Eliminating acne starts from your digestive system which becomes a natural acne treatment.

March 1, 2011

Take care of acne from the inside with ensuring that your organs are processing what you’re consuming in foods and beverages.

Simple concept but many dermatologist doctors have not been educated about why it is that acne starts but more on what prescription drugs or over the counter chemicals work at preventing the so-called acne bacteria. Acne treatment, no matter what chemical or drug you’ve been recommended is going to help for any significant length of time.

Getting rid of bacteria which may be creating acne is going to eliminate the unhealthy and the healthy bacteria which in essence resides in your digestive system, which is where what you consume is filtered and sent the the appropriate areas of your body. Eliminating good bacteria is going to cause digestive system issues and sure it may temporarily get rid of some acne but the cost of this temporary solution is going to wreak havoc to your gastrointestinal tract (digestive system). Your body, like that of anyone else’s needs good bacteria and of course we don’t need unhealthy bacteria but taking antibiotics such as tetracycline, erythromycin, clindamycin, doxycycline and minocycline for an extended period of time will bring about some unhealthy and unpleasant side-effects and guess what – the acne will come back. The reason why the acne will come back is because taking antibiotics for acne treatment is not going to get to the source of the reason for acne. Your digestive system is the source of why acne exists and your acne treatment starts there; think of it this way – if two people eat the same horrific high cholesterol and high saturated fat diet such as pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and extra grease, why is it that one may break-out with a lot of acne and the other person may not even get the slightest blemish. They both ate the same unhealthy diet but their digestive system functions differently. Cleaning and a daily detox of the digestive system will enable the natural form of acne treatment and of course, forget about the topical chemicals which are in essence placebos which actually cost money (unlike being a rat for an experiment) – here I am referring to the proactiv and oxy or clearasil-like products which are purchased over the counter or from websites with famous people as spokeswoman and spokesman. Topical chemicals such as these may remove excess oil from the surface of your skin and provide the placebo-effect where one thinks their acne is going away. Enough about chemicals and antibiotics for acne treatment. Cleanse and detox your digestive system and have your liver function properly – makes sense, right? Your liver processes what you consume in food and beverages so if it’s functioning properly it will not get backlogged and stop working effectively. Your digestive system, when functioning properly will enable your liver to effectively process the good and the bad so that the unhealthy things you eat and drink can be flushed out and not having to wait – because such unhealthy consumed foods and beverages will create acne. That person who did not even get a blemish from that pepperoni pizza mentioned earlier has a well functioning liver but simply because you have acne does not signify that you can’t cleanse and detox your digestive system daily so that if you really want to eat such a pizza you can. In combination with the detox of your digestive system, get rid of the pollutants and free radicals which we are all exposed to every single day and every night, even as we sleep. Get your Agel Enterprises boxes of GRN to cleanse and detox your digestive system and EXO antioxidants if you want to have the natural acne treatment with only health benefits and you will no longer be having to go to the dermatologist for prescriptions or recommendations for chemicals to apply to your face, chest, back and neck. Stop acne with a natural acne treatment, with ingested suspension gel and don’t tell me I did not tell you so when your acne comes back after doing otherwise.

No more acne and no more dermatologist visits and no more expensive and unhealthy acne treatment.

February 28, 2011

Nobody wants acne and some people will do just about anything for acne treatment and many visits to several different dermatologist doctors.

Who needs a dermatologist for acne treatment? Nobody, except that the dermatologist wants you to think so, writing up prescriptions, scheduling the next one to three office visits.

This is their bread and butter and any dermatologist who informs me otherwise, well I will listen; they won’t call, trust me. The issue is that there are natural manners in which to solve the problem named acne; in reality it is not a problem but simply a bodily function which is inhibited by some and not by others. Let explain in simple terms, the liver processes we shall call ‘things’ and these things need to be processed and filtered for proper use or designated as having no use and disposed of as waste. The reason why ingredients, the so called ‘things’, may or may not be used or our body has no use for them is that our body has had enough and is backlogged and this for the liver signifies that this critical organ cannot help your skin or other bodily functions – you cannot add water to a glass which is full of water for example. Now the liver is also a critical filtration mechanism, now think of cooking ‘fat free’ ground sirloin, where there is still some saturated fat left in the pan even if you did not use oil or butter or some other potential LDL level cholesterol inducing additive. The point I am try to make here is that acne is not about rubbing the skin which creates this undesirable physical appearance, but about your body being able to process what is ingested. Yes, you could go to this dermatologist and get so called acne treatment from them in drugs which will probably destroy the good bacteria in the digestive system, or you could go to the next dermatologist who will recommend topical chemicals which increase the aging process of your skin making you dependent on skin care products and have skin tone issues. You see, the solution for acne or better stated acne treatment comes from within and any and every capable dermatologist knows this. Will such a dermatologist simply put you on an ineffective acne treatment regime with poor skin care products or get you to take over the counter acne treatment products such as Proactiv? Most likely. Antioxidants is the solution for acne treatment and no more visits to the friendly and very caring dermatologist or the many dermatologist doctors you have seen or are still paying a visit to and never mind the expense associated with the visits and then some. The acne solution is simple and it comes from the inside. More soon, but in the mean time, start taking care of acne with antioxidants which are in the EXO suspended gel product and stop the acne treatment which was recommended or prescribed by your dermatologist. Acne and acne treatment is simply 10 seconds during any time of the day and about 10 seconds at night. Now, is that better than spending time and expense at the office of your recommended dermatologist for acne treatment which does not solve your acne but can very well create health issues as you age and sooner than you envision.

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