touching the surface on why we all need Proper Calcium…milk does not provide what are body need after a certain age.

Sure a calcium supplement can be purchased at thousands if not hundreds of thousand of retail outlets or online. But what are you really getting?

If your buying calcium pills or rocks, don’t do it. Your body can’t break down the 25,000 pounds of pressure or over 11,000 kilos of pressure which is how they are chemically manufactures. Such a pill, like all other pills are simply powders which are wrapped so tightly with chemical ingredients which your and my body can’t possibly absorb in a timely fashion and leads to additional waste in the water we all drink. These pills also lack the fundamental effective combination of other needed vitamins and nutrients because your probably taking a calcium supplement for your bones – am I correct? Well, our bone structure requires more than simply calcium, they require a magnesium supplement, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D won’t help you and vitamin K also won’t help your bones. If you are serious about proper bone health you need to be looking at the best form of bioavailability with all of the proper essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for your calcium supplement to be quickly and readily absorbed into your bones, so that your bones can feed the rest of your body.

Have Heartburn – Use a natural product which will do much more as a Calcium Supplement

January 22, 2010

Instead of taking some acid reduction chaulky aid, try something which does much more good than simply get rid of heartburn

Think of a calcium supplement which does so much more than become an osteoporosis prevention supplement. The supplement I am referring to increases readily available calcium supplements, magnesium, and vitamin K2; and of course it provides aid to our nervous system – feeding calcium through our blood.

Problem with Heartburn:

Now think of such a great health supplement which does all of this and of course ensures the proper absorption in the bones with calcium so that your body can disperse it through your nervous system but it also facilitate acid reduction for heartburn – in a healthy way. No more reason to take an anti-acid which some come with calcium. The absorption of calcium needs to be properly administered; taking an anti-acid health product does by no means ensure that your body will break it down successfully. That’s why proper nutrition comes in the form of suspended gel technology. Get your calcium supplement today and reap all of the benefits with quick and effective results. The protein supplement which works throughout your body to resolve heartburn and is also an osteoporosis prevention supplement.

Health Care Reform – perhaps it’s time to help ourselves with a calcium supplement

December 28, 2009

Ladies, this one is more in line for your needs but men it’s also on your agenda or should be.

Let’s face it, the health care system is costly now and taking drugs is not what our bodies need unless taken intravenously for life saving results. Preventative health care can easily be found with natural health supplements without pills, tablets or juices and mixed-up powders; these are foolish and silly types of medicine but make the short-term producers a lot of many before their company goes away.

CAL nervous system supplementYou want a long term solution for healthcare and proper nutrition. I am going to be straightforward now. You need a calcium supplement daily! Even if you drink 2 gallons of milk you will not get the calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2 which your body needs to offset the deterioration our body goes through in time. So taking an incredible suspended gel calcium supplement will come to your aid and do wonders to prevent osteoporosis and for women going through menopause – this is the best health supplement with the best form of bioavailability. Think of your bones, and think of your nervous system. Think of a natural healthy calcium supplement.

Getting more calcium supplementation for a New Years’ Resolutions, Want the Solution…

December 16, 2009

Getting plenty of ingested calcium is critical for not only your bones but for your entire nervous system.

Getting your necessary calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and K2 is very important and if your want to take an alternative with milk for your daily calcium needs. Get ready for this – 1.5 to 2 gallons (5 to 8 litres) of milk.

CAL nervous system supplementThis is daily consumption of milk. The alternative is better bioavailability with a calcium supplement which does much more for your body with a magnesium supplement in addition to the calcium, vitamin D and K2 which a nervous system supplement comes to the aid. Of course this product will prevent osteoporosis which has been a major bone health for ladies over the age of 35 and men over 50 for numerous years. The solution is clear and it comes in a breakthrough matrixed suspended gel technology created by Agel Enterprises. The name of the product is CAL and it will do wonders for you.

How can a Great Calicum Supplement Help to Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Use and their Towers

December 1, 2009

We hear about the problem and now it’s time for the solutions

Cell phones are not going away, right? I am not going to stop using mine and hundreds of millions also will not stop using them. A Calcium Supplement can come to quick aid!

CAL nervous system supplementCancer and neurological conditions can be generated by the use of cell phones or for people living near the cell towers. Using a microwave oven does the same thing! I am still going to use the microwave. Funny how the microwave oven was introduced decades ago and the publicity of it’s radiation was not overly communicated to the masses. The manner in which to protect yourself from such magnetism from cell phones, towers and your microwave is through proper consumption of an orally consumable calcium supplement. It is brought to you by Agel Enterprises and comes in a breakthrough suspended gel technology matrixed structure; the name is CAL, for a calcium supplement but it also is packed with the proper magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 to enable your body to properly absorb calcium. This highest in class bioavailability will do so much good for your body.

A Calcium Supplement Your Body Needs and Wants

November 25, 2009

Some people think that if you drink milk your body gets enough calcium

Yes, if you drink 96 to 128 ounces a day (that’s near 5.5 to 7.5 litters) – per day! Who has that kind of time to be drinking that much milk and chances are you might get ill in the process. Let me revisit this one more time…that’s daily! No thank you.

CAL nervous system supplementWe all need our calcium, this is a fact as our bones and teeth sacrifice it to support our nervous system…now we need to replenish the calcium which is removed from our bones and teeth to support our body’s health. So, what are you going to take to replace the lost calcium? Eat pounds of cheese, I think not; not daily anyway. You need a calcium supplement and this essentially starts with post child-bearing women after the age of 35 and men from 45-50 years of age. Starting sooner will not hurt, but only benefit your skeletal health and nervous system. Give your body what it needs, a calcium supplement which your body can properly absorb – by the way, drinking such a large quantity of milk really won’t be absorbed by your body so don’t even think of doing it – it’s good for children, of course. What we adults need is a calcium supplement which with other key ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K and K2 can actually be properly absorbed by our bones to give you the best form of health supplementation and the best form of such a delivery is via suspended gel matrixed technology which works best with your body’s absorption and is an osteoporosis prevention supplement. Take one or two Cal supplements daily and your bones and nervous system will be thanking you.

Magnesium is so overlooked but is so important for the delivery of calcium to our bodies

November 24, 2009

What is a calcium supplement if it does not come with magnesium,vitamin D and vitamin K?

The answer is that it does little. One needs to remember that calcium is critical for our skeletal health but it’s also vital to replenish the calcium which our body uses daily.

Consume your calcium supplement daily and in the correct form. One should find a health supplement which also has the proper magnesium supplement in the overall ingested formula. Yes, you can drink 2 gallons of milk a day, 7 days a week and get the calcium you think you need but your body won’t absorb it. Think about what you drink and where it goes – mostly to waste. This is because you body can’t process it in the needed time-frame. What our body needs is simple. It’s call CAL a calcium supplement for osteoporosis, better nervous systems, and fighting off infections. CAL nervous system supplement

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