Natural younger skin with turmeric and anti aging cream and antioxidants.

August 31, 2010

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone and many other undesirable skin conditions; turmeric and anti aging cream antioxidants applied to the face and ingested can make an incredible difference to you and everyone seeing you.

Damage or alterations to one’s skin can leave people to have low self esteem. Think of a teenager who has acne, their self-esteem is obviously not going to be as high as a peer who has no acne. How about trying to get back into the workforce after being laid-off and being in your 40s or 50s and looking older. Ladies, would you like smoother and younger looking skin with an anti aging cream full of antioxidants and turmeric? Of course!

A natural plant called turmeric can do wonders for the skin as such can antioxidants both ingested and applied to the facial areas. If it seems like a lot of effort do not worry, it will take only about 10 minutes of your day. The question is the following: is spending ten minutes of your day too much time for you to look and feel younger? Is 3 minutes a day too much time to have your teenager’s acne go away? Is a few minutes a day worth looking younger so that you can get a good job to replace the lost income you had before? I am sure that there are some ladies who would spend 60 minutes a day to have their skin look many years younger – and some probably spend 60 minutes a day with products which contain parabens; there are over 800 chemicals in beauty products, many of which are potentially carcinogenic and that will not make your skin look younger in time – what it will do is eventually lead to infections, older looking skin and even cancer! The intent was not to frighten you but to let you know that natural alternatives do exist which have no short or long term side effects / illnesses but instead will bring out your youthful appearance and improved health. All the ingredients in all of our products are all natural without any fillers, parabens, or carcinogenic substances. Applying anti aging skin care products (so called anti aging creams) which can be purchased at department stores almost all contain fillers and parabens and what this essentially does is they allow the skin to absorb toxins which enter your blood stream and lead to poor health – so, you may look younger in the short-run with an anti aging cream from department stores but in time when such anti aging skin care products have been absorbed by your body, your body has started to age at an accelerated rate and in time such aging will come to the epidermis and will result in uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and even deep creases; this is one reason the wealthy get face-lifts. The Ageless product line (of seven products) has been formulated and created by fruits and plant extracts and is the only skin care line in the world based on suspension gel technology. If you happen to be using anti aging products from department stores you really need to be consuming antioxidant supplements and the best antioxidants come with the EXO product which is comprised of 17 fruits and plant extracts and will help rid your body of free radicals and boost your body’s immune functions. The EXO product has the highest ORAC score of any health supplement being that it is the only one which comes in a suspended gel with the best form of bioavailability. When you start using the EXO and Ageless products (for your internal body’s antioxidants and for your anti aging cream and skin care antioxidants, respectively) you will also want to ensure that you are ingesting the GLO product to hydrate and moisturize your skin from the inside-out. This collagen fiber supplement contains turmeric which can protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and by providing new elasticity to your skin (face and the rest of your largest organ – yes, your skin). Turmeric with the other natural nutrients in the GLO product will quickly reduce deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines and it will also do wonders for your hair and nails; turmeric has been used for centuries to heal the skin. With the EXO, Ageless, and GLO products you have the perfect three product line(s) which will bring about a youthful appearance inside-out and outside-in, because you still need to protect your face from the pollutants in the air. So get yourself looking and feeling younger with antioxidants ingested with the EXO product and applied to your facial areas with the Ageless product line, and with turmeric in GLO for all of your skin – and do it now because you won’t be getting any younger by applying a carcinogenic anti aging cream to your face.

Why natural collagen supplements and anti-aging skin care.

July 3, 2010

Why not! Get the protection you need and in the process help your skin!

Collagen supplements provide needed elasticity to our largest organ. You know those fine lines and wrinkles you dislike so much, well now you can take care of them naturally.

I am not referring to some topical solution which you apply to your face which has mineral oil, dioxane, fragrances, parabens, or alcohols, even though so many anti-aging skin care products have one of more of these harmful components in them; any of these components actually do more harm than bring benefit to your skin. So why take anti-aging skin care products which are actually detrimental and actually create more wrinkles and fine lines over time and can also create acne? Because advertising is what the manufacturers want us to see and listen to! For example, what does ‘dermatologist tested’ or ‘dermatologist approved’ really signify? Nothing! It simply indicates that no standards have been set and that a couple of dermatologists tried a skin care product at the request of a manufacturer and liked how the product felt. Think of applying a natural skin care set of anti-aging products to your skin which come from 17 different fruits and you should be thinking ‘antioxidants’ for the face and then think of ingesting a collagen supplements (with turmeric and lecithin) which works on your skin from the inside-out – all of your skin. We all need to take care of our skin and some of us want those wrinkles and fine lines to disappear – imagine having all of your skin be smooth and uplifted! More on this very soon.

