Acne then acne scars?

May 5, 2015

When it comes to acne is can be like when it rains it pores like acne scars.

Of course, not everyone who suffers from acne will develop acne scars, but those of you who have had acne and then later on acne scars you know who you are. And you may have a pretty good idea how that acne turned into acne scars. - Agel EXO to prevent acne and GLO to eliminate acne scarsSo what to do about it, the acne scars? You should know that Agel EXO prevents acne as it’s ingested suspended gel where each single serving gel packet comes with over 200 antioxidants. But for acne scars, there are choices too and not all acne scar solutions for hiding them that is are healthy or actually do anything to remove those acne scars. You could apply makeup (or lots of makeup) but in the morning, it will be noticeable; permanent makeup is also an alternative but then again if you like change this may not be a viable solution for hiding acne scars. There is also getting plenty of sun, via a sunburn and hopefully that turning into a tan but this is awfully damaging to the skin and can actually make acne scars look better than wrinkles and early aging of the skin. Agel GLO is a healthy alternative to not hiding acne scars but making acne scars disappear. Agel GLO is ingested skin care, not magic however. Perhaps it’s people who apply makeup or get suntans (via the sun or the booths/beds) who like magic but tans don’t last forever and frankly makeup is simply to cover up imperfections. Agel GLO works on wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes, evens out skin tone, creates healthy hair and nails and eliminates acne scars! What are you waiting for? Get your box of Agel GLO each with 30 single serving gel packets with a money-back guarantee and eliminate acne scars and all the other health benefits. Don’t cover up acne scars, eliminate them!


Naturally prevent acne with Antioxidants

May 3, 2015

Ingest your way with antioxidants to prevent acne.

Ingest you say, for acne? Yes, after all, acne really does not start on the outside but from the inside and ingested antioxidants in suspended gel is the natural and effective manner to prevent acne. - Agel EXO, the natural acne preventionAntioxidants in suspended matrix gel named EXO prevents acne, period. For those of you who think that being out in the sun in the warmer months of the year will dry-up acne on the outside, well in actuality two things will happen with your acne; for starters, you may have the appearance on the surface that the acne is getting better because a tan can conceal acne much like makeup conceals acne and secondly a not acne related is that the sun will accelerate the aging process by aging of the skin and thus accelerating the aging of the skin resulting in not less acne but getting wrinkles and sun spots earlier than later. So what to do about preventing acne, as it’s a fact or poorly understood myth that the sun results in acne prevention so that’s not the method to prevent acne. As acne starts from the inside, that is where to address the acne prevention starts with antioxidants. Agel EXO are over 200 antioxidants in each single serving gel packet (30 gel packets per box). Soon, why topical chemicals and prescription medicine do more harm in the long run for acne than benefit or prevent acne. For the time being, get your box or two of the natural acne prevention with Agel EXO. Prevent acne!

Time to glo without makeup and acne

September 15, 2012

Ever wonder why people don’t need makeup and others simply can’t have enough makeup.

It’s a situation which may have perplexed mankind or better yet womankind pertaining to this makeup need conspiracy. Is makeup really necessary or is there an alternative to hiding the skin’s imperfections, due to aging of the skin or because of existing acne or because of acne scars?

