Sunscreens contain parabens leading to cancer

February 5, 2013

We stated this before and we’ll state it again that skin cancer, specifically melanoma, is augmented with most commercially available sunscreens on the market.

For those of you who have been fed the misconception that sunscreens reduce the risk of skin cancer, rest assured that the world of marketing dollars has been selling you something you really did not want as skin care on your body. Now that sunscreen has been labeled as increasing the likelihood of skin cancer or melanoma because of the toxic parabens penetrating the skin, there’s more about the sun and skin cancer which should be mentioned. - Ingested skin care without parabens, it's GLO by Agel with many more benefits than any sunscreen.The sun is our friend because without the positive effects of UVB rays, our body is not able to get the appropriate levels of vitamin D. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D helps to prevent cancer, and not necessarily skin cancer because vitamin D is critical to optimized health. Let’s take a step back about sunscreens and skin cancer and the parabens in the suncreens; where is the number one place on the body where such cancer increasing sunscreens are applied? On the face of course, which is also a very small are of the body which does not absorb much of the necessary vitamin D the body needs to function optimally; instead of sunscreen being applied to the face, cover up the face with a sombrero, cap, or some other hat and don’t listen to the marketing advertisements which push to use skin cancer accelerators on the face. In addition to wearing something on your head to cover your face, there is an ingested suspended gel product by Agel Enterprises which is similar to sunscreen but without any parabens and obviously won’t result in skin cancer or any other form of cancer for that matter but which will protect the skin from getting burnt; an alternative to skin care without the skin cancer accelerator. The Agel GLO is ingested skin care and much more, with turmeric, lutein, lecithin, CoQ10 and other natural ingredients and oils which as they are ingested, they work throughout the skin and also protect and strengthen hair and nails and again the GLO ingredients in the ingested product don’t contain parabens and don’t lead to skin cancer or any other form of cancer. Granted, in the northern hemisphere, this is not the time of year to be laying on the beach and getting skin cancer because most northern hemisphere climates don’t offer the proper temperatures this time of the year. But think about the warmer months or even when a job requires exposure to the sun where sunscreens have historically been used. Wear a hat and ingest an Agel GLO suspended gel packet to protect from skin cancer and with this ingested skin care suspended gel, not only will your body be protected from the burning effects of the sun, your body will be able to benefit from the sun’s UVB rays for generation of vitamin D and skin cancer will not be something marketing campaigns will need to cover up because when more people realize that skin cancer can be naturally avoided without the use of sunscreens, such products will be removed from the shelves because they won’t be selling. To your health, vitamin D and better natural skin care alternatives with GLO.

Cancer and global success rates alarming

November 24, 2012

What many Americans take for granted as finding a cure for cancer is prostate cancer.

Well, let’s not say take for granted, but statistically when compared to other countries like neighboring Canada or across the Atlantic Ocean in England, the survival rate of cancer, specifically prostate cancer survival rates in the United States is significantly higher, at more than ninety percent. Why is that prostate cancer has such varying survival rates from one developed country to another.

If you compare breast cancer for women and the survival rates in let’s say the Ukraine compared to the United States, the survival rate in the Ukraine is approaching zero whereas in the United States it’s above eighty percent; granted, the stage of detection of the breast cancer and the prostate cancer have a significant role in the survival rates. With the survival rate of prostate cancer in the United States at about ninety percent and eighty-five percent for breast cancer and where the survival rates for prostate cancer is close to fifty percent in other developed and industrialized nations, so what is it that differentiates cancer survival rates from country to country? Some may argue prevention, early detection, populace habits, eating habits, and of course level of sophisticated healthcare. We can relatively assume that eating habits are not the result of higher cancer survival rates in the USA as Americans are not, overall, the most conscientious eaters. Prevention may have some relevance because of the ability and the desire for women and men alike to have an annual physical in the United States but so many still don’t take advantage of this inexpensive or even no cost option. When it comes to other habits, Americans are no less guilty of habits which ruin their health as that of any other industrialized nation, except that they tend to more recently smoke much less and the pollution is relatively low in the United States. So what is it that drives the cancer survival rate in the USA to be that much higher than other countries, be it for prostate cancer, breast cancer or other forms of cancer? It’s about healthcare, and the healthcare system in the USA is about to change. With the change in healthcare coming to the USA, it’s safe to say that healthcare has been changing in the United States over several years or even the last two decades but soon it will become very much like of all the other healthcare programs in the other industrialized nations of the world so you can expect what is going to happen, statistically referencing. With the onset of healthcare change or reform, it’s time to take healthcare and prevention into one’s own hands, that of the consumer; from numerous forms of simple prevention to cancer prevention, the odds of staying healthy are becoming more critical and being that prevention of disease like cancer can be made natural and throughout the world with Agel’s breakthrough product delivery mechanism. Agel Enterprises has created, since 2005, a breakthrough delivery method termed suspended gel technology. Take a closer look at some of the tasty ingested products for boosting the immune system and another one as the precursor for naturally generating glutathione; these are natural alternatives to preventing diseases like cancer. Taking control of your health from a preventative stance is going to become the norm. Agel UMI, EXO and GSH for a stronger immune system, elimination of free radical which damage cells and the precursor for glutathione. This is going to be the norm.