What is your anti aging cream composed of and what about your collagen supplements?

March 24, 2010

Most likely they have chemicals and have a short lived anti aging cream.

What you really want and I am not trying to tell you that I can offer you something better than you can get elsewhere. I am simply telling you that anything which you use as an anti aging cream or other such products is not going to give you the results you really want unless you are using suspension gel technology, that’s all.

Yes, you can spend hundreds of US dollars on products, this is simple and millions of people do so. Before going to your store at the closest shopping mall do yourself a favor and look at the ingredients in our ageless skin care line with anti aging cream and much more and then you will be a better informed customer. To compile your breakthrough for the best looking skin – all layers and not just the one on the surface you need collagen supplements. The best manner in which to provide nourishment to the collagen is with an ingested form and this is amazing and it is called GLO; you eat (ingest) this tasty (apricot and green tea flavored suspension gel product. Take it during a meal or as a dessert after your meal. People drink tea after their meal so you can have your GLO and in a matter of weeks you skin will glow and everyone will know the difference. Work on your external collagen with an anti aging cream as your external antioxidant supplement which protects against the harmful effects of the pollutants and free radicals in the air and protect and improve collagen supplements from the inside-out; collagen supplements do wonders for your hair and nails too.

Who Wants a Natural Anti Aging Supplement – Better Yet, which Adult Does Not Want One?

December 3, 2009

Your raise hand(s) high if you want an anti aging supplement!

Many hands, including mind have risen. We do indeed want to stay looking and feeling young longer. This makes sense, after all how many thirty, forty, fifty or sixty year-old individuals want to throw in the towel and simply look forward to the end of their appearance.


Ageless skin care line 2

GLOThere was this very attractive 40+-year old lady in a nice grocery store I went to this afternoon and she was with her 8-10 year old daughter. She was obviously concerned about her appearance and dressed very well. What I did notice, and she sees it every morning and more often than that is that her chin skin was wrinkled; perhaps because of too much sun exposure. I wanted to tell her about our anti aging supplement in the antioxidant supplement, collagen supplement, and anti aging cream and other anti aging supplement products. Being that I was with my son I thought that she being with her daughter this might give both children an improper manner in which to show and point out to how people can improve what they want to about their physical appearance. Relax, I overheard where she works and will be sending her a short note about how Agel Enterprises can assist her with her collagen supplements needs and antioxidant desires. Knowing me I will of course tell her about how I and my wife use the anti aging cream and other wonderful products taken externally to benefit out largest organ – our skin.

That Young-Looking Neck

December 2, 2009

anti aging cream

“The way your neck ages is about 20 percent genetics… and 80% skin care habits,” writes dermatologist Leslie Baumann, M.D. And what’s a simple, yet powerful anti-aging step in your routine? Slathering on the sunscreen, of course.

Every time you head outdoors, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your neck and delicate (and all exposed areas) 20 to 30 minutes before leaving the house. You can also add a product specifically formulated for the neck and delicate areas.

If you’re already noticing sun damage or aging skin, know that many treatment options are available. Because of their exfoliating properties, alpha hydroxy acids, particularly glycolic acid, are ideal for helping damaged skin.

After exfoliating, follow with an anti aging cream; a rich cream will drench the skin with invigorating antioxidant protection and help restore vitality to lackluster or tired skin.

It’s time for Anti Aging Supplement and Anti Aging Cream Gifts.

December 2, 2009

This year do something special for your loved ones – they will be happier and returning the love

What I mean is to not give them anti aging creams which also include chemicals, which over time reduce the skin’s appearance and flexibility. These such products are found in the entrance way to department stores and they are both very over-priced and really don’t provide the collagen supplements which your skin needs.

agel_glo1Take a look at a new unadvertised form of supplementation for the skin (the face) and the entire body. A collagen supplement will do wonders for anyone and you women know exactly what I am referring to; from the face with reducing and eliminating wrinkles and fine lines and acne scars to the lifting up of the skin in areas ranging from the neck…down. I know that the ladies who read this will be taking this product forever and this product also comes with other great healthy nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 which generate cellular energy…which is what makes your entire body function naturally. So ladies, ask you husband or significant other for a couple of boxes of the best collagen supplements with GLO. You will not regret it, what’s so ever and your partner will know that it was the best small investment he ever made. Taken with an anti aging cream or skin care line, the benefits of better and smoother skin on the face can be alleviated with the first suspended gel skin care line available to over 50 countries only after a couple of years.Ageless skin care line 2

What’s you favorite set of Anti Aging Cream and Serum, and Collagen Supplements?