Sure acne being associated with makeup may be a turnoff to many and this is perhaps the correct forum to discuss the relationship between makeup and acne because after all, if it were not because of acne cover-up makeup needs the demand for makeup would not be so high or is it that makeup is simply used for concealing the signs of aging skin. Perhaps we should assume that the use of makeup is to hide imperfections in the skin because of acne or the signs of aging skin or perhaps even for the sake of adding color to the skin and the surrounding eyes. Most people would not truly divulge the reason for using makeup on all counts and for the obvious reasons. However, for those using makeup, be it women or men, there is an alternative to reducing the amount of makeup used, except for the fun eye shadow and accentuating the eyelids and use of eye liner – all to give onlookers the focal point, and the alternative to makeup for the skin is not more makeup, but less of it and soon none at all. How is this accomplished, the elimination of using skin makeup to cover up natural imperfections, be it from acne, or scars from acne, or simply aging of the skin. To begin, if acne is still an issue, the need to eliminate and prevent acne can be found within this site where you can learn about naturally eliminating acne and preventing acne which we will refer to later below. For makeup use in eliminating the skin’s imperfections, GLO was introduced, and it comes with a money back guarantee, as are all of the Agel Enterprises suspended gel products, and is also conveniently available on this site and only available online, and what GLO will do for your skin in four to eight weeks is get you and everyone else to notice that your skin has become rejuvenated with youth. The money back guarantee part is real, and it comes from the leader in health technology – Agel Enterprises, but the need for it or the need for using makeup to hide your skin’s imperfections will not be needed. The EXO suspended ingested gel acne elimination and GRN acne prevention suspended gel products will naturally take care of the acne issues should you have any, without the need to see a dermatologist again for acne and the GLO suspended gel ingested alternative to skin care makeup will eliminate wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, and even out skin tone, in addition to other natural benefits including providing stronger nails and hair; skin care eliminating acne, preventing it and the use of ingested natural skin makeup to repair instead of cover-up is going to naturally change complexions. Take a look at your makeup products now because soon you won’t need them.

Do something about acne will ya

September 10, 2012

Life’s to short to procrastinate and having acne does not have to be a waiting game.

Eliminating acne on the surface comes with proper in-gestation of superior antioxidants with the most bioavailable delivery form with EXO antioxidants. How about realizing how to prevent acne from materializing; this may or may not be a shock to all, but the natural means as to why acne develops may be an eye opener.

It simply does not discriminate on people living in one house or another, acne that is. It, acne, also does not discriminate on gender or color or other demographic disparate decision-making. What acne does however is start in the digestive system, and acne is waiting for the digestive system to be impaired. An impaired digestive system leads to acne simply because of the digestive system not being able to process the foods and beverages consumed, be it the vitamins and minerals as forms of nutrition. The digestive system works with the liver, the pancreas and other organs as designed but acne is more likely to become a factor if the digestive system is not functioning as intended and that’s to break down and process what the organs need and discard the rest; acne is comes to fruition because of debris-plagued digestive systems. Simply put, acne needs the help of a well functioning digestive system and the fact that acne can materialize on someone’s skin who eats perfectly well and no acne materializing on someone eating processed foods and foods heavy in saturated fat does by no means indicate that the individual’s eating habits are directly related to the generation of acne. What matters pertaining to acne is how the digestive system is functioning and whether it’s functioning as intended. To cleanse and detox the digestive system does for preventing acne what buying the winning lottery ticket does, and that’s to get results. Try GRN, from Agel Enterprises, to cleanse and detox the digestive system to prevent acne from starting in the first place and for insurance in eliminating acne, the EXO antioxidants will work exceptionally well. Prevent and eliminate acne naturally with the GRN and EXO suspended gel packets; very soon, you won’t be looking at your acne in the mirror, so get on with your life, without undesirable acne.


Stop complaining about acne

September 8, 2012

Complaining about acne won’t make acne miraculously vanish.

Unfortunately, acne is what it is and it has a tendency to impact confidence in people of all ages, but as expected the older one is and having had acne for years and even decades the confidence level is not as severe as that of a teenager. Rightfully so, a teenager can be negatively impacted where having acne could in fact impact their social skills for the rest of their life.

But acne does not have to be the handicap or the reason anymore for the inferiority complex or the introvert personality which plagues young adults. Treating acne is one option where with over-the-counter chemicals and parabens the acne will temporarily go away and then come back, perhaps like a roller-coaster in very slow motion; such acne may come back in a few days or in two weeks, for example. Visits to the dermatologist won’t really help much other than going to see a so-called professional who studied in school how to recommend the same parabens and chemicals you find at so many shopping outlets and don’t need a dermatologist visit to know that there are such over-the-counter acne so-called treatments; it’s true that as the dermatologists are doctors they have the license to try to treat acne with prescription parabens and other such drugs which can have adverse effects to the skin and even the digestive system. The natural alternative, which will eliminate acne on the surface of the skin and beneath the surface of the skin, is natural acne care with antioxidants, and not simply any antioxidants to eliminate acne but ingested antioxidants which come from seventeen different fruit and plant extracts and are delivered in the most bioavailable and natural method named suspension gel technology; this acne antioxidants elimination solution is named EXO, by Agel Enterprises, and it has a dark grape flavor so anyone with acne will enjoy ingesting one or two EXO suspended gel packets per day where no water is needed and the only skill needed is to tear off the top of the gel packet as seen on the image on the left with the blue arrow; all Agel products, including the EXO acne elimination solution come with a money back guarantee are are only available online and conveniently on this site. Try finding another acne treatment which comes with such a guarantee. Next, about how to prevent acne from being created and this natural suspended gel product in combination with the EXO mentioned here will be the natural solution to eliminate acne and prevent acne from preventing the teenager from being socially active, and such social interaction without acne will go a long way in the teenager’s adult life.

