The many reasons why you need turmeric and a detoxification.

August 10, 2010

Simply put, turmeric and a cleansing of your digestive system will do wonders for your overall ‘feeling better’.

Turmeric has been used as a dietary supplement for generations and should be part of your family’s diet, along with a detoxification of the digestive system.

Think of solving your stomach problems and other digestive related ailments. IBS comes to mind for some of you perhaps – well turmeric can come to your aid in a suspended gel named GLO and will provide anti-inflammatory results to regions you all know too well. To ensure that your digestive system is properly maintained, ingesting a detoxifying suspended gel (no more awful drinks) will of course also do wonders for coming to your aid for gastrointestinal issues; GRN should be consumed a few times a week to ensure proper bacteria (healthy) levels remain consistent in your digestive tract. Turmeric is also very useful for healing burns and wounds and doing so quickly. This natural ingredient is great for your overall skin by reducing deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines.  Think of turmeric as your skin solver from the inside-out and detoxifying your body with GRN and its many natural ingredients will get you moving along without any more discomfort. Get yourself a box of GLO with turmeric and GRN for detoxification and feel better inside and get healed quickly on the outside and look younger in the process!

When was the last time you had a good cleaning, a detoxification that is.

August 7, 2010

Perhaps never!

A real internal cleansing will do wonders for your digestive system. Get detoxified naturally with a tasty minty suspended gel.

Just think about what you have been eating for years and what appears to be in your digestive system, undigested! Perhaps you would rather not think about it. Face the facts! You and just about everyone in the western world needs to have their digestive system detoxified on occasion and in reality this should be a few times a week as an ongoing cleansing of your digestive system and feeding the good bacteria in your digestive tract. Of course, you need to cleanse your body to really get it clean and I mean a good cleansing with several GRN suspended gel packs to get your digestive system clean and then you can keep it clean with ingesting a GRN suspended gel pack a few times a week. Think about brocolli, alphapha, spinach, and healthy mints to get the cleansing process functioning with other healthy nutrients. We call it a natural flushing of your digestive tract and it is very healthy. Get your system clean by ingesting a breakthrough in the manner in which you can cleanse your body and actually look forward to the natural process of consuming this tasty suspended gel so get yourself a box today and let the detoxification process work naturally!

Good versus bad bacteria and your immune system.

July 7, 2010

What type of bacteria do you have?

This may surprise you – your body contains about 100 trillion bacteria (100,000,000,000,000+), which is more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire body. Ideally, the ratio between the bacteria in your gut is 85 percent ‘good’ and 15 percent ‘bad.’ Your immune system depends on bacteria, the good type.

Ensuring that you’re getting a regular supply of good bacteria in your digestive system is so important because an estimated 80 percent of your immune system is located there and if your immune system is compromised your may be subject to infections and diseases. To ensure that your bacteria (the good) is supported, Agel came out with a GRN product which contains Cholorella Vulgaris and this will naturally assist in building up your good bacteria. Think of bacteria, your good bacteria as your ally and the bad bacteria as your rival (bad bacteria is very prevalent in processed foods and once consumed creates fungus and the bacteria your body depends on – the bad bacteria is harmful, of course). So supporting your digestive health is essential to also supporting your immune system, which is your number one defense system against ALL disease. Now you know to ingest a GRN suspended gel health supplement daily to ensure that your good bacteria is at the optimum level – at about 85 trillion, give or take a few hundred million. Get your GRN digestive tract, detoxification, and immune system builder to bring better health to you and share this with your friends – they will be around longer, rest assured.

If you love sushi you need detoxification.

July 4, 2010

So many people love to eat sushi!

The drawback is that the level of mercury in your body can increase and at times rather significantly. You need to flush such a heavy metal from your system and detoxification with a natural and minty flavored health supplement will take care of it with chlorella.

Now you can eat your sushi and keep the mercury levels in your body at normal ranges. Too much mercury in your blood as can be envisioned is very unhealthy and can lead to some very undesirable complications. The solution is not to stop eating sushi, but to take a detoxification health supplement which cleanses your body of the undesired mercury levels you or people you know have accumulated while having lunch or dinner – sushi style. One person I know was having sushi 14 times a week until her doctor informed her that she needed to stop and completely stop – not cut down. Now she can eat sushi in moderation – a few times a week while her mercury levels are normalized with this detoxification health supplement. Then I know she will go back to eating her sushi as she used to, but also ingesting the GRN product from Agel with the best form of bioavailability to ensure that her mercury levels are forever good. To that I say, enjoy your sushi and get the GRN natural health supplement product to have chlorella detoxify your body of the undesired mercury levels in your system.

Detoxification or detoxify your system.

June 10, 2010

Has your body been cleansed? If not, why not?

