Antioxidants taken daily and forget the antioxidant juice.

October 5, 2010

Antioxidant juices may taste good or not, but without a doubt they are not delivering the antioxidants most effectively!

Antioxidant juices lack convenience with poor portability, their nutrients are not effectively distributed and not measurable. These drawbacks to antioxidant juices render them inferior to alternative sources of daily antioxidants to combat the free radicals you encounter throughout each and every day.

What you want from your antioxidants is to rid your body of the free radicals and reduce the aging of your cells and hence the aging process – leading to having an older appearance physically. Slowing down the aging process is what you want from your antioxidants and antioxidants come in all forms and sizes…some juices some pills, large and small. It is so confusing to many as to what is the antioxidant to take. Juices may be tasty or not but they have good bioavailability but lack convenience and the nutrients are heavy in antioxidants and tend to float to the bottom (the sinking of the nutrients). Pills and tablets provide poor bioavailability and hence are not worth your while and that of your body. Powders – well, what really goes into a powder – fillers perhaps and then the previous concept of the nutrients floating south once mixed. Antioxidants and the benefit to one’s health does not need to be ingested with conventional methods. Think out of the box and you have suspended gel technology with precise measurements of the ingredients which happens to be from 17 fruits of different colors and sizes and plant extracts – which can be consume anywhere at anytime. This is Agel’s EXO and this is the only antioxidant supplement with the best form of bioavailability for antioxidants. This is the antioxidant supplement you and everyone else needs. The name is EXO and it is the best form of antioxidants for getting rid of the free radicals. Get your box of 30 gel packets of EXO and let the others buy some antioxidant juice with one or a few fruits with limited amounts of antioxidants and ORAC score – antioxidants means EXO!

Some antioxidant supplements work and some do not.

July 22, 2010

Find out about the best and why you need to ingest it daily.

You will be getting your money’s worth and your improved cellular health will be proof. Ever heard the expression: you get what you paid for?

This is such an appropriate expression when it comes to antioxidant supplements. Consuming antioxidant juices may prove to be tasty and have some antioxidant results but such juices lack the portability and convenience and if they do not come in a single serving you really do not know what you are drinking because the nutrients are not equally blended in a juice, no matter how well you shake the container; some nutrients may float and some may sink. About antioxidant juices such as Zrii, MonaVie, Kyani Sunrise, Welch’s 100% Grape Juice, Xango Juice, Tahitian Noni, Pharmanex g3, and FreeLife GoChi to name a few, which more often come in multiple servings, well once you open up that plastic or glass bottle, it has been oxidized – which is what an antioxidant supplement is designed to get rid of (funny how you would be consuming something which has been oxidized as an antioxidant – a bit contradictory)! Any container which comes in plastic by itself is passing along the toxic chemicals of the plastic into the contents of the container when exposed to heat. What you want is a suspended matrix gel where all nutrients remain in their own unique environment and never become mixed with other nutrients and of course you want this in a single serving and to get the best oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) with your antioxidant supplement there is only one and it is named EXO and it is brought to you by Agel Enterprises. Get your month’s supply and don’t worry about the heat as the gel packs keep all the nutrients safe up to temperatures of 168F or 75C which makes them highly portable and convenient and you don’t need to drink water with the gel packs unlike antioxidant supplement pills which will be addressed later. So get your box of EXO, a 30-day supply for yourself and one for everyone else in your family and you will see and feel the benefits of them best antioxidant supplement on the market and this antioxidant supplement will also clear up your acne if you have any. Your EXO is waiting for you!

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