Preventing acne starts from the digestive system

August 26, 2012

Who would have thought otherwise, that acne starts in the digestive system.

Fact is that dermatologists go to school, medical school, to learn about drugs to treat acne. Wait a minute, since when do drugs prevent acne; correction, dermatologists were taught to treat acne or at least to attempt to treat acne.

Ever heard the equivalent of the cart pushing the horse when the horse should be pulling the cart; of course you have. Now, have you ever been to see a dermatologist for acne and end up with a prescription to treat acne? Again, sure you have, if you have seen a dermatologist for acne reasons. What’s with treating acne anyway when the real concern is stopping acne from coming back or eliminating it and preventing such acne from coming back, if you’re going to go see a dermatologist for acne reasons. Let’s see it from the dermatologist perspective about your acne or the acne of any of their patients; the dermatologist wants to see the patient again to see if the acne treatment is working and if it’s not, then perhaps a stronger prescription or a different prescription is deemed required, or from their schooling a deemed necessity, to treat the acne. Fact is, for those who don’t know, acne starts in the digestive system because of toxins and unhealthy bacteria, which these forms of undesirable waste prevent the digestive system from effectively operating and lead to the development of acne among other health concerns like constipation and poor delivery of essential nutrition to the body’s organs. If the digestive system is cleansed and detoxed of debris and unhealthy bacteria and given the ability to nourish the healthy and essential bacteria, then acne will be prevented and the need to go see the specialist named a dermatologist will quickly come to an end and such dermatologists can read this information and recommend GRN for their patients, close their practice and start selling the GRN suspended matrix gel solution for preventing acne; unfortunately, the dermatologist has medical school loans to pay for and can’t simply close their practice overnight. For the time being, stop going to see the dermatologist and try ingesting the GRN suspended gel product with phytonutrients which are a super-food, with spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, chlorophyll and other natural ingredients. Try GRN for two months, with ingesting one gel packet per day or two if you’re very determined to not going to see your dermatologist within the next thirty days, because the solution to preventing acne is not with prescriptions to treat acne temporarily but to cleanse and detox the digestive system with GRN. In addition to GRN, ingesting the best form of antioxidants to clear existing acne and help to clear out the pollutants your body is in contact with on a daily basis will also help in eliminating acne. The combination of acne prevention and acne elimination is natural with Agel’s GRN and EXO suspended gel ingested products and if you happen to have acne scars from past acne, the GLO suspended gel product will eliminate acne scars, along with wrinkles, lift aging skin, even-out skin tone and rejuvenate the collagens which also strengthens nails and hair. Enough with acne and visits to the prescription writing dermatologist, take care of your digestive system with GRN and say goodbye to acne and to your dermatologist.

Should acne be a concern

August 19, 2012

For most people with a poor functioning digestive system acne will be a concern.

Ever heard people say that they can’t eat certain foods or a certain beverages, because it gives them acne? We assume that you have heard this at least once in your lifetime pertaining to reasons for developing acne but the reality is that it’s not the food that creates or generates the acne in question but the digestive system not being able to assist the body as effectively as it should.

