Antioxidants supplements ingested and for the face and skin from the leader in health technology.

November 6, 2010

Some people drink antioxidant juices to rid their bodies of free radicals.

Antioxidant juices lack convenience and don’t offer the best form of anti aging of our body’s cells. Health technology as pioneered by Agel Enterprises brought EXO, a suspended gel antioxidant with the best ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), best delivery form by being exceptionally bioavailable and portable – also with a great purple grape flavor.

As some of you may know that our body’s cells get oxidized and there is really not much we can do to prevent that living normal lives, but taking antioxidant supplements can slow down the aging process of our cells – slow down our aging process, in essence. Free radicals wreak havoc on our body’s cells and antioxidants when delivered and ingested in a suspended gel with the EXO gel packets gets rid of such oxidation of our cells by the free radicals we inhale every day (outside and inside our home or apartment, when we’re awake as well as when we’re asleep). If antioxidants are designed to rid the free radicals from our cells by being ingested, imagine how such antioxidants could work on our skin which is also impacted by free radicals and pollutants in the air – this has been termed antioxidant skin care and why not apply antioxidants to our skin. Agel Enterprises formulated and brought to market antioxidant skin care or better known as anti aging skin care in a set of products appropriately named Ageless. The leader in health technology concluded that applying over 200 antioxidants to the outside of our skin would do wonders to slow down the aging process of our skin from the outside as it does from the inside. This is what brought about the Ageless antioxidant supplement anti aging skin care line which is derived from the same 17 fruits and plant extracts which is in the EXO antioxidant supplement. One could imagine the cost of such an antioxidant supplement skin care line to be in excess of US $500 as there are seven products which make up the product line which does not contain any parabens and toxins which department store brands do contain – Agel Enterprises knows that fighting free radicals from the inside and from the outside is critical to slowing down the aging process so the anti aging skin care supplement named Ageless with 7 different products has been priced accordingly. Get your Ageless skin care line of anti aging supplements and also take care of the normal oxidation process from the inside with a couple boxes of EXO for you and your family members. Antioxidants supplements ingested and applied to your face makes for a complete antioxidant supplement experience to slow down the aging process of your cells. The leader in health technology has come through with antioxidant supplements with EXO and Ageless – get yours today!

Rush hour traffic passion or a home based business.

October 19, 2010

Realistically speaking, I hate rush hour traffic.

Not that I dislike waiting in lines, but lines which don’t seem to be progressing are at times a bit frustrating – to me, that is. You can make the best out of rush hour in crowded intersections, and ingesting an antioxidant supplement would be a good idea to cleanse your body of the free radicals and perhaps the foundation for a home based business – from your transportation method.

You see, rush hour can be a reason to take an antioxidant supplement without the need for water or to keep the antioxidant cool as antioxidant juices require. The EXO product by Agel Enterprises is ingested without water and can be ingested when left at a temperature reaching 160+F or 75+C but then again that might make it a bit too warm or too hot to ingest; this is simply proof that an antioxidant supplement with the suspended gel technology as the leader in health technology has pioneered the greatness of antioxidants – to be taken anywhere at anytime. You could also start your own home based business from your own vehicle during heavy rush hour traffic, handing out EXO antioxidant supplement gel packets to your neighboring vehicles and of course you could do the same waiting for a train or subway or inside such forms of public transportation. To your health and to antioxidants and EXO with the highest ORAC score of any and only suspended gel antioxidant supplement – and to your home based business venture, be it on foot during a traffic jam in rush hour or when taking public transportation. Suspended gel technology with antioxidant supplements are portable – why simply ingest antioxidant juices which are inconvenient? The antioxidant supplement in suspended matrix gel is EXO and get your box of 30 gel packets before your next rush hour!

What is in the best antioxidant supplement will amaze you.

September 8, 2010

In a very positive way, of course!

The best antioxidant supplement using the best form of bioavailability and the highest ORAC score is not simply a mangosteen drink. Nor is it a noni or goji drink – these are basic antioxidant juices.

