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Entrepreneur Paul Durocher created in an effort to promote the latest breakthrough in preventative healthcare known as matrix technology suspended gel. The site will give you an in-depth understanding of how this delivery mechanism works regardless of age group and why it will change the way the world takes nutrition and biologically active ingredients in the next 3-5 years.

***Contact Us for when we have online presentations so that you can find out more about this breakthrough health technology, our growing product lines and the best compensation plan for cash flow and your home based business. And of course ask your questions about the opportunity to work at home or to work from home.***

Paul Durocher joined the Agel Enterprises business in March 2009 with his company Unwavering Solutions Corp, shortly after he had personally discovered the effectiveness of this new delivery mechanism and how people will look at healthcare in a new light. Ever since the launch of his Web site,, Durocher has added to the monumental success of his global company.

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What’s New - Agel BIOAgel’s latest ingested suspended gel is going to wreak havoc on any remotely close competition for probiotics, as Agel BIO probiotics will do to the unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system all while promoting so many health benefits from a best in class probiotics. Agel BIO probiotics is going to make so many people healthier and because the BIO probiotics survives the harsh passage to the digestive system, Agel BIO’s probiotics will enable the healthy foods you consume to bring about the health benefits they were designed for you to realize. Probiotics has reached a new level with BIO. - Agel Ageless CASPI
Ageless CASPI is going to change everything for the skin care industry. Skin care will never be the same and Agel’s Caspi Gold Ageless is a far superior skin care product line than anything else in the industry, by far! CASPI’S POWER to renew your skin comes from the building blocks of beauty found in premium Siberian caviar. Caspi Gold is the first skin care system to extract and harness the pure potential of the caviar stem cells, sparking beauty at its very source. Skin care is Caspi! For a little less than USD300, this is skin care which will be used by all and when the results are seen, the demand will make this the world’s most sought after skin care line. Anti-aging skin care has never had this type of breakthrough in the last 50 years. Anti-aging skin care for the 21st century is finally here with Caspi Gold anti-aging skin care! - Agel ABC for the proper nutritional in an un-nutritional world

Agel cares about children, and more importantly about proper nutrition for your child. Agel ABC does just this, provides essential vitamins and minerals which your child perhaps and in many instances is not getting because of inadequate processed foods and let’s face it, unhealthy eating habits. Agel ABC, for their ABCs and many more forms of nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals in the precise daily amount needed. - BRN away fat and gain muscle tone with better metabolism, from Agel

Agel has added more ingested suspended gel with the Shape Up Pack, Go Max Pack and the Core Health Pack, which contains suspended matrix gel including protein, immune system booster with fucoidan, energy, antioxidants, diet fat burning solutions and appetite suppressants, healthy and tasty detox, with fish oil with omega 3 without the taste, the precursor for glutathione and all of these new pack additions bring about great natural health benefits at reduced costs.

One of the newest ingested suspended gel with the best delivery and bioavailability is Agel BRN, for naturally speeding up the metabolism to burn fat and adding muscle tone. Agel BRN is a great addition to the FIT challenge to be healthier. For a diet solution to burn off fat while eating less and increasing the metabolism is what makes the fit challenge that much more powerful for results, in addition to gaining muscle tone. Now with Agel BRN, burning off that fat is made easier and doing so in a healthy manner. So go on and burn some fat.

Agel came out with GSH with the precursor for Glutathione at the end of September 2012. Agel GSH as a natural precursor for glutathione, provides superior protection of the cells, tissue structure, and organs, keeping you healthy and vibrant. GSH, one of two (other being Agel SEE) of the latest suspended gel breakthrough ingested products from the leader in health technology also supports normal cellular detoxification, promotes recovery and athletic performance, supports the immune system at a cellular level and works synergistically with the other breakthrough and technologically advanced natural suspended gel products Agel has in its arsenal to keep your health at its best. Before now, glutathione was very difficult for the body to absorb, but now with Agel’s GSH and suspended gel technology, glutathione and all of its health benefits become naturally a reality because with GSH, glutathione is naturally produced by the body. The time for supplementing with glutathione in a gel is real and goes well beyond supplementation because it is in essence generating what the body produces, with the body’s assistance; Agel has created the natural cell fuel by the GSH suspended gel precursor for glutathione.