Relax, nobody is to be blamed for acne and surely a dermatologist is not going to cure acne with harsh chemical recommendations or with prescriptions to deplete the healthy bacteria in the digestive system, of course along with the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system. A reminder, acne may temporarily be aided by the dermatologist’s recommendations and prescriptions from parabens accompanying acne topical products or ingested presciptions for acne, but that’s all these acne treatments will be; in essence providing temporary acne assistance and at both a financial cost and with health costs. Get acne where it starts, but not by eliminating healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria, but by preventing acne in the digestive system by nourishing the healthy bacteria with phytonutrients and greens like broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, chlorophyll, and other natural ingredients and in the same time as preventing acne you’ll be able to eliminate unhealthy bacteria. There’s a reason why certain types of foods affect some people with the development of acne and not others and it’s not because they have a stronger will power or have passed the age of developing acne, it’s however because of their digestive system simply working more effectively at eliminating toxins and unhealthy bacteria so that such bacteria is excreted as waste properly and not as toxins coming out through the pores in the form of acne. Naturally cleanse and detox the digestive system, your digestive system with ingested GRN lemongrass mint flavored suspended gel packets and prevent acne; no worries, ingested suspended gel GRN packets won’t put you at the mercy of the effects of laxatives or preparations for bowel cleansing, GRN simply cleanses and detox of the digestive system with nourishing healthy bacteria all while eliminating undesirable bacteria so that your skin can naturally be without acne.

Acne and skin care and the key

August 8, 2012

The key to eliminating acne and preventing acne is not created by making an appointment with the dermatologist.

Seeing a dermatologist, in most situations for acne reasons is to help the dermatologist grow their income stream, with a license to write harmful prescriptions which don’t get to the reason for why acne became your reason for seeing the dermatologist. No pill or drug will eliminate or prevent acne, simply because your body needs the attention starting in the digestive system and with topical and ingested antioxidants and not with drugs or parabens.

The simplest solution to eliminating acne is with antioxidants, and the best delivery of antioxidants which work from the inside-out are ingested and the EXO suspended gel provides over two hundred antioxidants from seventeen different fruit and plant extracts; natural antioxidants eliminate acne. This is how acne is eliminated naturally, with antioxidants, from the inside-out and coupled with the Ageless skin care line which is based on antioxidants, from the outside-in. Now about preventing acne and this is the part which dermatologists will, for some reason, never understand and perhaps it’s because they don’t teach this in graduate school; acne is not started by eating certain foods and having acne breakouts because of such foods. The truth is that acne starts in the digestive system and acne starts there because of the toxins and debris in the digestive system prevent the proper breakdown and absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrition which prevents your acne from developing. If one wants to prevent acne, a cleansing and detox of the digestive system is a necessity, and no there’s no invasive procedure or enema involved, but simply ingesting phytonutrients in the most bioavailable delivery form to prevent acne by clearing out the toxins, waste, unhealthy bacteria and let’s face it feces which has been in the digestive system and gut way too long; this cleansing and detox of the digestive system is naturally accomplished with GRN in suspended gel. Eliminating acne is simple with antioxidants with EXO and Ageless and preventing acne from coming back with GRN phytonutrients is the healthy choice over seeing the dermatologist who just might prescribe a drug or recommend parabens to wreak havoc to your digestive system. It’s time to eliminate acne and of course to prevent acne from developing. How many dermatologist do you know who know this about acne anyway?


Makeup to cover acne or eliminate it

August 7, 2012

Honestly, what’s the percentage of people using makeup to cover up acne or some other skin imperfection.

Surely nobody knows because who would actually admit that they use makeup to hide acne or signs of aging skin. Of course, the significant other, be it a spouse for example would know that the makeup is used to conceal be it acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, fine lines, or simply to cover up acne.