Breast cancer and what experts do not know

October 20, 2012

The experts for diagnosing breast cancer are wonderful at discrediting possibilities.

Sure, there’s no real proof that deodorant, soap, cleaning agents, or other consumer goods are directly linked to breast cancer but most have a long list of parabens. But if one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at one point during a women’s life, surely there’s more than simply discrediting such possibilities about causes of breast cancer.

For starters, preventing breast cancer is the real goal correct! Note, this was not a question but a statement in that breast cancer has to be beaten. We’re not suggesting that women, or anyone for that matter stop taking showers or baths with soap in order to avoid breast cancer, but there are natural soaps on the market which don’t contain parabens and yes it’s true that they won’t provide the same scent which some of us want to give off the impression that a person has bathed. Changing to a natural soap is a simple change which may or may not be linked to breast cancer prevention, but then again drinking a carbonated flavored beverage named a soda can be linked to cancer and stopping drinking a can or worse yet a plastic soda drink can assist in preventing cancer, be it brain cancer or even breast cancer. The professionals are not sure what causes breast cancer recall, but discrediting the likes of deodorant seems rather odd because after all, the female breast is fairly close to the underarm area where such deodorants are applied as anti-perspiration so such an application with parabens could in time develop into breast cancer; it could right? Now about breast cancer and household cleaning products, which by now we should all know that such products contain numerous chemicals and of course parabens and any health professional which states that such cleaning agents can’t lead to breast cancer or any other form of cancer need a reality check. Recall that more people are diagnosed with cancer, be it breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or some other form of cancer than were in the past and there must be a correlation which should not be discredited. For those of you wanting to prevent breast cancer, you can elect to avoid all forms of technology and cleansing products of any type or help your body to prevent breast cancer or any other form of cancer and it comes in the form of helping out your body, from the digestive system, to the immune system, to ridding the body of free radicals and to naturally promote glutathione the natural and essential super antioxidant which resides in ever cell of the body. Now, no health professional can discredit natures manner in which to help prevent breast cancer or any form of cancer or other disease. The GRN, UMI, EXO, GSH all natural ingested health preventative suspended gel by Agel Enterprises with great taste are available throughout the world which also happens to be where cancer like breast cancer is diagnosed.

Breast cancer versus immune system

September 25, 2012

The fight against cancer is everywhere and breast cancer is a horrific form of this disease but the immune system may be being overlooked.

Men and women alike will both emphatically admit that breast cancer is the most discriminating form of cancer because it really attacks innocence. Prostate cancer for men is no where near the problematic condition which breast cancer magnifies.

After all, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer suffer more than the cancer treatments; the emotional ramifications are unmentionable. How is breast cancer reached, or how does breast cancer evolve? The basic reason for breast cancer, in lamens terms is that breast cancer develops because the body’s cells will perform an incorrect function; such incorrect cell programming will lead an unhealthy cells not to die and remember that the immune system is designed to ensure that unhealthy cells commit cell suicide and that by its very nature prevents cancer cells from becoming cancerous and lead to breast cancer. Of course, our immune system, when operating normally and efficiently is constantly killing off unhealthy cells which for example have decided not to split up or become divided as programmed. Other factors which can lead to breast cancer, which are less common are through hereditary traits where cancer, and in this case breast cancer was passed down from a previous generation. Also possible is that breast cancer can be accelerated by over exposure to radiation, where mamograms are not working in the favor of lessening the risk of women having breast cancer and contrary to some beliefs for early detection; another factor which appears to be coming more of a possibility in causing breast cancer or resulting in breast cancer is the contact with more chemicals and such chemicals which may cause cell mutations are more and more prevalent with cleaning solutions and skin care products. The irony here is that skin care products which contain parabens can increase the likelihood of someone developing breast cancer; there are options for skin care natural products. Suffice it to state that the immune system is an ally when it comes to preventing breast cancer because with a strong immune system, breast cancer can be prevented by means of the immune system promoting cell suicide of cells which have mutated or have been re-programmed and have become a risk in becoming cancerous. Increase your chances of preventing breast cancer with fucoidan in suspended gel with the natural UMI suspended gel product which is ingested and boosts the immune system.