Agel SEE, added by Agel as an ingested suspended gel has a growing audience as people get older, their eyes become more susceptible and for the younger generation, healthy eyes is critical for obvious reasons. With lutein and several other natural ingredients, Agel SEE is a must-have and ingest.

Agel Enterprises, the leader in health technology introduced two new suspended gel products with Omega 3 EFA fish oil with EFAs for assisting the nervous system.


VLT for intense and long lasting energy which energy drinks like Red Bull can’t compete with and with more caffeine, the two new health technology suspended gel products for nutrition with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants were introduced to add more necessities for our busy lives in the 21st century while maintaining health benefits and they are now available for purchase. With these two new health technology suspended gel ingested products, it simply signifies more opportunities to grow a home based business for the entrepreneur with accompanying global cash flow with new revenue streams. Things are only starting to get exciting with the health technology pioneer named Agel Enterprises. You can still attend this event and register as an entrepreneur to build your global home based business for cash flow coming from all parts of the world and soon residual income.

Antioxidants for preventing heart disease, including naturally lowering cholesterol levels with policosanol, taurine and oyster mushroom, increasing cellular energy with CoQ10 and carnitine with the heart health HRT ingested suspended gel and ingested skin care with GLO for anti aging prevention, rejuvenation of the collagen fibers and the end of applying makeup to any part of the skin, all of the skin and of course stronger nails and hair with turmeric, lutein, lecithin and more natural ingredients. The HRT and GLO products have been shown to have a shelf life of eighteen months with no more need for preservatives.

New triple packs of nutrition with various essential vitamins and minerals make the perfect combination for diet to lose weight named the trim pack, skin care ingested and applied topically with antioxidants in the renew pack and the essential vitality pack with vitamins, minerals and nutrition with antioxidants and fucoidan to boost the immune system. If you want youthful feel and appearance with anti aging skin care for all of your skin Agel Renew pack is for you. If you want to lose weight with a diet which will keep off the fat long after you discontinue the diet and build muscle instead, all while performing a cleansing and detox of unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system then the Trim pack is looking for you and for overall ongoing daily health needs for the immune system, organ inflammation prevention with essential vitamins and minerals and rejuvenated and anti aging of the cellular structure with antioxidants, then the Vitality pack is waiting for you. These triple packs pass on the cost savings to the consumer and with the introduction of two new packs in January 2012 there will even more nutrition, vitamins, minerals and protein to share with consumers; the trim pack plus will be introduced and will also contain a protein box of 30 suspended gel packets, the most powerful and advanced protein product on the market. Its unmatched amino acid profile will boost metabolism and assist in fat burning. The ultimate pack, also being introduced in January 2012, will contain six boxes of products to lose fat and gain muscle and have an abundance to do so with two boxes of Fit for diet, one box of GRN for cleansing and detox of the digestive system, one box of VLT for intense energy without the crash of energy drinks and two boxes of the protein PRO with all the benefits of a protein drink like powerful muscle fuel along with the added benefits of fat-burning super nutrients, an advanced amino acid profile, and effective nutrient absorption with the only suspended matrix gel formula for best-in-class bioavailiability.

The new Ageless antioxidants suspended gel product line is now available for the best anti aging skin care solutions applied topically. It’s not every day that the leader in health technology, Agel Enterprises, brings about an enhanced to entire leading product line of anti aging topical skin care products which will do wonders for the skin’s layers from the outside in with the best antioxidants in the anti aging skin care industry. With the ingested skin care and anti aging product introduced two years ago, your anti aging skin care solutions are now available all in one place and for all of your anti aging skin care needs from toe to the top of your head.


Agel enters into three more countries. Bolivia, Argentina and Chile are going to be opening up by the end of April 2011 to add three more countries and therefore more opportunities for the entrepreneur to grow their global home based business generating global cash flow and residual income – imagine the immediate growth in a home based business as new countries open up including the home based business opportunity for the entrepreneur minded individuals in those newly opening countries.

