Pharmaceutical drugs vs suspended gel alternatives is the surprise

August 22, 2012

Pharmaceutical companies and their drugs are all about profitability and at times much more than the health of the consumer.

There are alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, contrary to some popular thought. Imagine breakthrough natural products which don’t come with adverse health effects which are accompanied by long list of warnings found on pharmaceutical drugs.

We’re not stating that pharmaceutical drugs are unnecessary, because in times of life or death, intravenous drugs can make the quick difference between life and the end of it. For prevention of diseases and very common ailments, including the natural process of aging, pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution. Take unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol where pharmaceutical drugs are heavily advertised; such pharmaceutical drugs offer significant health risks for inferior results in lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels when compared to natural policosanol, and when you add CoQ10, oyster mushroom and carnitine, among other natural ingredients you prevent heart disease in addition to more effectively improving cholesterol levels. Lowering hypertension, or high blood pressure, also has pharmaceutical drugs to combat this, but taurine can assist without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. How about the most invasive products engineered by pharmaceutical companies and this has reference to cancer, with chemotherapy, never mind other cancer treatments; chemotherapy is associated with significant side effects and even death whereas strengthening the immune system naturally is simply safe and effective at preventing diseases such as cancer and other more common ailments like the flu or common cold. Pharmaceutical companies also make non-prescription drugs which in fact contain parabens, or toxins and carcinogens, which are not at all necessary ingredients for what such pharmaceutical products were designed to assist with; alternatives to such pharmaceutical drugs include natural skin care solutions, natural digestive system cleansing and detox solutions instead of drugs, natural vitamins and minerals instead of asthma drugs, natural arthritis and joint pain solutions instead of arthritis drugs, natural mental energy with enhanced cognitive skill reinforcement instead of side-effect riddled drugs, natural and healthy antioxidants, natural sleep aids which are non-addictive instead of sleeping-aid drugs, natural diet solutions which work without posing health risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs in the form of diet pills, and there are other examples and alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, be it over-the-counter drugs or prescription ones, which are natural. Agel Enterprises has developed natural suspended matrix gel technology ingested products which does not come with health risks or side-effects because the products are natural and provide solutions. Take a look at the alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, where prevention is the safe alternative to having the need to get intravenous drugs to save a life.


What is a placebo and why you need to know.

November 5, 2010

Yes, in school we learned that placebos are controlled groups which do not have any altering impact to anything – a bit wordy, but then again wait until you learn about scientific placebos.

Some of you have heard of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and know that pharmaceutical drugs need to be approved by this organization before being brought to market (in the USA) where consumers can purchase them (usually with a prescription). The approval requires clinical trials with two groups of people – one group taking the drug which the pharmaceutical company wants to be approved by the FDA and the other group taking a placebo.

The issue is that the FDA does not inquire as to what the placebo in such clinical trials is composed of – the placebo simply needs to be inert? What is inert anyway? Nothing is inert when it comes to a placebo – if the placebo is a soft gel, then the soft gel itself is made of something, correct? A rather drastic inert placebo would perhaps contain cyanide, and I guarantee that no matter what drug the pharmaceutical company was trying to get approval for would be passed because the placebo group taking the cyanide pill would all be dead and the ones taking the drug in question would survive. A more realistic but yet highly contradictory placebo group could be taking a placebo which contains some form of LDL cholesterol level inducing placebo and the experimental drug could be a statin drug – the outcome would be that the statin drug clinical population had lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Other examples could include just about anything to make the placebo group have more adverse results than the clinical test group taking the drug in question. The FDA needs to inquire about the contents (ingredients) of every placebo for every clinical drug trial because the way things are now, every drug should be getting approved; after all, the pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in ensuring that the placebo group has worse results than the test group and since most all clinical tests where placebos are part of the decision-making process the pharmaceutical company is paying for the clinical study and yes, supplying the placebos. No wonder drugs get passed. What I would like is for new tests to be performed and not with ‘out of the hat’ placebos but alternative placebos; for example, a cardiovascular disease prevention clinical experiment where a test of statin drugs against a placebo of the HRT product which contains policosanol, oyster mushroom, taurine, selenium, l-carnitine, folate and coenzyme q10 and see after a month or two which group had lower overall cholesterol levels and which group had adverse health effects – the result would show that the HRT product clearly demonstrates cardiovascular disease prevention whereas the statin drugs display adverse health effects and lower LDL cholesterol levels and provide some cardiovascular disease prevention (note that the HRT product also contains coenzyme q10 which statins deplete and policosanol not only lowers LDL cholesterol levels but increases HDL cholesterol levels as well). More real tests for the FDA to consider soon. In the United States there was somewhat of a shift in power in the government following the November 2nd 2010 elections – perhaps its also time that the FDA be overhauled leading to other drug approving organizations using legitimate placebos or at least having the pharmaceutical companies list all the ingredients of the ‘inert’ placebos in question.