Victory over cancer

September 23, 2012

Is there such a thing for cancer which can lead to victory.

There is prayer, there is hope, there are conventional forms of therapy; all in the attempt to end cancer. What also exists is the alternative, which would be to prevent cancer in the first place.

Take breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or some other forms of cancer. They all lead to similar realizations and that is cancer treatment and we all have heard about people undergoing cancer treatments; after being informed of someone being diagnosed with cancer, we do pray for them being cured of cancer. What about preventing this so-called inevitable situation of being diagnosed with cancer. Would this be something people would want to consider in preventing cancer? We think so and we think you would as well, being that when people are diagnosed with cancer the first thing which comes to mind when they are of adult age is, what could they have done differently to prevent cancer. The alternative of course includes being healthy by means of some form of exercise, but there is more and that’s with boosting the immune system with Agel UMI ingested suspended gel with fucoidan. This is about the immune system and this is the natural manner in which to combat and prevent cancer and other diseases and viruses by promoting cancer apoptosis and cell apoptosis. You can try drugs and therapies if it’s too late to stop cancer from becoming termal, but boost your immune system in the process and if your trying to prevent cancer in the first place, UMI by Agel Enterprises, to help out your immune system should be the first thing on your mind. It’s cancer after all and you should want to prevent it or beat it.

Cancer and fructose sure what else

September 22, 2012

Next will be something like breathing and cancer, so hold that breath.

Actually, is certain places, with heavy carbon monoxide, lung cancer in the form of emphysema is not uncommon and this applies to cancer normally developed from densely populated areas where the vehicles don’t have catalytic converters. But to state that fructose causes cancer, or over fifteen grams of fructose per day, this is simply pushing it too far.

Two pink grapefruits a day is too much fructose and can lead to cancer. So can cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, many waters sold in plastic containers, skin care products with parabens, which most contain such carcinogens; you want more about cancer leading consumption, how about working because after all that can cause stress and stress can lead to cancer. Mentioning stress and work is one thing, but if cancer and stress are related, which they are, then don’t have children; because having children can cause cancer, simply because adolescent ages can very stressful for parents. Let’s see what else causes cancer, or better yet what does not cause cancer. The C word is for cancer but if it’s so prevalent, even in nature, then either we are going to be spending too much of our time worrying about how to avoid cancer instead of waiting until we’re accidentally killed in a car accident because someone was too busy sending out a so-called urgent text message while driving. Preventing cancer is the solution, not worrying about not being able to eat healthy fruits or the other unknown causes relating cancer in everyday life, and no preventing cancer won’t get you out of such a horrific vehicular accident. Help prevent cancer by strengthening the immune system, your immune system and let the body, that’s your body fight off foreign bodies and foreign cells which are constantly trying to invade the body, that’s your body throughout the day and night. To naturally prevent cancer, by boosting the immune system is going to take some fructose but not that much, just in case you’re worried about cancer; two grams of fructose in the UMI suspended gel packet by the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, is what one should be ingesting daily to boost the immune system and help to prevent cancer and other disease and viruses. No questions, we presume. Get UMI with the best delivery of fucoidan from brown seaweed with a green apple flavor and boost your immune system daily and live life, because if it’s not from some form of cancer that’s going to end your days, it could be from just about anything.

The cancer and immune system relationship

August 29, 2012

It’s real, the relationship with cancer and the immune system.

But what to do about preventing cancer by means of the immune system. It’s really quite simple, to prevent cancer, and all that’s required is knowing about fucoidan as the means to naturally strengthen the immune system.