Suspended gel ingested product named GRN introduced in April 10′ is here to cleanse your digestive system internally and nourish and stimulate the healthy bacteria in your digestive system. Find out more about how to nourish the healthy bacteria and detox the unhealthy bacteria with GRN.

Agel introduces omega 3 fish oil named OM3 in late 2010 – Omega 3 fish oil has never tasted so good, in an orange flavor, and has never been as bioavailable as in the breakthrough suspension gel technology pioneered by Agel.

HIS with yohimbine for erectile dysfunction and enhanced libido will bring back the intimacy you and her have been longing for without the dangerous side effects associated with erectile dysfunction drugs including viagra, cialis, and levitra – and REM with melatonin to cure your issues with sleeping and that awful insomnia and getting back to sleeping peacefully – both introduced in September 2010!

FLXRub starts Agel’s Gel Topicals! For your muscle and joint pain with MSM and cetylated fatty acids (great when combined with the FLX ingested suspended gel, the solution for muscle pain, back pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis of all the joints)!



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Agel News

If you have not been watching Ageltv weekly, you need to and learn about the world’s most bioavailable delivery system with products which are unmatched in the preventative health industry. Also with Ageltv you can learn in simply minutes a week how to build a global home based business and such a home based business where in three years of hard work, you can enjoy time freedom and global cash flow surpassing your linear income from your current job. Get watching Ageltv weekly and learn how simple a home based business can be from any country in the world. Agel Enterprises, the pioneer in health technology, the quadra compensation plan for network marketing now brings you, the entrepreneur and home based business creator twenty minutes a week of Agel TV. This is going to launch your home based business on a truly phenomenal global scale. Tune in on Tuesday evenings USA time, 10pm Eastern for 20 or so minutes to learn about the breakthrough suspended gel matrix products with the best form of bioavailability and your home based business as an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Have you been watching AgelTV lately, do so and learn about the best delivery method for health supplements which will change your life, from naturally lowering cholesterol levels with statins and drugs, promoting cancer apoptosis, to ending arthritis. There has already been over a dozen Ageltv episodes about how to become an entrepreneur in the 21st century with a global home based business form any of the current sixty countries in all continents and great product stories about how the products change lives of everyday people. Find out more weekly about how you can have your Agel home based business and become an entrepreneur with global presence.

If your New Year’s resolution did not come to fruition or last long, take charge of your health with a diet which will be the last weight loss diet you’ll ever have to try because the FIT diet simply works and it takes about ten seconds a day and to make your New Year’s resolution or anytime of the year the most effective with this diet, be sure to cleans and detox your digestive system weekly with GRN and all the greens your mother told you about or should have when you were growing up; the FIT challenge is to lose weight with a diet which enables your energy levels to be enhanced and it comes with the best protein suspended gel drink on the market, unlike so many other diet approaches. Prevent getting viruses and diseases, including cancer, this coming year by boosting your immune system with UMI which will natural strengthen the body’s immune system naturally with fucoidan. Stop having joint pain or if you suffer from arthritis, put an end of this joint pain with FLX with the power of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and celadrin all in one ingested suspended matrix gel packet. If you suffer from insomnia, make this the time when you start getting to be sleeping when you want to be with the REM melatonin ingested suspended gel strips. Find out more about the breakthrough in preventative health with the most effective form of bioavailability in suspended matrix gel.

As the flu season is here in the northern hemisphere, it’s important to recognize that flu shots is a temporary attempt in fighting against the flu but the focus should be on maintaining a strong immune system throughout the year, every year.

The leader in health technology is announcing a retreat for team members, new and existing in a few months where all entrepreneur minded individuals will be able to learn how to grow a global home based business and if you can make it to New York City and love a great party, you won’t want to miss out on this event to grow global cash flow and residual income in an industry which will be in a growth mode for decades to come. There you will learn how to effectively work at home and work from home, growing your home based business on a global scale. To work from home on a part-time basis or to work at home on a full-time basis is up to you but with a home based business as an entrepreneur you can with Agel Enterprises.