November 27, 2009

I know what it should be – and it’s both an ingested gel and a set of topical suspended gel supplements

Anti aging needs to be taken care of via an external anti again cream set of products which are all natural and not filled with chemicals and collagen supplements taken internally. Imagine creating youthful appearances in a matter of a couple of months with such great natural products.

glo-small1Wrinkles faded, fine lines weakened and scars subsided. Imagine what ingested collagen supplements can do for your skin. It can also tighten up the loose parts of your skin and the women know what I am referring to here. This is a natural, non-evasive manner in which you can look younger again – and feel it. You will be glowing and if you were lacking the appearance you once had years ago it will come back and everyone will notice it. For optimal results, taking an external anti aging cream set of products will assist with the antioxidants we face daily from the interactions our face has with the pollutants and the sun. Make sure to consume your collagen supplements with a meal and apply your anti aging cream set of supplements as directed (morning and night) for the best results. Yes, you can write to me to thank me in a couple of months or sooner. To your beautiful skin, naturally.

Ageless skin care line 2

Anti Aging Supplement, Anti Aging Cream, and Collagen Supplements? Any takers? You Want these.

November 23, 2009

You have options for anti aging cream and other great health supplements – good and bad ones – some work and others leave you worse off.

I would recommend the good ones. The ones which work to cleanse your body of the free radicals, build up the collagen levels in your body and help to reduce the physical appearance of the aging process. Best of all I can show you how to all of this naturally.

GLO If you are not aware, your body and largest organ (your skin) needs natural supplementation. This means anti aging cream from a suspended gel not found in department stores where the products are very expensive and contain aging chemicals, collagen supplements only found from the suspended gel technology creator in Agel Enterprises, and an antioxidant supplement with a great grape flavored taste needing to be taken daily for ridding of the free radicals which damage the skin daily, from the sun to the pollutants in the air. The anti aging cream helps to restore the collagen from the outside, the ingested collagen supplement creates the desired healthy levels of the collagen for the skin, and the proper hydration for the hair and nails from the inside. The antioxidant supplement to rid of the free radicals is also ingested and all three work so well together. Remove wrinkles by using a natural skin moisturizer; such anti aging skin care products will change your life.

Ageless skin care line 2


Skin Care is so Competitive but with the Incorrect Ingredients for the Skin

November 2, 2009

Who wants to have chemical fillers in their skin care products? If so, no need to read more

When ladies, for instance go to the nice department stores and they walk in, the first section they see is the skin care and cosmetic products and not far from their is the jewelry section the best scented area in the stores – because these are the highest marked-up products in the store. It does not mean that they are best for your skin – the skin care line is what I am referring to in this case.

Skin care lines for skin care health products should be for just that and be all natural – not filled with chemical fillers and preservatives which end up hurting the skin in the long run after continual use. How would you like to learn about an Anti Aging Skin Care Line which is 100% natural which will reduce wrinkles from the outside-in and those fine lines you ladies dislike (and men, of course). Anti aging skin care products entail anti aging cream, and anti aging skin care products, which are all anti aging supplements for the skin. Anti aging skin care products from Agel Enterprises are formulated with 17 exotic fruits reason for their 100% natural product line. This line of products will not only bring your youthful appearance from the outside in but with collagen supplements in another product from Agel Enterprises, your face and overall skin can quickly have the desired results to reduce wrinkles and fine lines all over, and tightened the largest organ in our body (the skin) to levels which will amaze you. The collagen supplements product works in as little as 2 months and it will you glow with improved skin elasticity!

Agel Anti Aging Scrub

Daily Cleansing Gel

Misting Gel

Daily Moisturizing Gel

Nourishing Night Gel

Age-defying Eye Gel

Ageless Gel Serum GLO sideways

Reduce Wrinkles and More from the Outside

October 19, 2009

If you want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from the Outside

It’s really about our collagen cells and about the necessary care we need to take for our skin. You know that department stores carry a vast array of anti aging skin care lines which help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. And this is all true in the short run. These skin care products available with nicely scented and smiling women just as you walk into the store – the jewelry section is not far – and yes the woman are always looking well. The displays are fabulous but the products they are telling you about contain elements which in the long run damage your skin – and we are looking for anti aging skin care products.

skin1Misting Gelskin3

Yes, I am a man but ladies laughs at those prices being from $150-$200 for a simple serum for skin care when they get an entire box of 7 products with suspended gel technology covering all facets of their facial skin and more for less than $250, which lasts up to six months. The solutions with proper skin care is not to have any chemicals and the products which support that in both the skin moisturizer and other anti aging products is the best option for all to use. Take a closer look at anti aging skin care from Agel.

skin4Daily Moisturizing GelNourishing Night Gel Age-defying Eye Gel

Coming soon about Reducing Wrinkles and fine lines from the Inside Out. The combination of both anti aging supplements works best.

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