Supplements for Diabetics – with Best Bioavailability

November 4, 2009

Modern approaches to diabetes primarily rely upon dietary and lifestyle management, often combined with regular ongoing blood glucose level monitoring.

What I can let you know is that the health supplements you could be taking as a diabetic are from the range of 2 grams of fructose to 7 grams of fructose. You should take a look at the fructose levels in all of our health supplements which are obviously low and are packed with so many minerals and vitamins, your diabetic situation may change course before you know it.

Daibetes 101Take a look at the fundamentals as to why the correct health supplements are viable for diabetics and then take another look at all the health supplements these best in class suspended gel supplements get immediate results with normal tolerance levels and that of diabetics. It really comes down to learning about proper health supplement and weight control in most cases. People who were not diabetic became so because of inappropriate food consumption. So eat right and consume your essential vitamins and essential minerals – and get on an appetite suppressant diet to assist you in ridding of the diabetes.Type 1 Diabetese

Boost Immunity Until a Cure for Cancer is Found

November 2, 2009

As our life is threatened from cancers of all forms we need to take control of it ourselves to prevent it in the first place

Ranging from breast cancer to colon cancer and from vaginal cancer and cervical cancer to prostate cancer and then the cancers children get. This list encompasses well over 200 types of cancer and this is alarmingly sad. It’s sad because we can all do something to beat the odds of getting to the point of having cancer. It’s about building up one’s immune system or immunity system. The day to start this is not when you have the disease, it how not to get it in the first place.

An immune system booster, generated correctly can attack and isolate the infected cells in our body and remove them from spreading; this is done without affecting the good and healthy cells. The immune system which provides this is an active biological nutrient found off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean – the name of this ingredient is fucoidan and this is found from brown seaweed – no, I am not stating that you should go to your local sushi restaurant to build up your immunity, because that would most likely be green seaweed which does not contain the levels of fucoidan your body needs to create the needed immune support. More to come about how to best consume fucoidan. Below is a picture of fucoidan, nature’s way of saying “you’re welcome”.


Skin Care is so Competitive but with the Incorrect Ingredients for the Skin

November 2, 2009

Who wants to have chemical fillers in their skin care products? If so, no need to read more

When ladies, for instance go to the nice department stores and they walk in, the first section they see is the skin care and cosmetic products and not far from their is the jewelry section the best scented area in the stores – because these are the highest marked-up products in the store. It does not mean that they are best for your skin – the skin care line is what I am referring to in this case.

Skin care lines for skin care health products should be for just that and be all natural – not filled with chemical fillers and preservatives which end up hurting the skin in the long run after continual use. How would you like to learn about an Anti Aging Skin Care Line which is 100% natural which will reduce wrinkles from the outside-in and those fine lines you ladies dislike (and men, of course). Anti aging skin care products entail anti aging cream, and anti aging skin care products, which are all anti aging supplements for the skin. Anti aging skin care products from Agel Enterprises are formulated with 17 exotic fruits reason for their 100% natural product line. This line of products will not only bring your youthful appearance from the outside in but with collagen supplements in another product from Agel Enterprises, your face and overall skin can quickly have the desired results to reduce wrinkles and fine lines all over, and tightened the largest organ in our body (the skin) to levels which will amaze you. The collagen supplements product works in as little as 2 months and it will you glow with improved skin elasticity!

