Enema not for the digestive system

February 15, 2012

Quickly raise your hand if you think performing an enema is healthy for the digestive system; wrong.

That would be your digestive system and whether you perform the enema or if someone else assists you in this so called procedure. The real question lies in why would someone want or need to perform an enema and there is a reason for why an enema may assist but it’s not about the digestive system per se.

An enema is performed for clearing out blockage in the digestive system but the question is why does such a blockage exist in the first place. Blockage in the digestive system is created because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria in the gut or digestive system which over time prevent the digestive system from functioning as designed. Ever notice that the human body is rather complex and if you really study all of its functionality it’s amazing. An enema was never designed to be administered with frequency but an enema was designed for extreme blockage of the intestinal tract. Instead of cleaning out the intestinal tract with an enema, don’t you think that cleaning the digestive system with a natural detox is not only more prudent but also a healthier process. Now think about everything you do eat, be it fried foods, foods with unhealthy fats, processed foods, tainted foods because of pesticides and herbicides and you will realize that the digestive system was not designed to be breaking down such fake foods and an enema is not the solution to cleanse and detox the digestive system from such debris. In addition to an enema not being the solution for clearing out the digestive system or the intestinal tract for a consistent duration, being the recipient of an enema can lead to health risks and of course an enema is risky for people with certain existing health conditions. But ingesting phytonutrients including alfalfa, peppermint leaves, broccoli, spirulina, spearmint leaves, chlorella, chlorophyll, wheat grass, spinach and barley grass, instead of performing an enema, will enable you to be cleansing out your digestive system and performing a detox of the unhealthy bacteria and toxins and numerous indigestible foodstuff and hard metals including mercury all while nourishing the healthy bacteria; remember that feeding and nourishing the healthy bacteria in the gut or digestive system will enable the foods you eat and beverages you drink to not be tampered with by unhealthy bacteria and resulting in disease and a weakened immune system. The option is yours pertaining to giving yourself an enema for a clearing of the intestinal tract or having someone administer an enema or you could opt to cleanse your digestive system by ingesting the phytonutrients in the GRN suspended matrix gel packets where each of the thirty packets per box contain chlorophyll, barley grass, broccoli, spinach, spearmint and peppermint leaves, chlorella, wheat grass and spirulina. Bottom line, with no pun intended, is that with ingesting the GRN phytonutrients contents of the gel packets you’ll be cleansing your digestive system and performing a detox of the unhealthy bacteria and doing much more than any enema as you will also be nourishing your digestive system and enabling the healthy bacteria to be vibrant.  And yes, the GRN suspended gel matrix solution for a clean and vibrant digestive system won’t leave you bloated, uncomfortable and having to visit the restroom like an emergency and with these ingested phytonutrients you no longer will suffer from constipation. Treat your digestive system to the cleansing and detox solution naturally with phytonutrients and leave the enema for those who enjoy spending time sitting in the bathroom.

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