From a distance acne will be covered up by makeup, as will other visible signs of aging skin including scars or wrinkles and the remains of teenage or young adulthood acne. But from up close, people soon, or will quickly realize that the makeup which is applied is to hide acne, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and in some cases simply to brighten the room with color or uneven skin tone. How much color is really needed? Enough makeup with color to hide acne and wrinkles or uneven skin tone, perhaps. Then there is the natural skin tone makeup, which is we assume, because we really don’t know remember, for concealing acne and acne scars. Realistically, covering up signs of aging skin with makeup is not the solution to acne scars, deep creases, fine lines, uneven skin tone, sagging skin or simply acne. Makeup is used by actors and actresses to display the role they are meant to portray, and yes some will disagree and claim that makeup is used to brighten peoples mood and has nothing to do with acne or uneven skin tone or scars from past acne; this being stated, we’re not stating why people use makeup, because after all, nobody really knows why everyone uses makeup but the general population has a fairly good understanding that it is associated with either covering up aging skin, acne scars, uneven skin tone, or acne here or acne there in the form of a blemish and yes, some simply love a lot of color. Don’t get upset when you’re informed that makeup contains parabens, at least most makeup products which are applied topically and the fact that such makeup will temporarily cover up your skin’s acne, wrinkles, deep creases and acne scars or uneven skin tone; such parabens can actually create acne because if you think about it, acne starts in the digestive system and parabens prevent the digestive system from properly breaking down nutrition which prevents acne in the first place. The solution for skin care is not makeup and it’s also not creams with petroleum based products which are derived from the same product you put in your gas tank. Burnt gasoline is carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas so imagine how healthy, as skin care or even makeup, it can be as skin care. There’s an alternative, actually two alternatives to makeup to mention now for acne scars and other skin imperfections; the Ageless skin care product line of topical suspended gel products which come with seven different skin care products and they are all natural, without parabens and are derived from antioxidants, not petroleum and the Ageless skin care topical product line will help the skin from the outside-in. The alternative to makeup to eliminate, not cover up acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, is ingested GLO with again all natural ingredients including turmeric, CoQ10, lecithin, lutein, tocotrienol, trace minerals, and natural oils and more including green tea seed oil; GLO is the alternative to makeup and it’s ingested so it works from the inside-out. Soon, two products to eliminate and prevent acne named EXO and GRN, but for the time being, stop using harsh makeup and so called skin care topical creams and naturally remove the wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone. All these Agel products come with a money back guarantee and are only available online and on this site. Brighten up the room without makeup but with naturally rejuvenated skin care solutions from Agel Enterprises with the breakthrough in suspended gel technology.

Acne ends with more antioxidants

July 12, 2012

Why is it that acne frustrates people when they could take care of eliminating acne with antioxidants.

Sure, there are antioxidants which come in capsules and then other antioxidants which come in juices, but how many of these antioxidants really assist in eliminating acne. For successfully eliminating acne, antioxidants need to come from numerous different fruits and plant extracts and such antioxidants need to gel to your digestive system.

Not simply from acai or pomegranate or goji and grape juice will antioxidants eliminate acne, but from the likes of gac, bilberry, blueberry, cranberry, aloe vera, mangosteen, rooibos tea, aronia, elderberry, wolfberry, acerola, sea buckthorn, prune, dark grape, pomegranate, acai and noni juices and purees with all of these in single serving suspended gel antioxidants packets from the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises. Granted some countries offer different antioxidants in the mix of the fruits and plant extracts but every single EXO antioxidants gel packet comes with seventeen different fruits and plant extracts and they all come with over two hundred antioxidants in suspended gel and that is the solution for eliminating existing acne and assisting in preventing new acne from developing. Taking prescription drugs for acne may temporarily work but the body adjusts to chemicals and soon, such drugs will not eliminate acne but such pills and creams and other toxic topicals will perhaps wreak havoc to your digestive system and contribute to the amount of toxic parabens which one applies topically to their acne in the hopes of eliminating acne. What really happens is that the acne comes back to the surface all while the topical applications accelerate the aging process of the skin. Is that really the manner in which anyone wants to temporarily get rid of acne, or the alternative with the most bioavailable antioxidants in the EXO suspended matrix gel packets. We think you’ll quickly realize that after ingesting a packet of EXO antioxidants suspended gel a day for a few weeks your acne will naturally go away all while actually rejuvenating your skin to look and feel younger and of course without new acne. For the best solution to eliminating acne, the EXO antioxidants are an exceptional alternative and value to what’s on the market and for cleaning out the digestive system to get rid of unhealthy bacteria and existing waste and toxins which will prevent acne from developing stay tuned, it’s time for GRN. For now, get your box or two of EXO antioxidants, each with thirty single serving gel packets of EXO, and eliminate your acne. EXO comes with a money back guarantee and is available online on this site, shipped directly from the manufacturer, Agel Enterprises. Stop looking in the mirror and seeing your hard earned money go to a dermatologist and his or her license to write prescriptions, and get the natural antioxidants solution to naturally get rid of acne with EXO.

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