The leader in antioxidant supplements comes in a suspended gel with particles smaller than a human hair – using matrix technology so that each nutrient can be precisely measured, ensuring that the consumer is getting what they expect to be getting. 17 different fruits and plant extracts in every EXO suspended gel pack – now that’s an antioxidant supplement which can take care of many types of free radicals. These antioxidants come from fruits of different colors and sizes further distinguishing the antioxidant benefits of having many different forms of antioxidants in one product. The contents of the EXO antioxidant supplement encompasses dark grape puree, blueberry puree, cranberry puree, aronia (aronia melanocarpa) juice from concentrate, pomegranate juice from concentrate, acerola puree, elderberry juice, prune juice, noni puree, bilberry juice, wolfberry juice, aloe vera juice from concentrate, gac (momordica cochinchinensis) fruit juice, sea buckthorn juice, mangosteen juice, rooibos tea extract, and acai juice. Did y0u count them – 17 and they all fit in a suspended gel pack of 21 grams or 0.75oz and provide the highest ORAC score. There is not much competition to the EXO product, that competition starts at a distant 2nd place. To get the most of your antioxidant supplement for slowing down the aging process, having better skin, fighting off free radicals, cleansing your cells of the pollutants in the air, get yourself a box of EXO with 30 suspended gel packs and do it today!

Agel launches product in 60th nation in less than 60 months, bringing suspended gel antioxidants and more to Indonesia.

July 26, 2010

Agel Enterprises has reached a new milestone with suspension gel technology!

This is another breakthrough for Agel Enterprises, bringing in natural health supplementation and giving Indonesians the ability to create residual income from their own residence.

In a bit less than 60 months since first distributing the breakthrough in suspension gel matrix technology, Agel Enterprises has started to distribute products in Indonesia, making this country of 230 million inhabitants the 8th country in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The population of Indonesia will now be able to benefit from products such as an antioxidant supplement, natural energy booster, and essential minerals and essential vitamins as Agel further entrenches its presence in the nation of over 17 thousand islands.

If you drink cola beverages you need to know why you need an antioxidant supplement and more.

July 25, 2010

The list includes all cola sodas or pop, from coke and pepsi to dr. pepper and all other carbonated soft drinks. The issue pertains to the increase in phosphate levels and decreased calcium levels in the blood.

In fact you should stop drinking these altogether, whether or not they have sugar or caffeine. If, however you are addicted to such beverages, you need to be consuming a suspended gel antioxidant supplement (EXO) and also ingesting your essential vitamins and essential minerals (MIN) and doing so daily.

The seriousness of such sodas is even greater in children as the high levels of phosphate in essence lead to the inability of the bones to properly calcify and this can increase the likelihood of broken bones at a young age and osteoporosis later in life. When phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones and this obviously weakens the bones. If you are going to be drinking such colas or any other type of carbonated soft drink/pop, be sure that you ingest a berry punch flavored vitamin and mineral supplement to provide calcium to your blood and bones and to cleanse your high oxidization levels from the colas ingest your antioxidant supplement. Please don’t simply take a calcium pill or tablet because these supplements or rocks can barely be broken down by your body and therefore are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Get your antioxidant supplement in EXO with a grape flavor and your essential vitamins and essential minerals in MIN with the best form of bioavailability – and do it today, because your body needs these even if you decide to stop consuming colas and other carbonated soft drinks/pop.

Some antioxidant supplements work and some do not.

July 22, 2010

Find out about the best and why you need to ingest it daily.

You will be getting your money’s worth and your improved cellular health will be proof. Ever heard the expression: you get what you paid for?

This is such an appropriate expression when it comes to antioxidant supplements. Consuming antioxidant juices may prove to be tasty and have some antioxidant results but such juices lack the portability and convenience and if they do not come in a single serving you really do not know what you are drinking because the nutrients are not equally blended in a juice, no matter how well you shake the container; some nutrients may float and some may sink. About antioxidant juices such as Zrii, MonaVie, Kyani Sunrise, Welch’s 100% Grape Juice, Xango Juice, Tahitian Noni, Pharmanex g3, and FreeLife GoChi to name a few, which more often come in multiple servings, well once you open up that plastic or glass bottle, it has been oxidized – which is what an antioxidant supplement is designed to get rid of (funny how you would be consuming something which has been oxidized as an antioxidant – a bit contradictory)! Any container which comes in plastic by itself is passing along the toxic chemicals of the plastic into the contents of the container when exposed to heat. What you want is a suspended matrix gel where all nutrients remain in their own unique environment and never become mixed with other nutrients and of course you want this in a single serving and to get the best oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) with your antioxidant supplement there is only one and it is named EXO and it is brought to you by Agel Enterprises. Get your month’s supply and don’t worry about the heat as the gel packs keep all the nutrients safe up to temperatures of 168F or 75C which makes them highly portable and convenient and you don’t need to drink water with the gel packs unlike antioxidant supplement pills which will be addressed later. So get your box of EXO, a 30-day supply for yourself and one for everyone else in your family and you will see and feel the benefits of them best antioxidant supplement on the market and this antioxidant supplement will also clear up your acne if you have any. Your EXO is waiting for you!