If you choose the correct body cleanser…and I am not speaking about anything other than the digestive tract. This is your cleansing opportunity and you should take advantage of it with a great natural product. If you chose to not cleanse your body and detoxify your system this is of course your choice.

Choose wisely! GRN is here and it can do wonders for your detoxification! This is not a topic which needs to be spoken of, this is your health and your well- being. So, cleanse your body with GRN and do it several times a week and I assure you that you will and your digestive system will feel the difference. Get the good bacteria your digestive system has been lacking and of course you will be consuming the greens you have been lacking in your diet, with this suspended gel natural detoxification cleansing wonder. GRN for now and GRN for ever with phytonutrients!

How to prevent cardiovascular disease and no this does not mean changing from one unhealthy fast food chain to another but it does include detoxification of undigested foods.

May 15, 2010

Cardiovascular disease is serious and if you are reading this you should know how serious of a disease it is.

It can not only create long-term damage to your brain and other bodily functions, but it can also end your life.

Now I don’t like to use frightening words but cardiovascular disease is a killer. What bothers me is that people who are most prone to unfortunately experience this disease are not doing anything to prevent it from happening in the first place. I will give you a simple three step process and if you don’t like them, don’t worry about it – but please tell your loved ones what to expect! Now, are you ready? How to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease…you need to learn to exercise a bit such as a walk for 30-40 minutes a few times a week – not too demanding. Next, make an attempt to look out for what you are eating…if you like fried food 7 times a week, cut it down to 3 or 4. And the easiest way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease is by lowering your bad cholesterol and your overall cholesterol levels (to minimize the plaque which can build up in your arteries). How can you do that, you should be asking. Simple, take a daily HRT suspended gel product which with the policosanol and oyster mushroom natural ingredients will normalize your cholesterol levels. So, ingest the tasty HRT product, exercise a little more and cut back on the unhealthy foods. And to clean your digestive system from the unhealthy foods you have been eating for some time, detoxify your system and get the best natural internal body cleansing! This product named GRN for detoxification will also provide your body with the good bacteria you need to optimize your digestive tract with nourishment with phytonutrients. Have I made everything clear?

When was the last time you decided to detoxify your body from the inside. Detoxification is very beneficial for our digestive system.

May 15, 2010

I am not referring to getting ready for a colonoscopy but voluntarily doing it.

No, I don’t mean that you will need to fast and then spend several hours in the bathroom. Many of us about the age of 40 have ‘tried’ this per a doctor’s recommendation – your doctor should have told you.

And I have yet to meet someone who enjoyed the detoxification process with Fleets or some other ‘body cleansing’ solution – even worse is having to mix a powder in water and then experiencing the awful taste. How about naturally detoxifying your digestive system with a great tasting mint flavored GRN gel pack from Agel Enterprises. The suspended matrix gel technology will enable you to get the detoxifying results without any discomfort or pain (or many trips to the restroom). With phytonutrients such as spirulina and chlorophyll to nourish and detoxify your body naturally you will be able to cleanse your body of the unhealthy things your body has a problem digesting and the detoxification process will start. Detoxify your body/digestive system a few times a week naturally by simply ingesting this gel pack before a meal and nourish and detoxify your digestive tract with the bacteria your digestive system needs – this is the healthy bacteria, or course. You will probably tell your doctor about this amazing natural product and they will start recommending this to all of their patients aged 30+. You will be astonished as to how better you personally feel from a digestive system point of view and your health will reap the benefits of course.

Detoxify your digestive system naturally and with a great tasting and healthy breakthrough product.

April 27, 2010

You all know about a Green world. How about GRN for you body!

You know all of that unhealthy food which you have been consuming for years. Well, you need to get it out of your system – get detoxified!

A new product was introduced earlier this month and will be made available to the general public beginning May 1st 2010. Get ready to detoxify your system with phytonutrients – the compounds found in green plants. Perhaps you have wondered how to detoxify you system naturally and without eating all the greens which you may not like to eat. Now you can cleanse your body with a natural detoxification process in a suspended matrix gel for best bioavailability and it comes with a mint taste.

What has mom always told you, yes to eat your greens. Now with NanoHealthTechnology you can do this naturally for body detoxifying and cleansing.

April 13, 2010

Consume your healthy greens naturally and with a nice taste.

What you need to be consuming daily is the breakthrough in health technology in suspended matrix gel for cleansing your body. This is the greatest and best manner to fulfill your body’s needs.

This is GRN and think green! This is suspended matrix gel technology. This is all about the foods your mother could not get you to eat. The spinach, the broccoli, and the alfalfa for crying out loud. Imagine getting all the nutrients in a single serving to clease your body and bring you back to a healthy life – for your body! This is a detoxifying digestive antioxidant supplement which you must look at more closely. The power of body cleansing just became much more simple with a natural detoxification natural solution.

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