Agel announces new Co-CEOs, with Jeff Higginson and Jeremiah Bradley. Agel’s launching a new phase for the leader in network marketing and health technology.

See the cost of your own home based business which can create not only cash flow, but residual income for the entrepreneur. Find out a little about Agel in only about the best 5 minutes right here:

The next set of AgelWorld events will for the first time occur in 5 global locations, including Buenos Aires, Las vegas, Rimini, Bangkok and Moscow. This implies global opportunities where anyone can learn how to sharpen their entrepreneur skills and of course try out new breakthrough health technology products. Start your 21st century home based business on a global scale with cash flow and residual income from all continents. Agel is continuing to bring MLM and home based business opportunities on a global scale to new heights.

Agel’s New Preferred Customer Program!

Find out what this means for Agel Team Members and why you should join now.

Agel is excited to introduce new incentives for our Preferred Customer program that we feel will have a real impact on our team members’ ability to make signing up retail customers a significant part of their Agel business (Read More).

Agel’s new enhanced compensation plan bring more cash flow to your home based business.

Agel UMI with fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar in a pod with 8 servings to boost your immune system and prevent or eliminate diseases including cancer and viruses like the flu and much more:

Durocher explained that the matrix technology suspended gel allows us to make proven nutrition ingredients more effective by increasing their bioavailability. The mechanism can be applied to practically any active ingredient that is currently available on the market in a less bio-available form such as pills, powders, capsules, juices and colloidal solutions. This new delivery method allows us to deliver nutrition to our bodies in already pre-hydrated form therefore avoiding the lengthy breakup process associated with other forms of supplement consumption. Gel is designed from a legume growing plant in Asia and corn kernels so there are no chemicals or chemical coatings present as in most other delivery forms that could be harmful to the human body. A recharging mechanism is another part of suspension gel technology that allows for the active ingredients to work multiple times once inside our body. The particle size ensures fastest delivery of active ingredients and nutrition into the bloodstream and hence the solution the consumer has been seeking, and these breakthrough suspended gel packets can be ingested by people with diabetes. These ingested suspended gel products will change the manner in which people look at healthcare and start to realize that prevention is the alternative to healthcare.

When compared to delivery methods for vitamins, minerals, and numerous other essential nutrients and ingredients, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of delivery with gel technology and suspension gel technology in a matrix structure is even more effective as it enables the precise measurement of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are ingested and provide the best form of bioavailability. The graph depicts how vitamins, minerals and nutrients provide a significantly better delivery method in a gel vs. a capsule, and pills and tablets provide significantly less effectiveness than capsules.

***Contact Us for when we have online presentations so that you can find out more about this breakthrough health technology, our growing product lines and the best compensation plan for cash flow and your home based business. And of course ask your questions about the opportunity to work at home or to work from home.***


Let’s take a look at a quick example. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Celadrin and MSM have been studied for 20 plus years and are proven to be a significant assistance to those suffering with any joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Now the current options for taking these quality ingredients are pills or soft gels. Let’s take a look at the composition of the pill: powder and chemicals at 20,000 pounds of pressure result in a “rock” like formation with next to nothing in the form of bioavailability. To achieve economies of scale there’s normally 300,000 – 400,000 soft gels manufactured per minute. Imagine how much pressure goes into each soft gel and the chemicals which are used as the capsule’s shell! Those with joint pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis usually fall in the age group of 43 to 73 (or older) but younger people are also prone to suffer mostly because of athletics. By this time the body could develop up to 60 different digestive deviations. That means that very tiny parts of pills or soft gels will actually be broken down by the body if any at all in some instances. Therefore the user is spending money on “rocks” that deliver an absolute minimum portion of active ingredient(s) they are designed to deliver. - Ageless Caspi - Anti-Aging Skin Care far ahead of the packNot only do people end up throwing their money away (or it literally going to waste) but they are really not improving their joint situation as desired. Let’s compare. With the same amount of Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSM and also Celadrin being inserted into a Gel-Matrix and the ingredients are actually being delivered into the bloodstream much quicker and much more efficiently. The results and stories of people are endless and global. Those who couldn’t benefit from the pills and were in pain for 5-20 plus years from arthritis, osteoarthritis and physical sporting activities are feeling relief within 5-7 days. Think of how many people are about to get knee surgery. Do them a favor, call them now and tell them about FLX – one month of using FLX (with Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and Celadrin) will save them from surgery and its damaging side effects. They’re sure to be thankful for the advice.