Sure there other means to prevent cancer, like not smoking, drinking moderately, staying away from radiation, and a host of other things to avoid like not hanging out by the exhaust pipes of automobiles which have their engines on; most of us, or at least we hope that most of us know that such inappropriate habits can lead to cancer and some are simply annoying like the smoking one or a darwin award recipient when the car accidentally backs up. What’s surprising though is that not many people realize that preventing cancer can be a simple process with fucoidan in a suspended gel named UMI to strengthen and boost the immune system for cancer prevention. How does this work, the cancer prevention thing with fucoidan to boost the immune system some may wonder. Preventing cancer by boosting the immune system about as easy as tearing the top off of a fucoidan packed UMI suspended gel packet and ingesting the green apple flavored fucoidan to boost the immune system, so then the immune system can be more productive in fighting off foreign matter such as cancer cells, viruses, infections and other illness creating foreign bodies within the body. The immune system is not perfect because as you have most likely experienced a cold or the flu and you realized, or perhaps have not until now, that your immune system was the culprit in not preventing such an illness, granted it was not cancer; of course preventing cancer is more important than preventing the common cold or the flu or another virus or disease, but cancer prevention like other diseases or viruses and infections can be prevented with fucoidan by getting a strong immune system. With these facts stated, you have most likely witnessed people with a weak immune system because they get the cold far to often or the flu at least once a year and it’s every year with that flu; such people have a very weak immune system and fucoidan could assist them in not only preventing cancer but also in preventing getting other more mild viruses. Eating well of course plays an important role in helping the immune system with proper vitamins and minerals, but adding a fucoidan packed UMI to your daily regime will go a long way to naturally helping your immune system to prevent cancer and the more typical illnesses like the flu. UMI with fucoidan in suspended gel packets or fucoidan in UMI pods, where pods are only available for delivery in some countries, all come with a money back guarantee and for your convenience are available on this site by finding a green Order Products link. UMI with fucoidan for your immune system is nothing to sneeze at and it’s the natural manner in which to boost the immune system to prevent viruses, infections, and diseases including cancer; prevention of disease like cancer has never tasted as good and the UMI suspended gel actually tastes like green apple candy so children will also love the taste. So what’s it going to be during the flu season, fucoidan in the the most bioavailable delivery form for the immune system to promote cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis or taking days or weeks off from school or work and laying in bed with visits to doctors? UMI is a natural alternative for cancer prevention and prevention of less serious diseases and viruses; it’s your immune system, you should probably take care of it read about fucoidan on


Cancer and the immune system relationship

July 27, 2012

A major reason for why people develop cancer is because of their immune system.

Who’s going to argue this point about the causal relationship between a weak immune system and developing cancer, other than a doctor wanting a new cancer patient for chemotherapy and radiation treatments or surgery to remove a cancer tumor. The immune system is one of the most critical natural functions of the body to eliminate, by apoptosis and cancer apoptosis, harmful and foreign matter in the body and cancer cells rank fairly high as being detrimental when an immune system is weak.

So, since the immune system has the ability to combat cancer and assist in preventing cancer, one would think that everyone would seek to have a strong immune system; think of those people you know who are frequently getting the common cold or the flu at least once a year. No, it’s not cancer but it is a weak immune system which provides the foreign matter, viruses, germs, or whatever you want to name them, the right of way to win against a weakened immune system. Of course, cancer is not developed over a period of a day or a few days like the common cold or the flu, but it’s about cancer winning the battle over the weak immune system nonetheless. Yes, it may take years for the cancer cells to grow to a point when they win the battle over the weakened immune system but wouldn’t it simply be easier and smarter to simply have a strong immune system to prevent the common cold, the flu, viruses, infections, and even cancer; keep in mind that when we breathe during the day or when sleeping, we’re inhaling cancer cells and that’s another fact. On the bright side, there’s a natural ingredient named fucoidan, which comes from the algae found in brown seaweed, which when delivered in the tasty green apple flavored UMI breakthrough suspended matrix gel product, strengthens the immune system against the like of infections, unhealthy bacteria, viruses and of course cancer because it’s all about the immune system and having the strongest immune system you can to win the battle against germs, viruses, bacteria, cancer and other diseases your body needs to fight against. You can go and eat all the fresh brown seaweed and get some fucoidan, but there’s much more fucoidan to boost the immune system in UMI and the delivery method and taste is going to create a repeated action and that will enable the continuous strengthening of the immune system; your immune system. Get your immune system strong and help yourself to prevent getting viruses and diseases, including cancer. UMI with natural fucoidan is only available online with a money back guarantee and it will strengthen the immune system against the likes of infections, viruses, and diseases including cancer, or you can wait your turn and go see a specialist and talk about your options about your immune system.

