Antioxidants here fruits there so what is really about this free radicals stuff anyway.

March 7, 2011

Yes, over the last well four to eight years there has been a surge of antioxidants and such antioxidant products to get rid of free radicals.

How much of this is real and how much of the free radicals are you getting. This is a relevant of course, like everything in life but antioxidants when in the proper form can really help your health and not every antioxidant is created equally.

Going to start here with the obvious and that is if you live in an air polluted environment you will be subject to more free radicals which you inhale than if you live out in the middle of nowhere where there are no factories, no cars, and in essence only wildlife (plants, shrubs, trees, and of course weeds and grass); perhaps more allergies with pollen and other things in the air but not necessarily more free radicals but still a need for daily antioxidants. Free radicals, however, are generated by normal day-to-day metabolism, oxidative load from exercise, some environmental pro-oxidant toxins and UV rays; so even in the middle of nowhere the sun’s rays can bring about free radicals and the need for antioxidant exists. These free radicals will be present whether or not systems such as the immune system, lymphatic system and circulatory system are operating normally. Chances are that if your environment is completely natural (which it can’t be due to the hidden toxins in your water supply for example) you still need antioxidants and recently you can even get them in can of soda or soft drinks (if you believe that I have some great dotcom stocks I want to sell you – but it’s true that some sodas are now promoting that they are antioxidants even though their packed with corn syrup or unhealthy artificial sweeteners and caffeine); you also have the noni juices, the pomegranate juices, the any juices which come to mind which are antioxidants. Now you have quickly become aware that we all need antioxidants; the question is what antioxidant provides the highest overall ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) and the answer is simple – a variety of different fruits and plants, of various sizes, shapes and colors. This would obviously rule out any one or two fruit juices as an effective antioxidant because to win the battle over free radicals (which essentially increase the aging process of our body’s cells) one needs to be consuming many forms of antioxidants and there is a product which comes with 17 (yes, seventeen) different fruits and plant extracts (including gac, mangosteen, blueberry, cranberry, goji, acai, noni, pomegranate and many more) to provide optimal free radical elimination and a great daily amount of antioxidants and it’s named EXO by the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises. Back to the rest of the civilized world which some may have a problem with the term ‘civilized’ but so be it. You need many more than one antioxidant and if you get them by eating your greens and you think that’s enough that’s okay. If you think that you need to be eating a few bananas and apples a day to get the antioxidant your body needs, well that’s okay too. If you’re consuming these vegetables and fruits with the thought that you’re getting the antioxidant your body needs – think again. Your body, if you live in the industrialized world or in the middle of nowhere, needs antioxidants and this is a fact because as you are now more aware – free radicals are everywhere. Where you get these antioxidants is your choice; there is a suspended gel product named EXO which not only provides the most different types of antioxidants but also provides them in a convenient manner in which to get rid of the free radicals. With the amazing number of 17 different fruits and plant extracts in one single serving 21gram (0.75oz) antioxidants gel packet which does not need to be refrigerated but can be consumed anytime and from anywhere, you know your answer to getting the antioxidants your body needs. Get your EXO gel packets (with the highest ORAC score) and get rid of the free radicals with the grape flavored, ingested and most bioavailable suspended gel antioxidants. And what if you could apply such antioxidants to your face as anti aging skin care, that would be nice and you can.

Acne elimination and antioxidant supplements.

June 4, 2010

How is acne really created and how to get rid of it naturally?

Free radicals! Foreign materials which enter your cellular structure is how acne is created. Dermatologists will prescribe drugs to make one’s acne go away but at what cost to your metabolism…if such drugs work at all they will have adverse effects (side effects) to your body.

A natural way to go about getting rid of the undesired blemishes or acne seems logical, correct? Who would not want to either have their acne go away or prevent it from existing in the first place – everyone of course. So why is it that so many teenagers are going to see specialists? Try eating better food and ingesting an antioxidant supplement daily and applying an antioxidant gel to your skin where blemishes/acne exist. Antioxidants to prevent or to make acne go away you ask? This is no joke. You see, if you ingest an antioxidant with a high ORAC score which also comes with over a dozen fruits of different colors your acne/blemishes will quickly become something of the past and in the process you will be cleaning out your body’s cells which have been experiencing free radical damage. Try ingesting the best antioxidant supplement named EXO and apply an antioxidant gel topically for optimum results and say goodbye to visits to your dermatologist, say goodbye to drugs which do more harm than good to your body, and of course say goodbye to free radicals! Say hello to EXO and Ageless Gel Serum!

Exotic Fruits can be Packed with Antioxidants

October 26, 2009

There are exotic fruits which can really pack your body with antioxidants to rid the free radicals

Antioxidants as we know it today are becoming very well known, especially via email in at least the U.S.A. but I’m sure it’s worldwide to a greater or lesser extent. Most antioxidants entail one to a few exotic fruits which can result in to a few up to 20 antioxidants to assist your body to help clean up and rid your body of the free radicals. As you might know, free radicals which over time age organisms because our cells can accumulate free radicals over time – free radicals are developed by essentially what we breathe in. The result is the acceleration of the aging process. And antioxidant supplements can reverse that course.

So, the best method of riding our bodies of free radical development is through the removal of such oxidation which has been damaging our cells. Not to sound overly scientific, our bodies need to remove the free radicals to extend our lifespan. The best known method to accomplish this capturing the free radicals is through antioxidant or more conveniently antioxidant supplement intake. Yes, there are effective and less effective forms of antioxidant supplement consumption but everyone agrees that exotic fruits are the best source for the ridding of such free radicals and both the best delivery method with the highest number of antioxidants wins the challenge. Yes, one could go and buy all the exotic fruits available in their marketplace but unfortunately even in large metropolitan areas one would have difficulty in finding 10 different ones at least in one venue and the cost could be high with a limited shelf life (perhaps $60 for a week’s worth of 10 exotic fruits if not more).


More to come soon.

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