Agel Enterprises introduced a best-in-class bioavailability established suspension gel technology as the “the Ipod of preventative healthcare and nutrition” in more than 60 countries in less than six years. Yet Agel still remains a ground floor opportunity for those who want to capitalize and build a local or global home based business. Agel Enterprises’ products are recommended for all ages. Current products available in suspension gel target the following health areas: cellular health, cardiovascular health, joints and bone health, lose weight by cleansing and detox of the digestive system, protein and diet, cellular energy and are used to treat and prevent a vast amount of ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, bringing down high cholesterol levels (without any side effects which statins can create) and prevention of a heart attack! Heart disease prevention and other heart health benefits can naturally be ingested with policosanol, CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, oyster mushroom, folate and selenium with the HRT suspended gel product and unlike drugs, your heart health will not be at risk.

Some of Agel’s recent product line extensions (see above), introduced in September 2010 include two gel strips with Agel REM with melatonin for the cure for insomnia and getting back to peacefully sleeping no matter where you are – at home, at a hotel or on an airplane – and Agel HIS with yohimbine for erectile dysfunction and enhanced libido, and FLXRub with MSM and cetylated fatty acids in gel applied topically for deep joint and muscle pain (a great combination with the ingested joint pain, arthritis, and osteoarthritis FLX product introduced in 2007). Earlier in 2010 Agel GRN was introduced to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system and nourish the good bacteria in the digestive system. In September 2009 Agel GLO with turmeric and other natural ingredients including lecithin, promoted beauty from the inside out by delivering necessary nutrients from inside of our body to various levels of our skin that we normally are not able to reach by external application of these ingredients. So say goodbye to your wrinkles, puffiness around your eyes, double chin and unwanted sagginess in certain areas. Use this and save significant amounts of money instead of getting a surgery! GLO is anti aging ingested skin care which will hydrate your body’s cells, enhance collagen fibers and protect the body from pollutants and harmful sun rays. It will give the body a healthy, beautiful, youthful glow.

Designed for a variety of pro-health functions, Durocher’s Web site distributes several health-optimization products. Agel’s gel packets increase energy, boost metabolism and deliver a sufficient amount of nutrients to the body because of best in class bioavailability. Agel’s product line of suspended gel matrix technology includes Nano Gelceuticals, Ageless Anti Aging Skin Care and now Gel Strips & Gel Topicals. Visit and research Fucoidan, which is the main ingredient of our immune system boosting product called UMI and you will never miss a day of taking it – much healthier and effective than flu shots or a swine flu vaccines and boosting the immune system is obviously critical to combating cancer and any related treatment including after any form of surgery. Your healthcare needs can be minimized with suspended gel products by the pioneer Agel Enterprises.

Look for detailed discussions about the benefits of the ingredients and nutrients within these products at Durocher’s new blog, He will also be writing about preventative health and the miracles of health – told through success stories – that validate the utility of the technology suspended gel products. offers more than just healthy-living merchandise.

“We have a two-fold uniqueness to our company in that people have access to our products and they’re provided with an opportunity to build a global cash flow home based business from the comfort of their home or apartment,”Durocher said. Bringing healthcare to your body, naturally; this is going to change the manner in which people look and think about healthcare and start taking control of their own healthcare needs when at home, at work, in school and from anywhere in the world.

Visit to discover more information about Agel Enterprises’ newest products, which are in the final stages of development and to learn more about various levels of cash flow that could be made for years and decades to come for the entrepreneur and their home based business.

***Contact Us for when we have online presentations so that you can find out more about this breakthrough in health technology, our growing product lines and the best compensation plan for cash flow and your home based business for any entrepreneur. And of course ask your questions about the opportunity to work at home or to work from home.***

About the Company: is owned and operated by Paul Durocher, a member of Agel Enterprises.


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