Cancer treatment or prevention

June 10, 2012

For much time, the question about cancer has been seen as the the cart pushing the horse or something wrong in comparison.

Treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery or a combination of these is similar to replacing an entire roof because of an existing lead developed without a storm, and if after replacing the roof, the leak still persists, with the next rainfall, or the cancer and it’s tumor is not getting smaller and no longer spreading then let’s tear off the roof again and go with another more toxic round of chemo, more radiation, and perhaps another surgery.

For the roof being replaced a few to several times, the risk is that the roof decking will become weak and and eventually give in, leaving a gaping hole inside the home. For cancer treatments, some may argue that the analogy is not a valid one, but for those doctors who are recommending toxic chemotherapy and other highly invasive cancer treatments we ask them why they focus on money generating procedures such as cancer treatments using methods and procedures which only extend the life of a cancer patient; why not focus on cancer prevention and not chemotherapy toxicity thresholds. Preventing cancer is found naturally with fucoidan and it is not being subject to any scrutiny as it’s as natural as life itself, coming from brown seaweed. Is it time that we look at cancer differently, of course it is. Is it time that we prevent cancer before the so-called urgency for chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery; yes. Is it time for cancer prevention and cancer elimination with fucoidan; you bet it is. Read about fucoidan and cancer prevention and elimination on and realize that there are natural alternatives and fucoidan is just the alternative someone with cancer needs or someone who has been diagnosed as being a likely candidate for cancer should be ingesting. The UMI suspended matrix gel promotes cancer apoptosis; there is no cure for cancer but with fucoidan, one can naturally boost the immune system and have their own body be on the defensive. With fucoidan promoting cancer apoptosis, it’s the best opportunity to eliminate and prevent cancer. However, one could go and see an oncologist and hemotemologist and get a cancer toxic treatment or find out what happens to those who listen only to these so-called specialists. UMI is natural cancer prevention and cancer elimination as it strengthens the immune system which is exactly what the doctor recommended treatments destroy. In reality, one only has one chance to prevent cancer, remain healthy.

Cancer apoptosis and your immune system

June 1, 2012

We all have heard about cancer but what does cancer have in common with the immune system.

In reality, if we stated that cancer and specifically cancer apoptosis has significance with the immune system it would be an understatement. The immune system is the fundamental and the most critical component encompassing the prevention and elimination of cancer or better known as cancer apoptosis.

So, perhaps you’re thinking you need to look up this word, the apoptosis one as you know the cancer word; granted, you probably don’t like to mention the word cancer perhaps like not talking about politics at work or religion but in all reality cancer is something almost all of us fear. There are of course the elite, those who think they are immune to cancer which can’t get to them because of so many reasons but the facts are that without a strong immune system, cancer can impact almost anyone and when you take breast cancer as an example of a form of perhaps the most unfriendly cancer, mammograms are not the solution for preventing cancer but instead actually increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Apoptosis, if you have not looked it up yet is a relatively simple but very crucial for how effectively one’s immune system is at combating foreign cells which can become cancer in nature and spread; in short, cancer apoptosis is the programmed cell death of unhealthy cells like cancer cells or cells which are destructive to the life of essential healthy cells within the body which are imperative for proper organ function. Sure this may sound simple and it really is but in reality apoptosis and in this case cancer apoptosis is what a strong immune system generates. A strong immune system promotes cell apoptosis and cancer apoptosis and this by its very nature prevents cancer and eliminates cancer cells by destroying them and preventing such cancer cells from spreading. The natural solution for boosting the immune system is with fucoidan where there are no side effects other than a strong immune system to promote cell and cancer apoptosis and the best delivery of fucoidan has been proven to be in suspended gel and the name is UMI; find out about fucoidan and how it promotes cell and cancer apoptosis by boosting the immune system and provides numerous other health benefits on and get your box of thirty single serving fucoidan gel packets packed immune system boosters online here or the larger UMI pods because they are not available elsewhere and they come with a money back guarantee if for some odd reason you don’t think it’s helping your immune system. Now you’ll be able to help people to prevent cancer and eliminate it by spreading the word about the natural immune system booster with ingested suspended gel with fucoidan.

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