Agel Anti Aging Scrub

Daily Cleansing Gel

Misting Gel

Daily Moisturizing Gel

Nourishing Night Gel

Age-defying Eye Gel

Ageless Gel Serum GLO sideways

Anyone you know or yourself potentially have a Calcium deficiency

October 31, 2009

Looking at the statistics, many of us throughout the world are lacking in Calcium among other bone and teeth related issues

What does this imply? It simply means that our bones and teeth are providing the calcium which is left to facilitate our nervous system and other relatively vital functions of our well-being including bone strength and health. The issue is what happens when such calcium is being depleted from our bodies.


Plain and simple, weak bones and soft teeth. What will this lead to – well, the potential for early stage osteoporosis with an immediate need for an osteoporosis supplement, one which will enable osteoporosis prevention. The calcium our body needs to effectively function is not something to ponder about, a calcium supplement is a must. You might get enough of your calcium supplement drinking 12 to 16 glasses of 8 ounces of milk every day – but after a few days you may not want to ever drink milk again. Think of the alternative to milk, with many more health benefits with a magnesium supplement, a vitamin D supplement, a vitamin K2 supplement and of course the calcium supplement – all found in a new delivery method called suspended matrixed gel technology where the benefits are realized much quicker than any other form of oral delivery. Think CAL.

How about those vitamins we need daily – and the Minerals

October 31, 2009

Essential vitamins and essential minerals we need to consume daily

What are your thoughts on the pills and tablets which you used to take or perhaps by mistake still take? Have you noticed…well, nothing. That’s because pills and tablets or powders do not provide the nutrients which ones body needs because of improper bioavailability. What we are all looking for but don’t realize is the best method of delivery to our body and that is the best form of bioavailability.

Why spend money on supplements which don”t work. Precisely why Agel Enterprises came to existence 4 years ago to start introducing a new method of supplement delivery – the delivery method will revolutionize the industry and anything else which preceded nano-health technology supplements. Essential vitamins and essential minerals have never tasted as good and have never had such a great impact until MIN. This is the health supplement we all need daily, like it or not (or course the taste you will love). The fact that pills and tablets will be going away soon, give you an opportunity to think of a global home based business opportunity. For the beginning of your health, start with the basics in UMI and then focus on fucoidan with UMI and join pain with FLX or high cholesterol levels with HRT.

agel min

Cholesterol Levels Alarming You.

October 26, 2009

What are your eating habits like – this is the first step in the right direction toward better overall cholesterol levels – changing them if needed

When was the last time you went and got some junk food? And most of us know that this is not real food, but simply fills us up with…well things which lack the essential minerals and vitamins our bodies need. Honestly, only the manufacturers know what’s really in the fast food ‘products’ which are consumed and the drinks are not much healthier for different reasons. I am not writing this to tarnish the image which fast food depicts which is convenience. The problem is that most of what is being consumed simply ‘tastes good’. My father loves the taste of these foods but he eats them once in a blue moon (that’s when there are two full moon in one calendar month) as he knows it is not providing the essential nutrients to his body. He would rather have a protein snack. The consumption of essential vitamins and essential minerals can indeed be very tasty, trust me!

agel min

This suspended gel matrixed pack provides 100% of your essential vitamins needs and up to 75% of your daily essential minerals needs with the best delivery method for our body.

Education is foremost about what everybody’s body needs and now that we know processed and fried foods are not the solution – what is the alternative. Honestly there are two and they both entail effort on your behalf. To begin with you have a choice of drastically changing your eating habits and certain companies won’t like that but this is your decision. Try foods which are healthier to prevent the cholesterol levels from increasing and you must get health supplements. Policosanol is a great health supplement which can lower LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and in the proper health supplement form can quickly come to your rescue and increase you good cholesterol levels (HDL) all within a month. Now the question is which product on the market is going to make all of this happen – naturally with Policosanol and the best bioavailability on the market today. Never take statin drugs again! HRT is the solution. You obviously need to start exercising as little as 3-4 times a week, by simply walking for 30-40 minutes each time – if you have a dog, this is the perfect solution and your canine friend will be grateful.

Agel Heart

This is for real to lower bad LDL and increase good HDL cholesterol levels with NO side effects and it’s very tasty and you don’t even need water.

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