Breakfast of champions comes with fucoidan, essential minerals and vitamins, and antioxidants all in suspended gel.

July 9, 2010

From the age of one year this is how people should be waking up!

Three suspended gel packs to get the immune system functioning is paramount to a healthy day, as is ingesting your essential minerals and vitamins. Of course, as you face the pollutants and free radicals you will also be needing your antioxidant supplement.

For best physical results for your body’s cells you need to be ingesting your breakfast of champions with the breakthrough matrix technology suspended gels. Why in a gel you ask and not in a pill or tablet? Simply put, it’s all about bioavailability. Pills and tablets get flushed out of your system quickly and lack the recharging mechanism where nutrients and vitamins can be processed in the human body up to 1000 times (with a suspended matrix gel). Juices offer better bioavailability than do pills and tablets but lack the convenience and portability of the suspension gel and juices also lack the ability to properly measure the exact amount of ingredients – also an issue with pills and tablets. Take your fucoidan in a tasty green apple and build up your immune system to fight off diseases, take your mineral supplement and vitamin supplement in one berry punch flavored gel pack and get your A-E vitamins and several others in combination with 10 essential minerals, and of course rid your body of the previous day’s and night’s pollutants and free radicals which are harmful to your cells and expedite the aging process by sipping down the 0.75oz (21 grams) of the grape flavored antioxidant supplement which also has the best oxygen radical absorbance capacity score (ORAC) of any antioxidant on the market. Remember that your body, from the age of one and on prefers ingesting nutrients in their natural forms as is only available in suspended gel so get your fucoidan, minerals and vitamins, and antioxidants supplements in suspended matrix gels today and feel and look better every day!

Your antioxidant supplement and how many fruits do you need to consume.

July 4, 2010

You had better have a seat as you will be looking at fruits in a different way!

As a challenge! That is because you would need to consume at least 9 fruits a day or 25 ounces (1.5+ lbs or 720g) every single day – actual eating weight. You would need to be consuming 9 different types of fruits to get the antioxidants your body needs, every day.

Where would you find such fruits, perhaps at a specialty grocery store and the cost would become relatively high; US $5 would be a conservative estimate and there would be no guarantee that the fruits in question are actually providing the minerals and vitamins your body needs to get rid of the free radical development in your body. Taking a suspended gel supplement named EXO (for exotic fruits, 17 of them specifically) is quick, relatively inexpensive and offers the best form of bioavailability of any antioxidant supplement being that the delivery method is in a suspended gel. So, what are you going to d0 – go shopping for those nine fruits every couple of days (making sure that you get plenty of them for each day’s consumption) or get a great tasting grape flavored antioxidant health supplement to prevent the oxidation (free radical development) of your body’s cells – just don’t get antioxidant pills as they can do more harm than good? Get your month’s supply of antioxidant EXO in a box of 30 gel packs today, right here!

Acne prevention is not Proactiv but a great antioxidant supplement.

June 21, 2010

It’s amazing what deep pockets can create – marketing!

What’s even more amazing is products for acne prevention or acne elimination which really only damage the skin.

Instead of applying chemicals to your face, try ingesting an antioxidant supplement which is all natural for your acne prevention and acne elimination. I have known people who used Proactiv skin products and the results were at best short-lived and more psychological than reality. Our skin needs to be taken care of from the inside-out and from the outside-in, but not with chemicals or drugs. Free radicals damage our skin and can lead to acne; oily skin does not create acne. And acne is prevented or eliminated with natural fruits in a suspended gel antioxidant supplement and this is both ingested with the EXO product and applied topically with the Ageless skin care line. Say goodbye to drugs and chemicals for acne prevention/elimination and say hello to EXO and Ageless – antioxidant supplements which work and are very healthy. Get yours today and noticeably get rid of acne naturally.

If you consume fructose take your antioxidant supplement instead.

June 19, 2010

Your antioxidant should and needs to come from fruit!

Not only from juice, but from purees. This is very important to know the difference between consuming fructose an antioxidant juice filled with syrup versus the best form of antioxidant in a suspended gel.

EXO is your antioxidant supplement and you need to be consuming or better yet ingesting this tasty grape flavored gel daily. No more of a need to be eating your fruits anymore. Take this antioxidant daily with limited amounts of fructose to optimize your health and minimize your uric acid consumption and absorption! Now you know which antioxidant supplement you need and it is not an antioxidant juice but a suspended gel. Now you know and EXO is the solution to your antioxidant supplement solution without the extra fructose you do not need. Do your own due diligence and your will come back to this solution for all of your antioxidant needs and solutions, for people aged one year or more.

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